The Christian and The Buddhist

Buddha and Jesus
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The Christian and the Buddhist

sat down one day to talk

to understand the different paths

they chose to take their walk

Which path was right?

Was someone wrong?

Were the things they believed

wrong all along?


Their talk intent was not to try

to say you’re wrong, I’m right

Love of faith is just as strong

as any heartfelt love in life

No amount of reason

can convince us to believe

in something else so opposite

of all we learned, indeed.


It’s easier to find the strength

of things which are the same

than nit pick why the world has hate

and say your faith’s to blame

No matter what the faith we have

it’s happiness we crave

Learn right from wrong, make mistakes

then learn how to behave.


The Christian and the Buddhist

could debate all night and day

Where is all your proof that lies

beyond the stories that you say?

Blind faith you said is all you need

then wait to see what comes

Sometimes He helps and sometimes not

is this where faith comes from?


The Buddhist asks,”You believe

something apart from you

has planned your life, so you’ve read

it’s because His love is true?

What part in life do you play

as you sit and wait

humbling begging life to change

until the day gets late?” 


The Christian asks, “What do you do

with no Father there to guide

and protect you, watch and love you

while walking by your side?

I’m not alone because I have

his loving arms around me

He plans my life and happiness

affecting me directly


The Buddhist says, “That God-like nature

resides inside our heart

It isn’t something separate

It’s not an entity apart

We learn our lessons from our deeds

from wisdom we now know

Like birds that sing, the universe hears

‘nam myoho renge kyo’


Cause and effect, you reap what you sow

it means the very same thing

Life gives back what you give

Benefit can’t come from nothing

If God doesn’t answer the prayer you made

could it be you made no cause?

Your prayer got no reaction

the cause you made had flaws?


Something needs to change in us

to reflect a change outside

or life just slaps us left and right

and wisdom slips right by

Prayer is answered and wisdom gained

from climbing every mountain

Believing, having faith we change

using wisdom, never doubting


The Christian and the Buddhist

sat there thinking oh so quietly

The core of faith, to have no doubt

that’s hard to do in spite of me

A coward can not have his prayers

answered on a whim

A focused thought to change your life

must come from deep within


A prayer that begs, made in haste

with a promise to do better

Do you pray every day

to see if God decides to answer?

Make a prayer, hold out your hands

and look to see if it’s granted

If not, it would be God’s will

and wasn’t what he wanted?


The Christian and the Buddhist

both learned a lot that day

finding things that are alike

not listening to what people say

They talked about the things they learned

with an open mind

They promised they would talk again

to see what else they might find


They parted ways, shaking hands

feeling they had learned

a little something. Understanding

when each can take a turn

The underlying reason why

one wants to understand 

Is making sense of our lives

and the purpose – of man


Sonni Quick copyright 2017




How Easy It Is to Brighten Someone’s Day

life is an echo, you reap what you sow

Today a paralegal called me back who I had spoken to last Friday.  When we finished speaking she told me, “I went online after we spoke to find your music. I listened to it all day while I worked. It’s beautiful. You have a gift.  I hope your arm heals okay. You have so much give.”

Such a simple sentence with so much power to heal the hurt and fear inside. A simple sentence many people are not able to say; withheld because it isn’t important to the giver. A simple fear; will I be able to raise my arm and play the piano without pain? Will I be able to open my arm and play a bass arpeggio? If that happened would I be told to just get over it? That would be likely.

SoundCloud – Sonni Quick. Hear my music at this link. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to download as an MP3 and I’ll make it possible.

Two days ago one of my oldest friends from jr high responded to a post I put online about my fall and she mentioned she has lost complete use of her right arm. A one line sentence with no explanation. I must call her today. How can I not? Had she told me before and I don’t remember? My mother had a stroke in April that affected her right side. It is somewhat stronger, but still she can’t hold a pen or feed herself with that arm and hand. This helps me understand their loss. I’m in a cast and a huge sling to immobilize my arm.

Throughout our lives we are sometimes faced with losing parts of our life, whether the death of a loved one or any part of our life cruelly snatched away. We have to learn to cope with it ouur it will kill some part of us. Sometimes it alters us permanently. You would think that experience would make us more sensitive of others, but I think it makes some of us want others to hurt as much as we do. If we have to lose, so does everyone else. Their pain is NOT MY FAULT we may think.

