No One Gets Out of Life Alive

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Life Interrupted

 Copyright Sonni Qui2015


No one gets out of life alive
This was a year of loss and saying goodbye
Was no one dying when I was young?
or was death far away and I wasn’t among
the people whose lives were nearing the end
Did they manage to do what they did intend?
Or did they say they didn’t have the time
I’ll do it tomorrow or next year sometime
Every day we hear that so and so died
we stop, take deep breath and let out a sigh
you know he had problems, his heart wasn’t strong
I didn’t think he would live for very long
Our habits, not caring, hasten our death
you gotta go somehow, as we take our last breath
She was such a good person, it’s a shame she’s gone
But now she can be with her dear husband John
People need to believe in a heaven above
a place where our loved ones continue to love.
She died much too young, she should have had years
We now just have memories and sadness and tears
We want to believe we’ll see them someday
It helps us cope if we think there’s a way
Many believe after death there is more
Drawing our last breath opens a door
Each in our own way finds a way
to make sense of our life as we fade away
Because no one gets out of life alive
Every year has it’s loss and saying goodbye
Soon it will be you, what will they say?
What do you want remembered this day?
I lived my life honestly and helped all I could
I grabbed every dream, lived as good as I should
I have no regrets, I learned from mistakes
I lived my life fully, but in places it aches
Someday I’ll be the one that others will miss
I hope not with sadness, but with happiness

Silence is So Loud

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Silence is So Loud 

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Pain. Mind blowing pain

When they ask on a scale of one to ten

How badly do you feel

But all you want to do is scream

 the memory is too real

you felt this blinding pain before

said you’d never live through it again

There is nothing more they can do

at least they don’t pretend

 So they simply stand and watch you

beat the bed and rock any cry

and sadly say, there is nothing else we can try

Finally I pass out and soak the sheets with sweat

If only they could have let me sleep

but it wasn’t to be, not yet

Finally, sweet sleep for three hours

They woke me up at five

to do the necessary vitals

to make sure I was still alive.

I woke again to pain.

Mind blowing pain . . .