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I found this post today and thought it was worth sharing. This is an issue that is playing out in the media, including the very negative white privilege standpoint of the resurgence of the KKK – minus the hoods because they aren’t hiding anymore. The “white man” is terrified of becoming obsolete and losing their top of the food chain position that allows them to control everything.

The white man makes sure women are are controlled – demeaned in the work place, paid less and become objects of sexual gratification while destroying them when it was suggested they would do such a thing. I recently read a list of men who have been sexual predators and I’m still shocked. Women are standing up. Women have been silenced, or fired so men can keep their coveted top dog position. And I yes, I know this doesn’t include all men.

Everyone of all races – everyone who doesn’t declare themselves to be Christian, whether they are or not, is pressed down by the use of so-called biblical law. White men leading the rage against abortion. White men who say women are too stupid to make decisions about their own bodies. Control. Control. Control. White men decide it’s okay to destroy our food with chemicals. White men run Monsanto and once again we’re to confuted by food labels. White men are now deciding climate change isn’t real because they are in bed with with the oil companies. White men have decided ALL of our wars.

Only white men are good enough for certain professions as if only they have the brain capacity to do the job. It is the collective white male ego that can’t fathom working for a women. For years a strong woman was considered to be a bitch but a strong man was a good leader. And if that boss was Black or Hispanic or a Black or Hispanic woman (God forbid!) it wouldn’t go down easy, if it happened at all.

But this is what is drilled into a white boy’s head who was born to middle or upper class families. It is was they learn. It is what they see. It is what they expect. To change a class of people to think differently – to think of all people being equal isn’t going to happen, at least in my lifetime. They won’t give up control easily.

They control and use the Christian religion against the people. They control politics and the making of laws to benefit the corporations who own the prisons where they control black men disproportionately. They control their ability to get an education and support their families. They control the media and say what they want – lie – to make people believe things that aren’t true. White men control everything and other people, including their wives, come second.

And with their power they think they have the right to sexually abuse women, and so often the white judge blames the woman. “Look how you’re dressed.” “You probably flirted with him.” “He says it was consensual.” So women hated to come forward and be humiliated. How can the man who now sits in the oval office – admittedly an abuser who said because he was a star he could just take what he wanted – and got away with it! All the women were lying.

There are too many men not held accountable. Too often when women and minorities are not balancing out the voice of only the white men. It takes all people from all walks of life to participate in creating a world that is good for everyone so we all have place at the table.

Do you think it will happen?

Normalizing the Abnormal


I read a comment by Jeremy Home on this article.   To those who don’t use Fox News as an actual factual news source would find this website  more of what the truth really looks like, but this article is frightening if it represents a change. The comments are well worth reading.  If you want to stay in your bubble feel free, but don’t cry when you realize how badly  you’ve been had.


My comment in response to Jeremy Home ( near the top)

This is one of the more intelligent “comments” I’ve read,  which deserves it’s own headline – something most people would skip over in 8 seconds, the average attention span of most humans, because they wouldn’t even begin to understand what the hell you are writing about. I admit I haven’t read the publications you mention but I am by no means ignorant and I have never halted my thirst for knowledge and understanding.

I’ve studied human nature for 30 years. Trump’s nature is an easy one to see, and even though anyone can put on a false face for a short while their true nature will always ALWAYS surface. Abusers are some of the easiest to read. He cannot change. He doesn’t know how – plus he enjoys his nature too much to want to change. He will not be able to hold it back. It would be like trying to not scratch an itch in the dentist chair. He told a certain segment of society it was okay to let loose the baser, more negative aspect of their own nature, letting it loose like a drug, directed at those who feel good abusing people because they think they have been abused. The World of Animality. Kick the dog syndrome. A year ago I said, how will they put the hate back in the bottle? They won’t. They can’t.