It’s been emotionally painful, knowing how much this fall could change my ability to play and possibly affect other plans for my life. I believe many creative people in all the arts are sensitive to the opinions of others. We expose ourselves to criticism and rejection of a very personal part of ourselves. It is not that everyone has to praise or love what I do, but rejection or disinterest by people who know me opens up a wound that goes deep inside. It can’t be fixed when it is done intentionally or callously with no regard. If the argument is given that it was done unknowingly then what does it say about the quality of that person to care so little,

These are the kinds of behaviors that go around, over and over, cause and effect that bring sadness; no one taking responsibility for the things they do yet seek understanding for themselves when the effect of their causes swing back to them. Can I treat people the way I’ve been treated? I don’t think so, but truthfully, I’m not sure. I would hope I wouldn’t be vindictive. I would be disappointed in myself if I did.

Daisaku Ikeda guidance

Today, this woman on the phone, a stranger, taking the time to tell me how she enjoyed my music gave me the boost of inner confidence I needed to hear to believe a little more that I will be okay. It gave me the determination to not only get it all back but to use this experience to add a  deeper layer of expression to the emotions I play. We don’t often realize how much our words affect the people we speak to. Sometimes we are callous and don’t realize what we do. What we think, say or do affects our own life as well as the person we say it to. We reap the benefit of being positive, and we reap the negative of the pain we cause.

What I play are not compositions. They are improvisations. I do not “write” these pieces down so others can play them. They belong only to me and not to the interpretatiom of others. I can not play them again so I record while I play. I don’t think about what I play. I get a feeling – an emotion – and I let my fingers express it. Usually days later, after memory of playing it fades, I listen. Simple, clear, uncomplicated melodies. Close your eyes. Relax. Clear your mind of your worries.  Regroup yourself.  My music is a meditation..

Because I am very sensitive to emotions, the brightness in this woman’s voice was just the medicine I needed. She made the cause to brighten this woman’s day. She may not understand that but the effect of that cause will be there for her in her life regardless, hopefully as something nice done for her.


I am a Nichiren Buddhist. Our faith is based on the law of cause and effect. We take that very seriously. It makes US responsible for our lives and happeniness. Christians have something very similar in their teachings. It is called – you reap what you sow. There is also the Golden Rule. If you believe the Bible is irrefutably God’s word, how seriously do those phrases play a part in all you think, say or do?

The Roar of a Lion


If we meekly go through life with a begging mentality, asking whatever we think is “up there” to fix whatever problem we have, we never tap into the strength we have to change it with our own focus and determination. If we meekly accept that our problem wasn’t fixed because it was the will of some entity then you have missed the chance to learn, through your own wisdom and determination, to change something that causes you unhappiness. Having faith is not about having a wonderful place to go after you die – it is about having a wonderful life while you are alive! Have appreciation for being alive and having determination to succeed. Faith is about having the tools to change the part of your human nature that causes you to do and say the things that cause you unhappiness, so we can stop making the same causes over and over. Cause and effect – or reap what you sow is the same for everyone.

I read an article on a Christian website the other day where a supposedly religious scholar wrote that it really wasn’t important to pay attention to the phrase, “you real what you sow”, even though it is mentioned numerous times, because Jesus died for your sins.  WHAT??? You don’t have to worry about the negative causes you make???  But these are the very things that  bring unhappiness into your life that lead you to need to pray to have an outside source fix them, after you caused it to happen to your life through your actions. I will end today with this daily encouragement from Daisaku Ikeda:

“The daimoku (nam myoho renge kyo) we chant is not a weak imploring plea for something. It is a lions roar that reverberates with all of our being, and is powered by making a personal vow, setting our minds on realizing it and aligning our lives with the fundamental law of the universe. There is no force stronger or more sublime.”

“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like the roar of a lion. Therefore what illness can be an obstacle”

Don’t beg or plead or make promises if only your prayers could be answered. That is the prayer of a coward. Summon inside yourself “no doubt – at all” that your goal will be realized, regardless of the faith you believe to be true.













We Will Always Have Paris

dictator. . . . . Let me start this by asking you to go to the original post by “BadFish Out of Water” and watch the Charlie Chaplin clip from this movie. Chaplin had no idea how appropriate his eloquent words would still be today, when he was portraying a different, kinder, compassionate Hitler in the movie. He was kicked out United States after being accused of being a Communist sympathizer.

