How Come God Hates Gays?

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So often people look the other way and pretend things don’t exist, but we have done that for so long and it has added to the predicament our country, or world, is in today. Today the subject is, again, religion. When someone else’s faith interferes with my life I don’t like it.

Everyone has the right to choose their faith. I am a Nichiren Buddhist. If you don’t want to be one, too, that is fine. My faith doesn’t affect you. But if you are Christian your faith intrudes into my life in many ways.

There is not a single breath in me that believes in a power outside myself that actually knows little ol’ me, understands my thoughts or desires, has a plan for my life I should trust and also has a personality and emotions. Two of those emotions are anger and hate, because he sure does hate gays I’ve been told. I find that thought rather ridiculous.  But what I believe, I don’t insist everyone else has to believe. Each of us has to find our own way through life. We can also choose nothing at all, which is also our choice. Most people believe what they were taught, consider that to be truth and look no further. Again, their choice.

Yesterday I read God caused the floods in La to punish the gays. How did that become newsworthy? That stunt was also floated by ( wow, a pun) during Hurricane Katrina. He also didn’t cure me of Hep C. ( I just got my last test results. Clear after 42 years. A miracle!!! Nope, not even one teeny tiny prayer to anything “out there” to fix me. So I wonder how I did it? How did I get cured if I didn’t need a Celestial Being to do it? Why would anyone? Because a Christian would believe God saved them and that would be proof of His existence. But that’s okay – if it makes you happy. The whole point is being cured however it happened.

The country I live is politically trying to use personal faith to control the politics of a country through “Biblical Law”. That makes me very angry. We know that is what they are trying to do. If you sincerely are Christian and you approve of everyone having to live their lives based on corrupt politicians using the Christian faith for control so they can push through policies you might think are good for YOU but bad for others, then you are aiding the failure of this country. The supposedly devout Christian politicians – The “White Right” are about as far from being Christian as possible. The fact that there are states where you have to declare your Christianity to even hold public office is scary. Anyone can say anything. Then they have to go to church to be seen even though their actions outside the church are opposite of what they declare is truth.  That tells you their belief is only as deep as the hair on their skin.

The fact that we got as close as we did to having a presidential candidate who thinks he is an “Anointed Christ King” is scary as hell. There are people who actually approve of this fanatic! Sadly, we’ll have to deal with him again in 3 years. Our contenders for office, who are declared Christians are lying through their teeth. They only want the Christian vote, of Christians who say they are, but aren’t or maybe are. Three is more than one kind of Christian.

Through our bought and paid for media along with the Trumpster, many people now believe all Muslims are terrorists, the same way Muslims not living here think all Christians are terrorists. So who are the real terrorists? Are you one? Do you fear Muslims whose only “crime” is being Muslim. Are you hateful?

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are people who honestly try to live the life of a Christian, and there are some who are in it for the social life and activities. I have Christian friends – just not the hateful ones. I got rid of those. Some people are just good people, regardless of their faith.

Buddhists consider the law of cause and effect to be absolute, just like gravity on earth is absolute. Christianity has the same teaching – You reap what you sow – but from what I’ve heard and read it isn’t a lesson that carries much weight. It’s not very important.  A pastor in his writings online told his followers not to worry about that phrase, even though it is mentioned dozens of times in the Bible. He said it didn’t matter because Jesus died for their sins. So anyone reading that could take that to mean it doesn’t matter what they do or how they behave because they are saved. Just say the words “forgive me” and all is hunky dory.  Oops! Not quite. You might think you are forgiven but there is still the issue of a reaction to every action whether you believe that is true or not. Why strive to be a better person while you are alive if you are saved from repercussions and are going to heaven anyway?  Maybe that is why we have so many dirty politicians?

Donald didn’t create the hate. It has always been there. He just let it out of the bottle and people began to show their true natures they had so far had kept hidden. No one would have openly declared themselves to be racist. It would not have been politically correct. Now they can and do.

