12 Quotes From An Oglala Lakota Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our World

…..This is the way it should be. When you look at what we have done to this beautiful country of America it should make you cry. If it doesn’t, there is something wrong with you. From cutting off our mountain tops, to poisoning our rivers, digging into the earth with fracking, and now they want to dig into the Grand Canyon. It shows that nothing is sacred. One day it will be gone and we’ll look around in shame. I don’t understand why it is being allowed. How can it not be stopped? As part of the human race we have lost something of ourselves that is very vital as we run around stupidly, screaming that we have a right to carry a gun, as if that is the most important thing. We will later have so many regrets, because we failed to pay attention when we had the chance to hear that our world is crying.

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Rhonda – Life Interrupted


This quote is for the Quick family.  My niece, Rhonda, from my first marriage, who was the little flower girl at my wedding to her uncle, was only 4 years older than my son.  The following day was her 43rd birthday.  This was a shock for the entire family because we don’t expect something like this to happen to someone who had no life threatening medical problems that she knew of. She never made it home that day.

Last week, on her last day at work, she was cleaning out her office because she and her husband Donovan were moving the next day to live closer to their twin boys who were going to school at LSU.  They were packed ato leave and the  boys missed her.  She and Donovan were ready to go on with a life that held all the promises of a new chapter to live.  She missed her boys.  But she was found that day by an employee, gone, for no obvious reason.  She was okay when she left for her last day of work, regretfully alone, with no one to say goodbye to. That thought brings tears to my eyes.

The Quick family is a large family.  At least they have each other.  Lots of kids and grandkids and great grandkids, aunts, uncles and cousins.  The matriarch, my former mother-in-law is a wonderful woman, who has always had a full house and everyone was always welcome.  I may  have divorced her son, but I didn’t divorce the family.  My heart goes out to all of them at this time.

LIFE INTERRUPTED  by Sonni Quick   copyright 2015                                                      (please use headphones if using  a cellphone or laptop – piano tones sound tinny without good speakers.)

Donovan, her husband, I never had a change to meet, but I heard about thim hrough the years.  My daughter, Rhonda’s first cousin, said he loved her very much.  Please accept this gift of music,  I recorded this yesterday for Rhonda.  I turn the feelings I have inside into music so I have something to share with you and your boys and the rest of the family.

Debbie, her mother, I’m so sorry.  There are no words that will suffice.  Richie, Sandy, BJ, and Robert  – her siblings – take care of yourselves.  Be good to yourself.  We should appreciate every day we have because we never can know how short life our life could be.


To my readers:  There is also a link to this piece of music “Life Interrupted” on facebook. It will also take you to other tracks at http://soundcloud.com/sonni-quick.  Soundcloud is a new venue I’m using for music I write, so if you like what you hear, please like and share, because those numbers influence new people who chance upon my name.  Most of this music I want to share with the publication of the book I’m writing, “Inside The Forbidden Outside”.  Self promotion is a long, hard labor of love.  Soundcloud is a great place to hear new artists, as well as established ones.

Also – if you are new to my work, please visit my other blog, “My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison” http://mynameisjamie.net, which is about Jamie Cummings, the father of one of my grandsons who been inside for fourteen years of his life.  His Birthday is January 10th and I posted his address if anyone would like to send him a birthday card.  This blog tells you the human side of people in prison which is far different than what you probably think it is.  We a have a lot of room in our hearts to care about people who are less fortunate.

It Takes a Certain Kind to be Unkind

. . . . .So many times I have opened my mouth when I should have kept it shut, even though it felt so good at the moment I said it. It is taking a life time of learning this. I wonder if I’ll learn it before I die!

It's In The Tale


It had been a beautiful day. A great picnic, at an incredibly scenic place. Lush greens, woods of oak and other trees I don’t know of, a lake, a hundred-year-old hacienda, a cottage with roses growing all around. Marvellous people, an extravagant potluck lunch, bonhomie…and then it was time to wrap up on this high note of pleasure. But nothing perfect lasts forever – forever? This didn’t even last through a picnic!

As I gathered my things: crockery, cutlery etc and put them back into my bags, one of the bags – the bigger one – toppled over knocking another smaller one off the bench on which some of us had placed our stuff. I was engrossed in what I was doing, getting out my medicines which I had to take at that hour, and I didn’t register the sound of anything falling off. In my favour, I could add…

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Accept And Be Happy

……I like the way this man thinks and believe. Would get benefit from what he has to say. He has many very good posts that make you suit and think about the way you view your life.



What makes us happy? For me, I love resurrecting old engines. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also like to watch others learn and grow. This may be a military thing, but I love when my protégés take on the lessons that I teach them and develop into leaders for others. I can only speak for myself when it comes to happiness. Another person’s happiness may be my unhappiness. So for me, Progress and growth is what makes me happy. When things get stagnant I get uneasy. This is why I had to learn to be patient. I had to learn to pace myself. I use to say, “There should only be one pace, my pace.” Wow, was I foolish in thinking that.

