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I bought adspace for a number of publications today to promote my newest piece of music. “Ghosts in My Head” If you see it anywhere let me know. Right now it is running for two weeks. This goes along with a chapter in the book I’m writing, “Inside The Forbidden Outside”

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Waiting . . .Too Long – YouTube Video


Waiting . . .Too Long, a title of a chapter in the book I am writing on the life of Jamie Cummings who is currently housed in Allred Unit. Prisons are often called units. He is finishing twelve years with five to go. In this video I try to convey the feeling of time as it goes through pictures of him and prison, myself and music, with slow motion clips of journeying through time between incarceration and re-entry back into society in 2023, unless he gets paroled early which no one knows.

I’ve been enormously busy these days with usually three projects open at one time as one project leads to another.  It’s a small wonder that I remember to pay my light bill before it is cut off.  At least I’d have three hours of battery back up on my lap top if I did that!

Seriously, as I work on my writing – I also need to work on my music at the same time. Since all my music is improv – instrumental music – I have to play my piano when something inside me tells me to. One night last week I got out of bed because I felt I needed to play music. When the feeling is strong I also record. I will put that music in another post. When I try too hard to improvise, the music is good -okay – but it is missing something – the story – the emotion. The next day I played it over and over from beginning to end to see if I could hear the story. You might hear a different one.  You might not even play it all the way through. But I know it is one of my best pieces.  It is called, “Looking Into The Crystal Ball”.  You can find it at


If I only needed to finish the rewrite of my book, “Inside The Forbidden Outside” I’d be done and working on the sequel. I do have the book cover done and will post that soon. But since I have written a lot of music and inserted it into blog posts, here on this blog and on My Name Is Jamie I have wondered how to promote it with the book.  I’m working on a second album with just the music for the book. Since some of the music has the same titles as the chapters I decided to record more music for every chapter. It takes time.

A musician these days needs to have videos, preferably on YouTube. Since right now I am only writing and recording I wondered how to do a quality video if I’m not performing live. ( I want to gig again, but my keyboard case will not fit in my car, even if one end stuck out an open window.) If I had to rent a larger vehicle or used Uber I’d probably end up playing for free. I’d probably do that just to play. So I have to think about that some more.

I found a company that helped produce the above video at a very reasonable cost. My intention is to add at least one or two videos a month of just the music for the book. Starting a You Tube channel takes time. Getting subscribers – and most of all – having subscribers who like your music enough to share it is important. So far I’ve had 60 views, 11 likes and 1 dislike (somebody always has to do that) and 6 subscribers! I think that is pretty good for my first week! So I better do another video soon.

When I started my two facebook pages – jamielifeinprison and sonniquickspiano – it took work to get it out there and a lot of time to maintain it.  Both continue to grow. Having the support of followers from my blogs – well it all works together.

I am also getting ready to publish the next issue of ITFO NEWS which has a different focus of prison issues and also info about my music and other writing. Last week I was asked to write for another publication that deals with prison issues on a worldwide basis. I’ll be writing more about that in ITFO NEWS.

Hopefully, the followers of these different avenues will be interested in buying the book when it is done. When you write a book and don’t start promoting it until it is done, you will run out of family and close friends very fast. And if you aren’t passionate about what you do, chances are you will never complete it. Here it is, 4:00 in the morning and I am still behind my computer.

You can subscribe to ITFO NEWS and read back issues. It took awhile to teach myself. I publish about every 5 weeks. I won’t inundate your inbox with multiple daily emails. I don’t send spammy crap. I like to connect with people.

So until next time – sleep well and have a great holiday season!



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Will Ya Still Need Me -When I’m 64


The puzzle pieces of my life are coming together. I find life to be amazing. I don’t think I fully appreciated my life before now. Life slaps us right and left and often knocks us down. It’s up to us to pick ourselves up or complain about how difficult it is and give up. Especially when we’re older. We think it’s too late to begin again and settle for watching other people’s lives on TV. (I threw mine away 25 years ago)


Music band "Edison
1968 with Top 40 band “Edison” in Denver, Co.

It has taken a lot of work, time and patience. Earlier in my music career there was no “online”. If you weren’t signed, you couldn’t get your music out to the public except through live gigs. I became sick with an undiagnosed disease called Hep C. Eventually It put me down. I developed liver cancer, end stage liver disease, severe osteoporosis which caused bones to break and a few other illnesses.

I came very close to dying. I got a liver transplant and had a few body parts removed in the nick of time. After 2 years bedridden and an even longer climb to as much normalcy as possible I began writing the blog My Name is Jamie for a prison inmate who is also the father of one grandson. I beganto write music again and put it on blog posts. I then began writing a book, “Inside the Forbidden Outside” ( In second draft ) I knew if I wanted to help him when he gets out it would be through this book and music – promoted as a soundtrack to read by. I also started the newsletter ITFO NEWS also can’t survive on a disability check for the rest of my life. Working a regular job would be difficult because of pain from what osteoporis did to my vertibrea.

Music was always my love. For many years I played piano bars, worked in bands and taught piano. Now no one can afford to pay me for lessons in the small Pa town I live in that was close to the transplant hospital. So I made the decision to resurrect my music career and play again. I’ve been recording and working hard to create an online presence. My music is now on several websites



Piano Improv Music of Sonni Quick – artist facebook page

Online stats will make or break a musician today. Becoming a “fan”, leaving comments and sharing will make a big difference on my finding a booking agent. Other people listen to music they see others have liked. Next week I have a photo shoot lined up. I’m not the young woman in the picture anymore. I’m 63. I no longer sing. Too many years of 5 nighters in smokey bars took care of that. But I also no longer do cover material. My ability to create piano improv pictures in your mind surpasses my piano playing of  It comes from a deep emotional place. It is who I became instead of playing someone else’s creation.

Today I classify my music as “Stories Without Words” which is the title of an album I am coming out with shortly. When the book is ready, another album will be released with the same cover and promoted together. If I do a good job and if it is promoted right, when Jamie gets out of prison I will have a business put together that will also include lecturing on the negative issues of prison that need to be changed. What he has been through opened my eyes to something I had never given a thought to. He can use his story to help others.

Those who have read my blogs have seen the progress. On many early posts you will many piano pieces – and  poetry. ln Over 3 years this went from being just a dream and a desire to help a man who deserves a second chance. We’ve been writing since 2006, helping each other through tough times. As a black man he was put through some awful things no person should have gone through. It is why mass incarceration and the destruction of black lives is so much in the media. It needs to change. We can’t just look the other way and wait for someone else to fix it.

I want my life to count for something. I want to help make this country – and the world – a better place. I don’t want to go out with a whimper. So I push myself – past my doubt and fears. I push myself beyond my physical limitations. I wake up excited every day and start spinning my seven plates in the air to keep them moving forward. I don’t ask myself if I can do it – I just do it.

My music is haunting, peaceful with beautiful melodies. At the end of a stressful day, put on head phones, close your eyes and let it be the soundtrack of your dreams, too. Never give up. Do what makes you happy. Do something different. We all have had dreams of something we wanted to do but perhaps life pulled us in a different direction. We don’t have to settle for that. No matter how old you are or how young you are, life is for living and no one else can live it for you.

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