We had convinced ourselves we were a cut a above other countries. We were special. ( We have bigger guns). Not anymore. All you have to do is tally up the ALL of the gun deaths which is scary.  The first half of this year there have been 35,019 gun incidents, 8,963 gun deaths,  413 deaths of children under the age of 11, 1953 deaths of teens ages 11 – 17, 253 mass shootings, 205 cops killed and 1163 people killed by cops. No country in the world comes close to comparing with the US in gun violence yet people still use the term “Christian Nation”. What a joke.

During this political election year I have heard many “good” Christians full of so much hate for a variety of reasons.  The Christian Right are some of the most hate Christians alive. It has been so disheartening to me that people who speak so highly of being loved by their God could hate other people so strongly. I can’t wrap my head around that. Can someone explain it to me?

I could not find one gun death in America that was caused by a Buddhist – and there are millions who practice this faith here. NOT ONE. Which faith do you think has the better teaching? Which one would you rather be? God is slipping up here if so many Christians feel they need to carry guns and use them. My sister wears a gold cross around her neck and carries a gun in her purse. Her husband had ALL of his guns taken away after he got drunk and pulled his gun on a friend in the same room with his wife.  He can quite Bible verses like a pro. A lot of good that did him.

Okay, that’s it. I’ve said my piece. Like it our lump it

A Room Full of People And Nobody is There


I am not like most other people I meet and I know that. It’s hard to pretend to be like them because they can’t even see what the difference is. They feel it, it scares them and they make no attempt to understand it. They push me away. It has been so evident on this “vacation”. It has made me understand why it has been so hard with members of my family. I’ve known it, thought I could change it -help them understand, and couldn’t, but this has made it definite. You can pick your friends, but you’re stuck with your family.


I think a lot about the meaning of life. I think about what a friend is. I think it means more to me than it does to many other people. Let me rephrase that. I want friends who have something to say. People who don’t waste their life, or disrespect their life; those who live their lives honestly. People who have a desire to continually learn and dig beneath the surface away from only being able to talk about the weather. Maybe that’s why they are so hard to find. The world has a bunch of acquaintances that only go skin deep. I want more from a friend than I think most people  have the ability to give, or perhaps they have no clue what it means. Sometimes, in a rare moment of time I meet someone I immediately know understands and can talk for hours exchanging ideas and philosophies. But it is always disappointing when you are with someone who can only talk about their prejudices and negatives and doesn’t care who you are, what you say or what you are doing and you realize they aren’t interested at all. They don’t even know the questions to ask. They aren’t even on the same planet. You realize then there is nothing there that matters. How do you have a conversation when you have nothing in common?

What is a Friend?

It’s like the question; what is a sister? Is it being able to talk about all your aches and pains because you both have them? Is it being able to talk about disappointments in your grown children wondering why they became who they are? Is the weather the only safe subject? Wow, it’s really hot today. That’s deep. Do you talk about life? No. That is too touchy. They have no idea why they believe what they do because they never really thought about it. It’s just an abstract thing they don’t even try to understand. Conversation is shallow and meaningless as they wait to die and don’t care if they do. They leave nothing behind for anyone to remember they were ever here. That describes almost everyone I meet. The sad thing is that there is no interest to understand what that means. Who am I to think I could have something to teach them that could affect their life in a positive way?

“I am a Christian,” I am often told. I commend myself most of the time for refraining from asking, “Why?” What would the answer have been? “Because . . .” without really knowing why or realizing that your faith should impact how you live your life. “Because . . . that is what I was told and I never questioned it. It’s about going to this place called heaven after you die, but it doesn’t alter how they live their life or how they treat the people around them. But how can you be a Christian and be so judgemental and hateful toward others? Doesn’t being a Christian mean anything to you? Why would anyone want to be a Christian if they were looking at you as a guide for behavior? But I didn’t talk about any of this. I realized I would be speaking a language that wouldn’t be understood and I’d be beating my head against the wall. I have  a friend who is a Christian who lives her faith as though it is important to her. She really believes and understands the Bible because she makes a concerted effort to study and apply it. We have interesting conversations because we respect each other. We exchange ideas without trying convert each other.

