Selected Articles: Media Manipulation and the Intellectual Enslavement of Mankind.

…….For quite some time I have tried to open people’s eyes and minds to look past media propaganda and learn to think. Too many people are led around by the nose by listening to their favorite corporate “bought” “news?” station. I have even had people say they only watch Fox News because they are the only ones who tell the truth. (shock) The kool-Aid they drank has saturated their brains to the point they are unable to think for themselves. It would take too much time to explain it all, but in this article there are quite a few links that do a good job. The only problem, and I have run into this issue – people who are determined to believe their own ignorance and have no interest in the truth if it contradicts their previous belief, will never click on the links because they will have determined ahead of time it is all lies. Fear these people.

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