There is more than one way to make chili. Believe it or not, my chili recipe may differ from yours. In fact there are over 1000 varieties of…

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Einstein Quote . . .

einstein quote

How often we judge people by our own expectation. If someone doesn’t think like us, look like us, believe like us we first draw on the way we were raised and have instant assumptions of intelligence and worthiness.  Hopefully as we age and gain wisdom we learn to see the beauty in all people.  But I see so much anger and hate. I almost regretfully look at the news happening today because of the negative things people do to each other – in the name of religion, in the name of God, and in the name of their political party.  It saddens me to see so much unnecessary unhappiness.  People come together on social media sites and bash each other because they only see the differences and failing to see the things that should bring them together.  We should all come together and fight against the machine that seems determined to drain away any goodness we have left.  If we don’t, everyone will look around at each other and ask?  Who is at fault?  It wasn’t my fault.  It wasn’t my responsibility.  it was someone else fault.  But we will all have to live with it. Why didn’t we stop this before it was too late. When we make these negative causes we will also have to learn how to live with the negative effects, the consequences of allowing it to happen.

You can start today.


. . .I came very close to dying, and I didn’t. I realized that what would keep me alive was to bring my dreams to the surface again and make them real. touch them, feel, them and have the confidence that I could rise again, reinvent myself. I had time now that I was not supposed to have and knew this was time that was not to be wasted. How much can I put into 30 hours a day? Do I end each day knowing I did the best with it? When we lose the ability to look at our life with fresh eyes, and no matter the age be able to dream like a young person, but have something they don’t have – wisdom – we begin to die. We can dream like this until the day we die and in that essence never grow old in our minds. It is only the shell on the outside that gets old..



My break down and suicide attempts brought me to the positive, happy person I am today #noregrets

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Youth Has No Appreciation for the Lack of Pain

growing olderGee, did I?  Appreciate that I could wake up, jump out bed, throw on my clothes, leap down the stairs and run out the door? Run across a field, dance for hours and function with little rest?  I didn’t, because when you are young, you think you have a long time to be young,  and being 40 years old seems like light years away.

The years from 40-60 went by in a blink.  I did a lot.  The years were full of many ups and downs.  It sure wasn’t boring. But pass they did, until I had to admit I was years into the process of being “middle aged”.  ( That’s all I’ll admit to, because they say 60 is the new 40.  Ha!  Written by a true 60 year old. )

life's riches, aging gracefully

Now, I wake up in the morning and contemplate how bad I really need to pee because the process of actually sitting up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed, stand up and shuffle into the bathroom, trying to not fully open my eyes,  and admit that every single part of my body hurts . . . takes deep thought.  I don’t want to wake up to my day, not just yet.

Once it gets going I’m on a roll, and since I’m deeply addicted to writing my book, “Inside the Forbidden Outside” ( title change from “InsideOut”, two chapters linked to in this blog) I will sit here for the better part of at least 12 hours, getting up to make dinner and watch a movie with my old hippie, and occasionally make a stab at some kind of housework, teach a piano student or try to make some money selling Avon.  http://youravon.com/sonni. (What shameless plugging for myself.! You can order online. Yay.)  Oops, I can’t forget about Ambit Energy, my other moneymaker.  A girl (older woman) has to eat!  After dinner I’m back at the computer until the wee hours of the morning.

So, getting back to my post about my mornings, I get a cup of coffee and creep back under the covers, with some kind of painkiller laying on my tongue, grab my Nook off the bedside table and boot it up. It takes a lot of effort to do any kind of serious work in a timely manner on my Nook because I keep trying to make it behave like  my laptop, and it sometimes pisses me off and dumps whatever I’m writing, like it did this morning.  That is what got out of bed today.

I lay like that for at least an hour, which is why I try my damnedest never to plan on doing anything critical in the morning, and wait for the pain to slowly subside.

Youth – oh how easy things are for you physically when you are young.  Leap tall buildings in a single bound and not break anything on the way down.  The other day I had a minor fall in my mother’s garden, stepping in mulch and my foot sank and my knee bent into a plant and down I went, my body twisting in weird ways, and I couldn’t get up.   I go, SP and MV, (which is the acronym for shit,piss and monkey vomit, taught to me many years ago by my mother, that sweet woman who cringes when I cuss in her presense) And . . . I, in my embarrassment was in full view of the street.  The mulch was soft and I couldn’t get a firm hold on the ground with the foot that wasn’t attached to the knee in the plant (poor plant) and lift my body weight up with the other leg.  Finally, with much grunting, I was able to grab hold of a post and pull myself up.  Two days later and my body is still sore from moving muscles that had been frozen  together during hibernation this winter.  There is more leaping tall building with one bound in my life!

I think of my mother who will be 82 in a few days.  I can see the look on her face at times when a pain somewhere grabs her, and I think OMG and she is 22 years older than I am and if I feel like I do now, what will it feel like then?  But what she has in spades is optimism and a zest, APPRECIATION for being alive that young people just don’t have.

aging gracefully

So, I guess it is a trade-off.  Youth for wisdom. Youth for experience.  Youth for appreciation.  Youth for memories.  IF, when you get old you lose your appreciation for being alive, and lose the ability to have dreams and hopes, if you can no longer look at a flower and just stand there and appreciate the beauty, then you have lost the point of your live and wish it could just-be-over.

Looking back at my life, seeing the things I did, the mistakes I made, the people I loved, (and still do) the lessons I have learned,  spurs me on to keep my dreams alive and to create new ones as I age.  Welcome the lines and wrinkles, the gray hair and the skin that begins to sag because each one is a story in itself.  Through all the experiences I have had made they have made me who I am. Is this called aging gracefully?
aging gracefully

I only wish I could do it with . . . a little less pain.