The meaning of life


Most people have no clue why they believe what they do. Recently my 36 year old daughter found fault with me as a parent because I didn’t teach her about Christianity when she was a child. Why would I do that? I was a devout agnostic long before she was born and began studying Buddhism from the time she was eight. Why would I teach her a religion with a God when I believed there was no such thing. I also didn’t teach her about the Muslim faith or Judaism, Scientology or Wiccan.  Don’t blame me for your unhappiness. I won’t accept the responsibility. When the woman I was just traveling with declared, “I am a Christian.” I bit my tongue and didn’t say, “Lot of good that’s doing you because you sure are miserable.” I kept that to myself. They don’t get it. If your faith doesn’t enable you to be happy while you live, what’s the point? You think happiness comes after you die? Life is for the living, not the dead.

Idea exchange


I met a man at a campsite laundry room while traveling in a motor home in Arizona. (Why anyone would want to live in 111 degree weather -in the  shade – is beyond me) He was Albanian and had traveled the world. Astute in the politics of countries. I learned from him. He came to the US 30 years ago and has lived by himself in the desert for 21 years and enjoys the solitude. Very much a hermit lifestyle, but still he craves human conversation. In me he met someone who loves to talk. We covered many subjects. He comes to the campsite laundry room to wash his clothes. I don’t even know his name. I think he was in his 60’s. We hit it off right away and talked for probably 2 hours about many aspects of life from religion to politics to people. He explained how and why people in other countries feel about us as they do. We have done horrible things to people in other countries yet we think we are the good guys. We aren’t. We didn’t get this powerful by being nice.  They are retaliating. Can you blame them. Our people are soft. We wouldn’t last a week in the countries we decimate. Our country is fat and stupid. Kids graduate high school and can’t even count back change at a register if it didn’t tell them how much to give. Every week there is another mass shooting, but don’t dare try to take away my gun! I might need to protect myself from my neighbor when I see him in Walmart. I wouldn’t set foot in a Walmart. If you have to ask why it’s too late to teach you. I don’t support corporations that help destroy the country for greed.

Many people think we are the good guys, but are we? I don’t think so. There are still people who think our military is protecting democracy. It’s not. We go to war because it makes corporations rich. People suck it up watching Fox news and think it’s the truth. But still, my new friend said, as fucked up as this country is -it’s worse out there and he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Wouldn’t it be great if we stopped raping this country out of greed? Wouldn’t it be great if the people who lived here mattered and the 1% didn’t run us over time and again? Wouldn’t it be great if our elections weren’t a farce?

I have often heard the phrase, “Never talk religion or politics” but talking with this man was such a pleasure. It was the only honest conversation I had the entire month I was gone. How wonderful to have a conversation with someone who understands what you are talking about.  It’s rare. He knew what I meant when I said it was hard to find people who didn’t take offense because I am outspoken about what I believe to be true. He said those people are out there. Keep searching. Okay, I will.

Can Anybody Hear Me?

CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?   by Sonni Quick   copyright 2016

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Written in support of all trans people.

I apologize for my fellow man who doesn’t understand his faults.


We live our years, we’re no longer young
Time is passing us by
Are you happy with the choices made
and the person you’ve become?

Does it make you sad when you look back
when you had the chance to choose
but thought your life was all God’s plan
You couldn’t see then what you’d lose

Your very soul when it was young
 loved your life like an endless dream
When you look back, then look at now
Did life pass by in an endless stream?

Do you justify your anger?
Do you have the need to fight?
Do you Feel disgust for those you judge?
Did God say you had the right?

So you punch and kick God’s love at them
with hate instead of love
God told you this in a spiteful voice
whispered from above?