We have issues happening now that could have devastating consequences. If we take a careful look at history and learn from the way other issues were handled that also had devastating consequences, we have the possibility of making better choices. Don’t look at how you emotionally feel about politics that is ramped up by the media.  Don’t look at your fear of Muslims which is also handed to you on a silver platter  by corporate owned media.  Don’t allow them to lead you around by the nose until you feel justified at hurling insults to anyone who does believe what you think is the truth.  Examine history and see the consequences of the fear could be that the media has built for you to react to – the media which is now completely owned by three only corporations.  What we think is what the media tells us to think.  If you don’t think that is true and if you think you are not being influenced, here’s one question – did you support the US invading Iraq?  Did you believe 911 was caused by Saddam Hussein? Do you still believe the Pentagon was hit by a plane? Examine why you believe the things you do.  Where did it come from?  It came people who needed you to believe and support them.  But have you really investigated why you believe these things to be true which is why you need to look at the consequences of allow the powers that be to continue manipulating your truth. Have you ever truly investigated the other side of the story?  When I hear the phrase, “Only Fox reports the truth,” that person is in serious trouble.

What would the world be like now if our government had not intentionally turned a blind eye to the atrocities Hitler was committing during the late 1920’s to the 1940’s, instead of using the situation to allowing the wealthy to become  wealthier.

Our government knew what Hitler was doing, but they also knew there were people who were getting richer because of it.  Grandfather Bush’s bank (Prescott Bush), was financing Hitler and other American and European companies were making a fortune from supplying what Hitler needed and by using the slaves in the camps.  This kinda smacks of our prison system doesn’t it?  Companies making a fortune from those slaves is just as disgusting.  The media has twisted the minds of people about that to and has many believing that black people are more dangerous, are less intelligent and do more drugs that white people, which is a proven falsehood.  Yet racism is still alive and well. Manipulative media is a very powerful enemy to those without money to combat it.

Files were discovered in 2002 at the US National Archives, that a firm of which Prescott Bush, George W. Bush and Jeb Bush’s grandfather, was a director and was heavily involved with the Nazis.   

Prescott Bush’s business dealings continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave laborers at Auschwitz. The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator’s action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. These documents show that even after America had entered the war he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler’s rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.

Yet his son and grandson became presidents and another grandson is trying to be the third.  There is absolutely nothing in their history that shows he can be trusted and that he wouldn’t do what he would be told to do – and that would be to protect his family’s interest first -Put their family’s fortune and claim in history above the good of the people.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Iraq war that George Bush lied us into did not have the good of the America people in mind at all. Having

apple tree
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subsequent family members of a wealthy family, that benefits from war,  be allowed to run for an office that could put so many people in jeopardy is so shortsighted.

That goes for any family. People were so happy to be done with George Bush and Dick Cheney that  it is no wonder Obama got elected.  But you also have to remember, no matter what he wanted to do, and there were many things that would have benefited us, the Republican party said no, even if it was detrimental to themselves.  Do you want to be ruled by a party of of such Christian values that their only thought was revenge?  Is this what you really want?  I don’t think so.

The people hoped for a change.  They knew that Hillary was a chameleon who doubles as a war hawk, yet here she is making the same kind of promises to get elected that will also never happen.  But people were so disgusted with what happened with the economy and the war, that people forgot it was caused by Busgthe problem would not have existed with Bush.  Oh what short memories people have.  And I repeat – another Bush wants to be president/  Are we nuts??

Fodder unit — derogatory term for a serving member of the armed forces, used in the Bush family between Jeb & Dubya after the term was originally coined by their father George H W Bush. It became a popular term on the Republican cocktail party circuit in 1985. According to them, each individual American citizen equals One Fodder Unit.

War = profit, which is more important to the super rich than saving millions of people’s lives – at least that was how most of the wealthy thought. After all, they were only greedy Jews. Even though these ungodly wealthy families have enough money to sink the titanic, the addiction of greed is as bad, if not worse, than heroin.

Let’s go back to Hitler and equate it to today.

There were many business, here in the United States as well ones based abroad who benefited greatly by doing business with the Nazis.  The following list is only ten of those companies. Source:

Kodak has a very sordid history with Hitler.Kodak’s German branch used slave laborers from concentration camps, and they also branched out into the manufacturing markets of triggers, detonators, and other military goods. (source:  All of the information about businesses listed below come from the above source.

Chase Bank: The Paris branch was doing deals with the Nazis with the full knowledge of the American head office. They also froze the bank accounts of people who wanted to flee the country

Nestle: One of their subsidiaries used slave labor from the concentration camps and chocolate bars were used to coax young Jews into captivity before shipping them to concentration camps. They ended up having to put over 14 million into a survivors of the Holocaust fund.

