So You Think You Know How to Use Social Media?

Read what I wrote about posting cat stuff?
Read what I wrote about posting cat stuff?

Many people are trying to get things going, keep things going and aren’t too sure how to do it because it’s different now. Unless you want to crochet scarves for the church, or clean houses, or own a local business that can only serve the local community then the old way of doing things has to change. Those of us baby boomers who are ending up not doing the things we thought we would be doing at this point in our lives and see we are running out of time to not have to rely on our kids to take care of us, then you better change the way you think.

Learning more about social media, and not using it to chat about unimportant things, like the cute antics your little kitten did the other day and you shot a video of it and thought the world would be interested in seeing it, or any kind of hatemongering political bullshit about people who aren’t on your “side”, and religious posters that are preaching to the choir, and pretty much annoy the hell out of me, telling me that some unseen “thing” out there in the atmosphere loves me and out of all the zillions of planets in the universe, this force has zero’d in on my inconsequential life of an ant on a piece of dirt, but he “loves” me and will reign hellfire on the people I hate, and also, by the way, he has a “plan” for me, but whatever that “plan is, He sure has no clue about social media.

So…it has put me squarely behind my tablet or laptop or desktop computer for a major part of my day . . . and night. I don’t spend hours watching TV. Heck, I don’t even own one. Some of us “slightly older people” also may not have the health and energy to get out there pushing ourselves physically like when we did not long ago. I know I can’t, even though my brain thinks it can.

I have very certain things I want to accomplish that are not going to get done if I just sit behind my computer doing “fun” things like I used to. Collecting recipes, gardening ideas, pretty crocheted things I wish I could do and may do when I’m 85, if I can still see, which is iffy.

I’m trying to use my remaining brain cells to cross the finish line knowing I did the best I could with the time I have left. One of those things is learning what the younger generation knows better than we do because they grew up with a mouse in their hand instead of a rattle. Even worse is my 81 year old mother who is sure her computer will somehow blow up is she hits the wrong key and is content with watching Murder She Wrote and Lawrence Welk reruns. She uses her computer to do email and place her Avon order. Period.

So. . . the purpose of this rant is to tell you to take the time and apply yourself to  social media platforms if you have an idea, a book, a business that you want to get off the ground. There is a whole world out there. I have a motto I live by, (actual I have several) that goes like this. “There are people who make things happen. There are people who watch things happen and there are people who say, What happened?”

Which one are you?