Do you justify your righteous thoughts
and think God will forgive?
These ugly thoughts won’t stain your life
Cause you happiness instead?

It’s okay to force God’s love on them,
Make them feel your pain?
The effects of this on your own life
will come back to you again.

When it’s time for me to go,
and when it’s time for you
Was your life what you desired
What do you wish you could undo?

Will it break your heart to think inside
the love that Jesus taught
had turned around inside your soul
Became hate and warped your thoughts

When you were young and life before you
stretched through endless years
did you think you had all the time in the world
to overcome your fears?

Did you think your life was planned for you
so you didn’t have to change?
You could hate and judge and didn’t think
your God would cause you pain?

You have only yourself to blame
at the very end of life
when you didn’t learn the Bible taught
hate would cause you strife

You haven’t learn that you will reap
the effect of causes sown
The words so clear on the Bible’s pages
you’ll pretend you hadn’t known

You can not die with happiness
With a heart intent on pain
I hope the last thing on your mind
is sadly… “I’ll have to live it all again”

You will not have earned the happiness
in the life that is to come
Forgiveness doesn’t ever change
the angry, hurtful things you’ve done

All of us have to pay 
the price for things we do
But you’ll get another chance next time

to become a better you

Sonni Quick – a Nichiren Buddhist
copyright 2016

we are human

Ever since the issue came up of the state that wanted to cause even more hate in this country with the nonexistent issue of trans women molesting four year old girls in restrooms. They caused fear on an issue never before expressed. These Christians thrive on fear and hate. Because of this hate they want to force women to use restrooms based on their birth rather than who they are today and it has brought out ugliness in people that is really quite shameful.

All of the attention, especially on Facebook, with the use of posters, has  used guns  pointed at these women keeping watch to make sure none of “women” come into the restroom because now they are all concerned that these “men” are going to sexually molest little girls.  Was that ever – at any time – an issue?  Did it bother any of these people before?  Has there ever been a case of a trans woman molesting little a little girl?  Does being trans automatically make them a pedophile?

This extreme attention has all been directed at trans women who were born as a male.  I have seen absolutely nothing about women who feel they are now supposed to be afraid of trans men.  The have had testosterone.  Many have grown facial hair – sometimes full beards, and definitely don’t look like women.  But not woman has posted anything about these men being in the ladies room, next to them in a stall doing their business. But they DO have to be afraid of heterosexual men barging into the restroom to patrol and ask for ID’s

An important thing to consider; the hateful comments all seem to come from very hateful Christians who feel it goes against their faith – and no – I am NOT saying that all Christians are hateful – but the ones I conversed with definitely were. 

Then, to mock me, they said things like, “She’s just a Muslim and can’t help herself,” also maligning, all Muslims. Exactly what did Muslims have to do with this? We have hateful Muslims and good Muslims and we definitely have hateful Christians and good Christians.  How any person can think they are a good Christian who practices what it teaches in the Bible, yet can still be so hateful, is beyond comprehension. Are they practicing Christianity, or perhaps some other form  of religion that is definitely not based on the lessons taught in the Bible.

I am not a Christian, but I used to be, and I have read the Bible. I don’t remember hate being taught. I do remember being taught to treat people the way I want to be treated. The Bible also teaches what will happen if you don’t. You reap what you sow; in other words, karma. The law of cause and effect. When these Christians get back what they give, in any circumstance, they will most likely cry, “I’m a victim! I don’t deserve this! They have no right to treat me this way!” But that is how you reap what you sow.

Anyone who reads what I write knows I am a long time Buddhist.  I don’t shove my faith down others throats. I do not malign other religions for fun or crudeness.  That would be disrespect my faith.  There is good to be found in most religions.  I say “most” because I don’t know about all religions. If you are following the teachings of a religion so you become a better human being and learn how to improve your life and be happy, who am I to say it is wrong?  But if you use it to hurt others and to put other religions dow; be belligerent – a bully –  that is another story. 