The one liner about making America great “again?” No one ever defined what that greatness was. Real greatness, not fiction. How can they, when it is only the figment of a collective imagination to fool most of the people, which then allowed America free to be the biggest bully on the planet. People believe the media bullshit about America helping the world while protecting our “democracy”. We only “helped” those who had something we wanted and if we needed a reason to take it we created a war and lied about what it was for. Tell it to people enough times and it becomes a truth. People need to believe we are better than others, after all, we are a Christian nation aren’t we (choke) and justify blaming sufferers for their own suffering. God’s plan and all that convenient nonsense.

I’m 62 years old and do a fair amount of writing, and pissing people off because I don’t allow excuses or sugarcoat the bad to be palatable. I’m called grade school names, which is the only thing they can think to say, as if they think it will hurt my feelings instead of making them look stupid.

Looking at history it isn’t difficult to see where we are, and where we are going. It is sad, because it will reach a point where saying we are great in a positive way becomes impossible, and equally impossible to do a “do-over.” Unfortunately, I am one who lives well below the poverty line, losing my health and business at the same time in 2010 and have to rely on those dreaded and non-respectworthy government handouts they want to gut because I am now just an ordinary loser. I could end up a liability to my children – except I am not done yet and have the first draft of a book done and music published for it as I take on our slave (oops!) prison system.

I’ve gotten off the subject. I fear for my grandchildren. Hopefully I’ll be dead before we implode. I think I’ll go now and stare at a Thomas Kincaid painting and pretend I live there.

Thank you, Sonni Quick

To my readers. I’ve been out of commission for 6 weeks with a long way to go. I had a shoulder and elbow replacement and am just home from surgery. Definitely not the most fun I’ve had this year. It will be a long recouperation with a year therapy to hopefully get back 70% function. I don’t recommend tripping over a bin of pictures in a dark halfway if you have osteoporosis. I tested the limits of my thin bones.

All I can do is Swype with one finger on my Nook so the going is slow in between system crashes from pushing this aging tablet to act like my computer. It’s pissed off at me right now! So hang in there with me. I’m around. I have much to add to my other blog:

My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison








No Syrians in America equals no terrorist attacks.

download (1)There are many things I could say to open this post, but the author wrote exactly what I think. My concern is that our government began priming Americans for another war from the day Paris was attacked. America wasn’t attacked yet people are listening to the idiotic republican presidential candidates stomping their feet for war – they WANT to be president in time of war because that is how most men think. But aside from that, this war has been planned for a long time. Are Americans going to follow like good little citizens even after they found out how they were led into war in Iraq. Are the “good” Christians in America going to prove once again they aren’t very good at being Christians?

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Sonni Quick piano music complete list


Seriously? Do you really believe closing our borders to people in desperate need will stop terrorism in this country? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but by turning these people away you are in fact ENSURING more terrorist attacks.

Because a few men are rapists, does that mean we should ban ALL men? Because a few women are gold diggers, does that mean we should ban ALL women? Because a few dogs are aggressive, should we ban ALL dogs? Do you see where I’m going with this? Being Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist any more than being a man makes you a rapist.

I have no doubt there will be more terrorist attacks on our soil, but not because we open our hearts and our borders. Precisely the opposite. We have become a hated nation. We are a nation filled with adults acting like two year…

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Game – Playing History2 – Slave Trade2 – Disgusting

slave trade computer game
This morning my husband showed me a computer game he saw being advertised on Steam – an engine that sells and plays computer games. It is made by Playing History From EU – (European Union) My jaw literally dropped. Maybe because it wasn’t made in America they could get away with it. To make and sell a GAME about enslaving another race, especially because it is a direct hit on our history is a slap in the face on a very high number of our population who have grandparents and great grandparents in their granules. How would people feel if the made GAME out of being a Jew during the holocaust and see how many you can send to the gas chamber? What is the difference” In SLAVE TRADE a young black boy finds out his sister has been captured and is going to be raped. He needs to try to save her.

slave trade computer gameDo you think this depicts the conditions on a slave trade? Do you see any dead bodies? Why don’t they show them being thrown overboard when they die, or is that a little too real?

