Alonza Thomas -Fear of Heights

Over the past year I’ve written about Alonza.  I’ve had the pleasure of skyping with him many times – a deep and thoughtful man trying to figure out how to begin his life again in a world that caused him pain. We have read frequently the past year what effects are of solitary confinement. Because of what happened to Kalief Browder and his suicide caused by abuse and solitary confinement the law was changed and kids could no longer be held like that. Alonza had just turned 16 and California had just changed the law to try 16 year old kids as adults and he was the first one. He became their poster child/adult as the. “stick-up kid”.

He made it through 13 years but came out in a million tiny pieces he has been struggling to put back together. I’d like to say that today everything is great. I know he wishes it were. But the reality is the same as someone who has come back from war. On the outside everything seems to be okay, but the glue holding the pieces together never really dries and it is fragile and easily broken. He is safer inside his lonely room than facing the world outside.

Google him and watch the TV shows on him and understand his story.


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Is it Winter or Is it Spring?




Should I wear a sweater or is just a blouse okay?

Should I take a coat or will the sun warm up today?

I look at all my flowers knowing they might freeze

It might snow tomorrow, this Spring is such a tease

Last year’s herbs are growing in my garden, and that is very strange

Three weeks ago, three feet of snow, did the seasons rearrange?

One day is hot, the next is cold, I found a bee in my garage

Did the bag of colored Christmas balls look like a tasty flower corsage?

This winter wasn’t very cold, that’s quite okay by me

I much prefer the tropic sun with dripping humidity.

I hate the cold, I hate the pain with dry and flaky skin

I love when winter is over and the songs of birds begin

I cut a tomato from the grocery store. I was shocked at what I found

The seeds inside had begun to sprout without being in the ground!

I put them in a nice big pot on a sunny window sill

Hoping they would make it through the days of freezing chill

I have thirty two tomato plants, each three inches high so far

Watching all these plants grow in the winter, so bizarre

It’s been strange not knowing what to do, or what to wear each day

I’ll wait to plant my tomatoes outside until Spring is here to stay

by Sonni Quick. 2016

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That this world is beautiful

. . . . .beautiful poem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Starlit Octave Band

Cloud 70 (1)

And it is one if those days
Where I feel so senseless
Like I’m nothing
Like I’m numb

I tried my best to keep myself
From doing something dumb
I know this was not enough to
For I died almost

It was the tears
And this heaven
It was this blog
And it’s poems

That bought me back
That gave me the reason
To believe
That this world is beautiful

I thought and I planned
All the way down
How is that
I can I die

I wrote the steps
with pen
on paper
So as to memorise

It was the tears
And this heaven
It was this blog
And it’s poems

That bought me back
That gave me the reason
To believe
That this world is beautiful

I know it was stupid mistake
It was never me
I can never kill an insect
How I can kill me?


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Good Wouldn’t Exist Without Bad

Alonza Thomas

Alonza Thomas

It was a stormy winter night on the streets of New Orleans

A fortune teller told me that she could see me in her dreams

She said, there’s a part of me that evil overtook

Plus the devil has my heart, and my name is in his book.

I cried, i cried.

I’m a mixed drink, combined with good and bad.

The image I’ve portrayed became my truth, I chose my path.

I look myself in the mirror and i wish that I would die. Then I heard the Lord whisper, he said, believe that your mine. Believe that your mine!

My mind beats my heart, my emotions are second nature.

The result of realizing my mind was never basic.

My heart tells lies. My heart is self destructive.

I do right for the good, and well being of the structure.

Trust is not the issue, really it never was.

I don’t trust my heart, I treat it like a loaded gun.

I rarely trust my eyes I cover them with suspicion.

And even when I’m broke, i promise to pay attention.

Karma is a bitch, who I’m trying to fuck bareback.

California bear that’s wicked as a black cat.

My aim is at the level of all these Devils ball cap.

If you loyal then you family, if not watch me fall back.

The goods the mornings…

. . . .If more people thought and acted like this we’d be a happier world!


Well well well so another day and another beginning a new one a fresh one to have a new take on the old things to have a new perception of what’s going on and what we need to do. So let’s kick start the day with some enthusiasm happiness and faith …

The start ….

The sun has come up the birds are chirping there is freshness in the air so lets get going
There is newness in today there is a hope in the day there is love in the air so let’s get going

We know it’s gonna be hard we know its gonna be hot
But forgetting all that just let’s get going
Stopping in the path and worrying about things,it won’t help us in achieving anything
So focus on what’s right and not on what is wrong,take your leap of faith and let’s get going


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