If you can’t take responsibility for your life and your actions and instead use your faith as an excuse to hurt others, I’ll use my words to show you your fallacy.  I have no tolerannce for hypocrites,  or plastic Christians.

After reading these Facebook posts it went round and round in my brain. When I woke this morning I reached for pen and paper and wrote that poem. I included the most recent piece of music I have recorded. 

I only ask, share this post with your own social media and let people know that disparaging people who are not like you is not the way any of us should behave.  Being born into the wrong skin has made trans lives lives difficult enough to deal with without ignorant people slinging mud at them because they don’t approve of them, even if you think you are so perfect and think everyone loves you because you are such a wonderful person.  People doing that make a mockery of their faith and everything it stands for.  You get back what you dish out, so have fun when life gets you back. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Chapter List: Inside The Forbidden Outside
A Message From Someone Who Cares (forward)
First two chapters:
Everyday Dreams
Jamie’s Story

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After Adam & Eve Ate The Apple

…….Since Eve was blamed for it anyway!

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Genesis never talks about Peter Gabriel or what Adam and Eve said after they ate the apple. It feel went something like this…

Eve: Wow! That apple was delicious! We should totally sell these.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Eve: Yeah, we’ll squeeze out some kids and hire them to pick the apples for us. When the apples are picked. We’ll have them cut down the trees and turn it into money.

Adam: What?

Eve (handing Adam the apple): Yeah, then we’ll give them a small percentage of the money in exchange for apples they picked at inflated prices.

Adam takes a bite of the apple

Adam: You’re a genius. If marketed correctly, I could totally see people using our services.

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The Concept of Karma and Rebirth


Each person, depending on how they were raised, and what they were taught, has an opinion about what happens when we die. There are also those who think nothing happens. We live, we die, and that’s it. We believe what we do, because it is what we want to believe happens. To adhere to the teachings of our religion we find ways to justify our belief. If we were raised in a different religion we would be adamant that those teachings would also be the truth. Which one is right? You have to study other religions to find out. Many people – actually most people – never take a serious look at what a different faith has to teach, except to try to find ways to prove it to be false by comparing it to their own beliefs. But if you looked at it objectively you would find many similarities, perhaps only explaining it a different way. It’s important to remember, whatever you believe, it began with a human being’s interpretation of phenomena that later was interpreted again and again, while trying to make sense of life and death. Bottom line, people are afraid of dying. They “get religion” at the end, just in case.

Years ago there was a man in my life who was a staunch atheist. That was fine with me. I was agnostic. I didn’t know and at the time I didn’t care. I left the Christian religion years before because I didn’t see anyone applying the teachings to his life to become a better person. It didn’t mean anything to anyone. People went to church because that is what everyone did. If they didn’t go, other people would ask questions. So everyone had their social time together, but it didn’t affect their own personal growth. I guess Jesus “saved” them, although that terminology didn’t exist back then. Not one time growing up, and I was in the church almost every day for one reason or another and I never heard the words uttered “Jesus saved . .” So that must have started recently in the last 30-40 years. They were going to heaven. They didn’t need to work on changing themselves.

27 years ago my mother stopped going to church. She had learned about Nichiren Buddhism. She now had the answers to questions her pastors over the years couldn’t give her. The answers that made sense. She’s almost 83 now. She attributes still being alive because she learned HOW to live her life and how she could overcome her problems without asking an entity to do it for her. She knows that who she is now, in these last years of her life still determine the Spring of her rebirth. Every day she prays for wisdom and patience. She is so alive.

