Thanks “Giving” – Really?

Thanksgiving dinner
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Another Thanksgiving coming up. Time for all the standard food we eat every year.  So many people cook the same dinner.  Turkey and dressing with gravy, potatoes in some form, green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls and pie.  How did we settle onthesefoods as being a thanksgiving dinner. I know there are variations, but these are used the most.

If you buy $400 food throughout October and November you get a free turkey at my local grocery store. It’s usually only my husband and myself. Our Thanksgiving is a meal he’s claimed as his own to cook. Fine by me. We get our frozen turkey cut in half and one half cut in quarters. We have thanksgiving three times a year with all the trimmings.


Something is wrong with this picture. Just about every holiday is a reason for food. Stores start advertizing months in advance. We hate to see it but they still do it. Who wants to see Christmas decorations at Halloween? They probably think we’re going to forget if we don’t see decorations months in advance.

Holidays are probably the only time most families even see each other and talk about the weather and other unimportant things.

1. How’s the job?
2. My the kids have grown!
3. It sure is starting to get cold.
4. What’s the price of gas where you live?
5. What football team are you rooting for?

At least that’s the way it is with my family. Even though we are all within driving distance and we all have phones, family doesn’t talk to family inbetween holidays. Sisters don’t talk to sisters. Nieces and nephews don’t talk to aunts and uncles. The people have no desire to actually “know” each other. The only time they talk is to pass negative gossip, and I hate gossip.

Yet everyone pretends to care a couple times a year. It’s what families do. It’s sad, don’t you think? If anyone (aside from my mother who lives one block away from me and we see each other all the time), I would be shocked, literally shocked, if a member of my immediate family in Pennsylvania picked up the phone and called me and asked me how I was. But I’m not really any different. In my entire life of playing music and writing music, not one family member has asked to hear me play or hear any recordings. Forget reading either of my blogs or ask how the book is coming along. That’snot going to happen. Even if they see me face to face. People stick to the above points or something else equally stimulating. I don’t get it. No one is friends. We’re just blood related.

One last thing. It is common, at the thanksgiving table for people to say what they are thankful for. They give thanksfor something that madetheirlife better. I think we should look at it differently. What did we /a>Giveof ourselves that others would be thankful for? What did we do to help the sorry state our country is in, or what did you do to help someone else’s life? Now that would create a better conversation, don’t you think? Maybe if people learned how to appreciate the people around them, they’d treat their family better,too.

Everyone with a dysfunctional family, please raise your hand.

I’m heading across the street now to pick out the biggest turkey I can find! . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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