Waiting . . . too long – The Poem

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Waiting . . . too long
Days that never seem to end
Hours that pass, am I that strong
I watch them curve around the bend
Many weeks, months and years
I watch the sky beyond the bars
Eyes slowly close to keep the tears
From falling down my face like stars
That light my life and keep me sane
While days that never seem to end
And wonder why I live at all
The only life I can pretend
Knees on the ground so I can crawl
Through these years that no one sees
Or cares to sooth this broken heart
I beg no more, I can’t say please
One more time or hope will start
I can’t beg to wait again
As minutes tick and days go by
Days that never seem to end
Beyond the bars I watch the sky.

By Sonni Quick copyright 2018

This is the poem that goes with the chapter in my book, “Inside The Forbidden Outside”, with the same name. I recently posted that chapter as I continue to work on the book. A little father down the posts is also the music video made for this chapter. The other chapters also have piano music recorded and videos in the making. It’s the major reason why it has taken so long as I attempt to keep up my blogs and newsletter and the infernal social media. It takes tremendous time. So with patience I continue to work out the intricate puzzle pieces as I try to write a book work reading. In my imagination I see it as a movie worth making. Because Jamie’s life is width saving since no one in his life gives a damn but me.

Waiting . . .Too Long – YouTube Video


Waiting . . .Too Long, a title of a chapter in the book I am writing on the life of Jamie Cummings who is currently housed in Allred Unit. Prisons are often called units. He is finishing twelve years with five to go. In this video I try to convey the feeling of time as it goes through pictures of him and prison, myself and music, with slow motion clips of journeying through time between incarceration and re-entry back into society in 2023, unless he gets paroled early which no one knows.

I’ve been enormously busy these days with usually three projects open at one time as one project leads to another.  It’s a small wonder that I remember to pay my light bill before it is cut off.  At least I’d have three hours of battery back up on my lap top if I did that!

Seriously, as I work on my writing – I also need to work on my music at the same time. Since all my music is improv – instrumental music – I have to play my piano when something inside me tells me to. One night last week I got out of bed because I felt I needed to play music. When the feeling is strong I also record. I will put that music in another post. When I try too hard to improvise, the music is good -okay – but it is missing something – the story – the emotion. The next day I played it over and over from beginning to end to see if I could hear the story. You might hear a different one.  You might not even play it all the way through. But I know it is one of my best pieces.  It is called, “Looking Into The Crystal Ball”.  You can find it at sonniquick.net.


If I only needed to finish the rewrite of my book, “Inside The Forbidden Outside” I’d be done and working on the sequel. I do have the book cover done and will post that soon. But since I have written a lot of music and inserted it into blog posts, here on this blog and on My Name Is Jamie I have wondered how to promote it with the book.  I’m working on a second album with just the music for the book. Since some of the music has the same titles as the chapters I decided to record more music for every chapter. It takes time.

A musician these days needs to have videos, preferably on YouTube. Since right now I am only writing and recording I wondered how to do a quality video if I’m not performing live. ( I want to gig again, but my keyboard case will not fit in my car, even if one end stuck out an open window.) If I had to rent a larger vehicle or used Uber I’d probably end up playing for free. I’d probably do that just to play. So I have to think about that some more.

I found a company that helped produce the above video at a very reasonable cost. My intention is to add at least one or two videos a month of just the music for the book. Starting a You Tube channel takes time. Getting subscribers – and most of all – having subscribers who like your music enough to share it is important. So far I’ve had 60 views, 11 likes and 1 dislike (somebody always has to do that) and 6 subscribers! I think that is pretty good for my first week! So I better do another video soon.

When I started my two facebook pages – jamielifeinprison and sonniquickspiano – it took work to get it out there and a lot of time to maintain it.  Both continue to grow. Having the support of followers from my blogs – well it all works together.

I am also getting ready to publish the next issue of ITFO NEWS which has a different focus of prison issues and also info about my music and other writing. Last week I was asked to write for another publication that deals with prison issues on a worldwide basis. I’ll be writing more about that in ITFO NEWS.

Hopefully, the followers of these different avenues will be interested in buying the book when it is done. When you write a book and don’t start promoting it until it is done, you will run out of family and close friends very fast. And if you aren’t passionate about what you do, chances are you will never complete it. Here it is, 4:00 in the morning and I am still behind my computer.

You can subscribe to ITFO NEWS and read back issues. It took awhile to teach myself. I publish about every 5 weeks. I won’t inundate your inbox with multiple daily emails. I don’t send spammy crap. I like to connect with people.

So until next time – sleep well and have a great holiday season!



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