The atheist I lived with was later diagnosed with cancer. The closer he came to dying, he abandoned his atheism and turned to God – just in case. He was afraid of dying. If he hadn’t been sick he would still be an atheist. It was his choice, of course, if it gave him comfort, but it doesn’t make it real. God didn’t save him. He still died. Good or bad, no matter what happens, people always say, “It was the Lords will.” No it wasn’t. He had cancer. Did God give him cancer so he could die? No. God didn’t give me Hep C so I needed a liver transplant, either. I did that to myself with drugs 40 years ago. Now my Hep C is gone. Did God do that? No. Was it the Lord’s will? No. It was mine. I asked my doctors for the meds. God had nothing to do with anything.

Apparently Ted Cruz’s father thinks differently.  These next pictures show abuse of religion in politics with the determination of deliberately swaying the Christian vote. This is swaying people’s thoughts that only a Christian is fit to be a president even though there are multiple faiths practiced.  Is this what Christianity teaches?  Does professing to be Christian automatically make him more fit than someone who isn’t a Christian?  Do politicians have to convince people they are Christian even if they aren’t or they won’t get elected. You would never see a Buddhist using his faith for political gain. “I’m a Buddhist, elect me.”

I could never go back to Christianity. I tried to once, in my early 20’s. For two years I tried every day to make God the center of my life. I tried so hard to develop a relationship with him. I tried to feel the love. I studied. I went to church. I was “saved”. Two years later I realized it made absolutely no difference in my life at all. So I just stopped one day and that made no difference, either. There was no proof that my faith changed anything in my life. What was I believing in? I realized there were too many unbelievable things I had to make myself believe were true that went against reason. I might as well go to a ouiji board for answers about life and death.

Ten years later I started to study Nichiren Buddhism. I saw proof in my life. But just like Christianity there are many schools of thought. Different sects with different ideas that try to explain life and death. What is karma? How do our thoughts, words and actions affect our life? And what is rebirth? Where are we reborn? Who are we? Why are we who we are when we are born. Looking at our own lives, the traits we have, our talents or lack of them; are we pretty, ugly, happy, depressed, angry, rich, poor, abusive parents, aborted, sick, healthy, intelligent or stupid. Why are we who we are? Do you think it is all the luck of the draw? Do you think an entity “up there” took the time to individually pick all of the traits you ha e and he does that for every single fetus? Or does he only do that for Christian fetuses? I use fetus, because these things are inherently in us in the womb. Who decides the traits for everyone else? All those babies in this world in countries who die of starvation who never had a chance to “pick” a religion. For me, this is where believing in a thinking entity breaks down. A loving God? You wish.

I spend a lot of time contemplating these questions. I’m not quick to believe what anyone says is the truth. Even when you break it down to simple gossip, people tend to believe what people say, pass it on and add a few new twists to it. That doesn’t make it truth unless it can be proven. “Jesus loves you!” Oh yeah? Prove it. “Jesus lives!” There is no proof he ever lived, and if he did, he sure doesn’t live today and he doesn’t love you today. He may have been a good man 2000 years ago but he isn’t alive today and his spirit does not talk to you. The problem is that Christians idealize the man, when they should worship the teachings. Worshiping the man doesn’t change you into a better person. “He” can’t change you. Only you can do that by your thoughts, words and actions. You do that with the wisdom you gained through overcoming problems. That is what really affects your life. You. You make the causes. You get the effects. You reap what you sow. This is a Christian teaching that I don’t see being applied anywhere. Does a Christian think about that everyday in all they do? Because that creates your karma and you will get back what you dish out. In Buddhism, “you reap what you sow” is the primary, most important thing to learn. “The law of cause and effect.” Have you applied that to your life today or are you waiting for God to make things happen. It doesn’t matter what you believe. You will reap exactly what you sow. Your life doesn’t happen because God decided it should happen. Your life happens the way you caused it to happen.


The Bible was written by many men interpreting what they knew. They wrote about karma. These writings were removed. Political leaders needed to manipulate the masses, the same way they do today. You can read it everyday in the news; which presidential candidate is the best Christian, they claim, to get the Christian vote? Do you think the are really Christians who value the lessons taught? I don’t. Their kind of Christian is scary.