BMW: During World War II, the BMW workforce was made up of up to 50,000 slave laborer from the camps.  BMW was then owned by Günther Quandt,Their factories made the aircraft and motorcycle parts for Hitler’s war effort. The Quandts  were also given  businesses seized from the Jews who were in the camps. In 2001,  BMW had to reveal their profit from the war After the report was published, Gabriele Quandt told German’s Die Zeit newspaper that it was true that many laborers died working for the company.

Bayer: It was originally part of the German pharmaceutical giant IG Farben. Farben closed in 1952 because of controversy over its close business ties with the Nazi party.  Farben’s  use of slave labor from the camps slave labor was the least of their crimes—They manufactured Zyklon B, the toxic gas the Nazis pumped into their gas chambers. Anyone want an aspirin?

Allianz:  Well known in the world of insurance and financial services., it capitalized on the Nazis’ rise to power. CEO Kurt Schmitt was also the economics minister in Hitler’s government. and made sure that any major insurance deals went straight to Allianz. They insured all the facilities and employees at Auschwitz. Added note – It’s hard to imagine a death camp with an insurance policy, isn’t it? Before the Holocaust, Allianz made huge profits from the life insurance policies paid for by Jews. After the war they kept all of the money from the policies it “provided” without having to actually pay the money out.  If a Holocaust survivor attempted to make a claim a family member’s life insurance policy after the war, the claim was denied  on the grounds that there was no  record of the family member’s death, even though they knew the Nazis never handed out death certificates for the victims of the Holocaust.

Standard Oil:  Provided the Nazis with fuel for their U-boats, on some occasions even giving Germans the first pick of oil fields.

Coca-Cola: had a long history with the Nazis.  The German branch built bottling factories in occupied states, and also advertised in the Nazi Press.  The drink FANTA was developed  especially for the Nazi soldiers.

Ford: Hitler was certainly a fan of Henry Ford and  kept a portrait of Ford hanging above his desk. In 1938 Hitler awarded Ford the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest Nazi honor given to distinguished foreigners. The Ford Motor Company’s German plants used slave labor and some American managers based in Germany agreed to the military production for the Nazi regime at the same time the Roosevelt-led U.S. government who approached Ford’s factories on home soil were declined.

Ford’s lawyers have tried to distance the parent company from German-based wing of General Motors, German Ford, but it didn’t work.  American Ford received funds from their German counterparts of up to $60,000 per year from 1940–43.  Henry Ford was also a well known anti-Semite and people never forgot.

IBM: manufactured custom-built computersso that the Nazis could keep tabs on train timetables and the number of Jews being shipped around, allowing for an accurate record of all those going to and from death camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka.  When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, IBM  stepped up their production output, knowing that the invasion would lead to millions of Jews being sent to camps.

IBM, obviously, has always distanced themselves, saying the German branch was taken over by the Nazis, but it is a fact that IBM made generous donations to the Holocaust fund –  the sign of a guilty conscience, or are they just an ethical company after all?  You decided.


Rescuing Jews and other people targeted by Hitler. The gypsies and people with disabilities were the first to be killed. This was not a priority by the United States. US State Department policies made it almost impossible for anyone fleeing occupied states to get a visa. Even though the persecution of Jews was a fact, it wasn’t a priority with the US.  Starting in 1940, the US severely limited immigration by ordering delays on visa approvals on the basis national security. Why would Jews running for their life be considered a “national security” threat? Is this starting to sound familiar?

When the media did begin reporting they omitted the ethnicity of who was being killed and the information was buried in the back pages further making it seem that it wasn’t something to pay attention to.The government didn’t begin to tell people the whole truth until they had no choice. When we joined the war no one knew about the profit being made by families like the very wealthy Bush’s. No one knew that for a long time. How were people supposed to find out like we can today.

It’s scary because it seems like we learned nothing from the past because we are repeating it again today. When I listen to the words of hopeful Republican contenders to be the next US president, trying to outdo each other in exacting the worst outcome for the Syrian refugees. They are using their campaign stumping to convince people they are “THE ONE” who will keep us safe – even though it is the United States government who created the problem in the first place. I am not slamming Republicans. This would be appalling no matter who said it.

