Serial kid-producer reveals top 10 reasons not to have kids (Freshly Pressed)

I just had to reblog this. It’s great and oh so well written. you will enjoy it.

Barb Taub

Serial Kid-producer reveals top 10 reasons not to have kids


Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

I was lying awake last night, trying to memorize the feeling of everything being right with my family. We’re all healthy, happy, and remarkably satisfied with where we are in life at this exact moment. Even Child #4 has just taken her last ever Uni final, and pronounced herself ready to go off the family payroll.

imgresA friend asked if I ever regretted having so many kids, or the time/money/everything that it took to raise them. She said her book club (having dispensed with the required 8.5 minutes of book-related discussion) were all talking about the reasons their grown children were not producing grandchildren.

That reminded me of this blast-from-the-past I wrote a few years ago.

Top 10 reasons not to have kids

There are actually LOTS of reasons not to have kids. As a serial…

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How My Boyfriend Learned To Use a Maxi Pad

……this is funny. Do dogs get ‘periods’ ? Please leave comments on the original blog. Thanks

Everything Possible and Impossible

Our Golden Retriever Tender was in heat for the very first time.

“Are there any doggy underwear out there?” I asked my boyfriend.

He almost choked on his sandwidge and gave me an odd look. “You asking me? Go to the pet store, they should know.”

“Ah, that’s a good idea!” I smiled.

“Surely there must be something out there, I don’t want to have blood all over the house.”


A pet store lady gave me a blank look. “Underwear for dogs?”

“Yeah, or something like pads, you know so we can keep our house clean.”

She shook her head. “The only thing we have are these waterproof “accident” mats, love.” she offered.

“That’s not what I am after, but thanks anyway.”


“Hey babes, I am home.” I kissed Drew on the lips.

“Any luck?” he asked.

“Nope…,but I’ve got an idea!”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me, huh?…

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