Many of the teachings of Christianity and Buddhism are the same, although Buddhism doesn’t just tell you the teachings, it explains why it’s important and also explains the effects if you don’t learn it, but still, the message is the same. The difference lies in what happens when you die if you didn’t change the negativity in your life and have positive results. Maybe you ran from your problems instead. Maybe you blamed your problems on someone our something else. Maybe you didn’t learn you problems our become a better person. You’ll have to do it over until you get it right. Christians should want to have Christlike behavior. Buddhists want Buddhahood. It’s the same thing.

I am NOT saying that Christians should become Buddhists. But I am saying you should look internally to break through your problems instead of asking something outside yourself to plan and execute your life. All life – ALL LIFE – goes through the cycle of birth, aging, sickness and death – THEN – birth. The cycle of seasons goes from Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – then – Spring. Never does the cycle change. If all life goes through this cycle, why would our life be different? That is common sense. We don’t die and go to heaven to be judged and hopefully go to a paradise or hell. We die and the causes we made in this lifetime will be the judge as to how our life will be when we go through the next cycle. WE determine our own lives by our actions. Heaven and hell is something we live determined by what we do. It isn’t some place we go to after we die. Life is eternal and we either learn the lessons our life has put in front of us, depending on the causes we made, or we don’t learn it and have to repeat it. God can’t change your life, or make you well, or get you that job you need. Only you can do that. Something outside of yourself isn’t there. It is your own power inside yourself that changes your life.Daisaku Ikeda guidance

Today, our ability to reason far surpasses the capabilities of man in the past. They understood so little. It HAD to seem mysterious to them. Two thousand years have passed. It is an extremely short period of time when compared to the hundreds of thousands of years man has walked the earth. In the last two thousand years, the teachings of all religions continued to change and have new interpretations by different people. People conclude these interpretations are the truth, never looking to see if they actually make sense, in lui of our ability to understand things today. Instead, the more unbelievable the stories are, the more they are believed, because that in itself makes it more mysterious. God formed man out of clay, but Abel went off and married? To whom? A virgin birth with God as the dad? Believing in an all knowing, loving, but vengeful, very egotistical God, that “wants” you to suffer to teach you lessons, doesn’t make any sense. Why would you want to believe that, except that was what you were taught – what came to you in a very long, often changed, line of gossip. Use your brain. Step back.

why do you believe what you believe.Think for yourself. Why do you believe what you believe? Because you were told, or because you studied and compared what you learned. Don’t be afraid of what others will think. It’s your life.

No Syrians in America equals no terrorist attacks.

download (1)There are many things I could say to open this post, but the author wrote exactly what I think. My concern is that our government began priming Americans for another war from the day Paris was attacked. America wasn’t attacked yet people are listening to the idiotic republican presidential candidates stomping their feet for war – they WANT to be president in time of war because that is how most men think. But aside from that, this war has been planned for a long time. Are Americans going to follow like good little citizens even after they found out how they were led into war in Iraq. Are the “good” Christians in America going to prove once again they aren’t very good at being Christians? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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Seriously? Do you really believe closing our borders to people in desperate need will stop terrorism in this country? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but by turning these people away you are in fact ENSURING more terrorist attacks.

Because a few men are rapists, does that mean we should ban ALL men? Because a few women are gold diggers, does that mean we should ban ALL women? Because a few dogs are aggressive, should we ban ALL dogs? Do you see where I’m going with this? Being Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist any more than being a man makes you a rapist.

I have no doubt there will be more terrorist attacks on our soil, but not because we open our hearts and our borders. Precisely the opposite. We have become a hated nation. We are a nation filled with adults acting like two year…

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In The Original Constitution . . .

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In different posts Throughout the year I have written about the many ways our history has been twisted and changed to serve special interests.  When something is said over and over, it becomes the truth in many people’s minds.  The rhetoric about us always being a Christian nation is one, although it isn’t on this particular list because it is not about the government.  We are not a Christian nation no matter how much Christians want us to be.  We were not founded as a Christian nation, which is why religion isn’t discussed as an important issue in our constitution. It doesn’t say people should live with Christian values.