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The sad thing, is the safeguards the would impose on the refugees for national security didn’t help the Jews and they certainly won’t help the Syrian refugees, either. Tracking all refugees, giving them a religious test (the Jews didn’t need a test for religion), have them carry an identification card (yellow star of David) so their movements can be tracked (housed in the ghetto), along with their employment records and bank accounts (the Jews had all of their possessions taken) and the watching of their digital footprints, smacks of what Hitler did to the Jews. At least one politician wanted to include all Muslims already living here, too (like the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor). Do you think what the Republicans want to do is any different from how Hitler started?

The media has equated Muslims and terrorists often enough in the same sentence that people automatically now think it is one and the same. The last time the Republicans did this was combining 911 and Saddam Hussein together until people believed he was responsible. It was how Bush and Cheney got the green light to begin the war in Iraq that had already been planned before the towers were hit by planes.

The US needed a way to get their oil and they needed a very good excuse to convince the public to approve it. They convinced the public we were going to “save” the Iraqis from Saddam and install a democratic government – just like ours . . . It worked. Most of the American people fell for it. They were still under the illusion that we are good country and we want to help people who need it. Nice thought, but it isn’t true. But let me specify. The American people wanted to do the right thing, but it was just a smokescreen. But will the incident in Paris and the refuge crisis bring about another war? We’ll see.

Is what the Republicans want to do to the Syrians any different from what we did to the Japanese Americans when we rounded them up out of fear, even though many had lived here their entire lives? We were AFRAID they weren’t American enough so we took away their homes, their possessions and their assets, which many never got back ,and made them live in prison camps guarded by machine guns to keep them from escaping. These people had done nothing wrong!! Fear makes you behave in disgusting ways.

These Republicans who speak the way have recently, drumming up fear, for their own self- aggrandizement to make themselves look like they are capable of making hard presidential decisions for the good of the people, would make horrible presidents. If this is the way they make decisions they would lead us into WW3 in no time flat, if it is not too late already.

America has always tried to make it’s citizens think we cared about people in other countries. You can believe that only if you stick your head in the sand. But there are people who want to be that kind of country, but they have to fight against the money of the corporations who know it is in THEIR own best interest, so they pit people against people. Keep the anger stoked. Destroy any compassion you have. You have to keep believing these refugees intend to harm us. But not helping the refugees isn’t going to stop those who do want to harm us. Keeping the refugees out won’t stop the ones who want revenge from continuing to try, but it is going to hurt many families with children who are seeking refuge from being killed.

There is a simple law – The law of cause and effect. If you are Christian you say, “You reap what you sow.” It is the same thing. Those of you who choose to not want to help people in need, is a cause that will have a an obvious effect. What you sow is the seed that will grow into something you won’t be happy with. You will not be able to say, “It is not my fault. I didn’t do anything.” You will be right. It will be because you didn’t do anything. You didn’t stand up and do the right thing.

Since there are people who want to erroneously say this is a Christian nation, how can these self-professed Christian politicians, who want to rule this country using God’s law instead of constitutional law, reconcile their plans for the refugees with what the Bible says about having compassion for your fellow man. It doesn’t say “fellow Americans”.

We are at a crises point, a time that will be remembered in history. Where will it say you stood? We need to think carefully about what kind of people we are and what kind of person we want as president. When we listen to, and believe propaganda, we end up with the last 4 president’s we’ve had. Name calling and spreading dirt is a lot more “fun” to spread in social media. We can’t afford to do that anymore. If we don’t manage to turn around the destruction that big money is determined to cause, we all lose. It won’t matter what party you are. So think about what is happening. Let us not repeat history. Let us stand for the right thing, the right choices. Let us stop being manipulated by the 1%. Let us treat people the way we want to be treated. Take everything else out with the trash.

Badfish & Chips Cafe

As with most things, you need to be careful what you do, and what you say.  But what can you say about Paris?  I’d like to slow things down. I’d like to weave the world into full lotus, listen to it chant sacred words. I’d like to levitate the world in meditation.

Or I could simply quote a holy man, perhaps Swami Satchidananda, or some holy book. But maybe Charlie Chaplin says things as well as anyone. Although this 1940 movie received numerous Oscar Award nominations—among them, best actor and best screenplay (written by Chaplin)—it was the beginning of the end for Chaplin in America. People with closed eyes never see very far, never see what is true in the world. They cannot see beyond a word in order to view the whole paragraph. They cannot see beyond a paragraph to understand the entire book. They cannot see past a book to fathom the depths of life.

If history…

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