slave trade computer game

This is the synopsis the game makers put out: Travel back in time and witness the horrors of slave trade first hand. You will be working as a young slave steward on a ship crossing the Atlantic. You are to serve the captain and be his eyes and ears. What do you do when you realize your own sister has been captured by slave traders?

slave trade computer gameOne of the White man’s proudest moments!

slave trade computer gameBuying human flesh. Gee lets have fun! How much money can we make today?

slave trade computer gameThis is where his little sister gets caught by slave traders. I know there have been many movies made about this part of history, but no one has ever tried to make fun and games, a way to entertain yourself. So tell me folks how does this game grab you? Does it make you want to go out and buy it so you to can pretend to be a slave trader, too?

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This 1956 guidebook for black travelers is an incredible reminder of America’s racist realities

………Interesting. I didn’t know something like this existed. I haven’t had a chance yet to read it, but I will be. If you are white, like I am, we cannot fathom what it is like to walk in the shoes of people who had to deal with situations that were not common for us.


Wayback Machine

This 1956 guidebook for black travelers is an incredible reminder of America’s racist realities

Courtesy of the University of South Carolina, South Caroliniana Library

During the Jim Crow era, traveling in the United States for African-Americans was difficult and often dangerous. Motels and restaurants didn’t have to serve you if they didn’t want to. “Sundown towns”—places where it was unsafe to be black at night—dotted the nation’s geography. If you were driving around the country, the only way to know if you were safe was by word-of-mouth.

But a black civic leader named Victor H. Green came up with a better, more permanent solution. In the early 1930s, he began publishing a compendium of tips…

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Einstein: The Negro Question (1946) | On Being

This is Exactly what I have been saying. We can’t retrain cops to not be racist. We can’t change the way people think because it began in childhood. It’s engrained. It will only be changed when the parents teach their children differently. Is that being done? Not in big enough quantities to make any difference at this point. In fact it seems to be getting worse not better. I have written more on race and racsim on my other blog http://mynameisjamie.net because of the effect this all has had on our prisons.

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Modern AfroIndio Times

The ancient Greeks also had slaves. They were not Negroes but white men who had been taken captive in war. There could be no talk of racial differences. And yet Aristotle, one of the great Greek philosophers, declared slaves inferior beings who were justly subdued and deprived of their liberty. It is clear that he was enmeshed in a traditional prejudice from which, despite his extraordinary intellect, he could not free himself.

File:Albert Einstein Head.jpg Portrait d’Albert Einstein – Wikipedia

A large part of our attitude toward things is conditioned by opinions and emotions which we unconsciously absorb as children from our environment. In other words, it is tradition—besides inherited aptitudes and qualities—which makes us what we are. We but rarely reflect how relatively small as compared with the powerful influence of tradition is the influence of our conscious thought upon our conduct and convictions.

It would be foolish to despise tradition. But…

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The City That Believed in Desegregation

This is a good website to follow if you’re interested in inequalities our the police state we’re headed to because we know now that the policeman is no longer our friend.

This post has, is about a good thing, it tells us of a city that has a better system of raising children that teaches them from kindergarten who to make friends with all races. If more school districts were like this we’d have less kids growing up to be racist because they learn that all people are born equal. The money in each household may be different, but money is not the mark of a good or bad human. Minorities would a better chance if the concept of inner city school mentality was gone.

By Alana Semuels

Hawthorne Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky, looks like what you might imagine a typical American suburban elementary school to be, with students’ art projects displayed in the hallways and brightly colored rugs and kid-sized tables and chairs in the classrooms. It’s located in a predominantly white neighborhood. But the students look different than those in many suburban schools across America. Some have dark skin, others wear headscarves, others are blonde and blue-eyed. While many of them qualify for free and reduced lunches, others bring handmade lunches in fancy thermal bags and come from well-off families.

Ever since a court forced them to integrate in the 1970s, the city of Louisville and surrounding Jefferson County have tried to maintain diverse schools.Louisville and Jefferson County have tried to maintain diverse schools. Though the region fought the integration at first, many residents and leaders came around to the idea, and even…

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