Remember we had left a country who was trying to force everyone join the English Church. Only being a Catholic was okay. How would you feel if our constitution said America was a Catholic nation? Would you object? Everyone is scared if the Muslims took over we would be forced to live under Shia law. You don’t want that? Neither do I, and I feel the same about being made to feel this is a Christian nation, too, because many Christians are very violent and they kill people who don’t believe as they do. It is important that we have a separation between church and state.  Do you understand what that means? So many people no longer want to separate church and state, not caring that the church is not important in many homes because they are either another religion or no religion at all.  Why do people think it is okay to force their religion on anyone else.

It doesn’t matter how much faith you have in your religion, our government should not get involved and didn’t intended to get involved, and no, it should also not be taught in school in any way.  No ten commandments.  No prayers.  Pray before school or after school or in your home or church.  That is what Sunday school is for.  School is for education.  Pay to go to a Christian school if you want your kids to have a Christian education. Would you teach math during Sunday school or would you say that wasn’t appropriate?

This was the premise our country was founded on, whether Christians think it is or not.  Should the premise of Buddhism be taught in school?  Should the Islamic faith be taught?  How about Judaism, or the Mormon faith?  Jehovah Witness? Catholicism? How about paganism? Should we teach about the Occult?  No, no you say? So why should anything of a religious nature be taught?  Because YOU think it is important?  No, it isn’t.  It is only important to you, and you have no right to force it on me and my family, who believes something completely different.  If that makes you mad – I don’t care.  What I do in my life is no concern of yours.  It is when your faith bleeds out into the public sector that problems are caused because you just don’t get it. Christianity is the only religion that gets pulled into secular affairs, and believe it or not, you have no right to try to make me live in your Christian world.

When I now hear the GOP presidential contenders, who want a religious test for Syrian refugees to see which ones are Christian enough to be let them in, it makes me sick.  It reminds me of our government stealing American Indian children from their parents and forcing them to live in school to force them into becoming Christians. They changed their names and wouldn’t let them speak in their native language or practice any of their customs. They were going to for them to be Christians. They crushed their parents hearts. They did it because Christians were much better people. One of those schools is not far from where I live, located between Carlisle and Harrisburg. Look at how many lives those Christians ruined.

It is as though people think being a Christian automatically makes them a good person, someone who does not hate, someone who would not hurt or kill someone, and we know that simply is not true. Christians have hurt people who want an abortion – the reason does not matter. It is their life – and they even want to stop them from getting contraceptives, as if they have the right to control other lives instead of looking at the ugliness of their own behavior.  Christians have hurt and killed gays, lesbians and transgenders – in the name of God –  because they think the Bible gives them the right to do so.  If you don’t personally behave like that, yet you look away and don’t stand up for that horrendous behavior, then you are just as bad. I am NOT saying all Christians are like that, because they aren’t. I have heard Christians stand up for the right thing.  But I have not heard of even one Buddhist using his faith to justify hurting people.  Has a Buddhist ever hurt someone? I’m sure there has, but it wasn’t done in the name of the Buddha, or because they thought the Buddhist philosophy gave them the right to be hateful. It sure doesn’t make me want to be a Christian, either.  Every Christian who has hurt people picks out phrases in the Bible to justify, in their minds, why their actions are okay.  Their reason for everything? “It’s against my religion.”  What a sad reason for atrocious behavior.

Our government – or rather the people behind the government who actually do run this country – has been using religion for a long time to control people, just like it was used long ago in England, and even before that, earlier in history.  People often believe what they are told to believe and don’t have enough common sense to question what they are told.  Anyone today who uses their religion as a way to behave in a negatively toward anyone, whether they are another race or a Syrian refugee, and still call themselves a Christian, is pathetic.

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