This is a different kind of blogger and one who makes a lot of sense. I suggest you at least read the one before it. I believe you will enjoy what you read.


Hello friends;
It gives me immense pleasure to publish this post which is the second part of Go to the extra mile.
This post I have divided in four sections
  1. Congratulation
  2. Thank you
  3. Nomination
  4. Feed back
First of all, congratulation to all; who have successfully completed the course;
Second; congratulation to all who have enrolled for the course but couldn’t completed each and every assignment.
Third; congratulation to all those who have participated in the course but hardly made any progress.
IN my previous post; I appealed to all of you to comment on my post and I am more than happy to say that each one of you have responded my appeal in most positive manner and…

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I Took the Plunge!


And I don’t mean taking a dive off the high dive or even doing what some masochistic people do in the winter by diving naked in to freezing ocean water. I think my husband might have plunged the toilet. He has to do that a lot. But no, not that kind of plunge. How about a plunge out of an airplane? No thanks. Not for me. Have you ever done that? I don’t think I have the guts. No, I know I don’t have the guts. I don’t have to think about it! look I’m a wuss about things like that! So, who has the guts?

I took the plunge and turned my new, 6 week old 2nd blog and made it a premium blog and now I have my own URL. No longer is it http://watchandwhirl.WordPress.com (quite a finger full to type) and now it is just http://watchandwhirl.com Clean. Efficient and comes with some cool extra features. Like tons of space – important if you want to keep your blog for a long time. Also having video storage and email support.

I needed to make sure I wanted to have 2 blogs because if you do it right it does take a lot of dedication and time. I just wanted to spread my good news!

A Little Blog Here, a Big Blog There, Why Blog at All?


I think this sorta follows the First assignment from Blogging 201 that just started, when I get the okay to join, but it doesn’t quite answer the entire question so I’ll say that this is only part one.  This is really the answer I put at post by . . .???.  rats, I’ll go back and find it later and put it in because you should read what she wrote that made me write this.  Ahh, here it is http://aholisticwayfarer.com

I had to put a lot of thought into what I was doing with my blog and why I was after it. Beginning a blog and not having anyone one come can really hurt your ego until you realize that no one knows you’re there. My main blog http://mynameisjamie.net was started at another blog site. They didn’t even have a community like wordpress.  No community at all.  I had to go out and reel my readers in by going to other internet sites, to places where I thought the readers would be who would be interested in what I wrote. I would leave comments at online publications. I worked hard at it every day getting my blog out there.  But it worked.

But the blog site I was at was crappy for more reasons than not having a community.  They’d go down for up to 5 days at a time. It was difficult to leave there because they wouldn’t give me the info I needed and it took me 3 months to move everything to wordpress, one post at a time, losing all paragraphs, so I had to redo everyone single of them.  I even found one the other day that I missed editing so I have to go back and fix it.

That blog was not this one.  My main blog  http://mynameisjamie.net  has a narrow focus and it has to do with the prison life of mainly one person and this wouldn’t fit there, so I started another blog, here, just for things like this.  A place to rant and a place to reblog really good posts. Moving my blog to wordpress took a lot of time and for a couple months there was little time for new writing. I was here at wordpress for 2 months before I realized there even was a community. I still go on the internet to find readers that are not bloggers. I don’t depend on wordpress bloggers and social media to be the way I get my words in front of people.   I do think, though, that it creates a nice balance of types of readers.  I always check to see where the referrers come from, and when more come in from internet searches the happier I am because I know then that they are searching for what I write about.  I don’t get a lot of google searches on this blog.

I see a lot of blogs with thousands of followers and many thousands of replies and I take a look at why. I saw a nothing post with 36 relies and the replies had absolutely nothing to say between two people. “great blog”, “thanks” “did you see mine” “yes I did” “did you like it?” “yes” 36 replies of  absolutely nothing of any value. But on the outside it looked like she must have written something great and it sure must have looked good when she saw her stats.  Pointless, unless your also the kind of person who has hundreds of facebook “friends” and you have no clue who they are. You only look at how the quantity is.

I don’t want people to just follow my other blog, or even this one and not come back.  Read the opening page of the other blog and you’ll see why.  My blog has a timeline. It has a story. It means something. Not to everyone, but I want to those it does resonate with, to come back often to see what’s next and for me to do the same for them. So I’d rather have fewer serious readers than a lot of thoughtless likes and a follows who never comes back because they go out and like a thousand blogs in hope that they’ll come back and follow them too, but never actually read anything because they don’t go back.  It’s like a game of tag.   You like my blog and I’ll like yours kind of game.  Big deal, and no thanks.  What turns me off is someone coming to my post and instead of saying anything meaningful about what I wrote, they write, “Thanks for following me”. Excuse me?  The only reply I get is focused on you and not what I wrote?  Don’t come back. I’m not going to approve those anymore. For what? The stats?  It’s insulting to do that for stats.

It’s been a slow learning process when what you write  important to you – when it’s more than just a diary – although they have their place.  I don’t sit there trying to think up something to write.  I have more material than I can get to.  The material is being turned into a book, and you can read the first chapter.  It’s called InsideOut.  Please don’t just tell me something innocuous.  Give me feedback that will help me.  Critical thinking is good.  It helps me write better.

I try to acknowledge new bloggers and help with their confidence and reply to a few posts, but I just don’t follow something anymore that I know I have no real intention of ever going back, because then, what’s the point of “following?”  I really make an effort to make the rounds and read the people I follow.  If I haven’t gotten back to you lately, I will.  No one can follow 500 blogs.  You can like and you can reply, but don’t follow unless you really do intend to follow.


Introduce Yourself Here To Other Bloggers And Grow Your Audience!

I saw this out there and thought I’d help it on it’s way. Come join the fun!


So I’d been thinking since I began 11 months ago about how I could help other bloggers grow their audience as quickly as I did. Y’all know how passionate I am about making a proper living from blogging already.

I started doing Blogging Tips and then I wanted to offer online events that could help boost folks’ audiences. I had quite a few in mind but a busy schedule and some tough periods put paid to getting them up and running last year. But now…here is the first!Feel free to use this post to say hi and introduce yourself to other bloggers. Add links to your books, your poems, your enterprises.

Promote Yourself!

Tell folks who you are and what you blog about so people will want to check you out. Also go say hi to others. It is all key to growing your audience.

Frankly I got tired of…

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I Saw This Great Widget on Someone’s Blog

flags_0( this is just a picture, not the link)

I’ve been taking this course at https://blogging101january2015.wordpress.com/  Anyone can take it no matter how experienced you are, to see if there is anything you missed or don’t know how to do.  Coming up next will be the 201 course.  So while I was browsing some new Blogs I saw this great widget I had never seen anywhere else at the blog @bookreviews1966.   There was a flag on the sidebar of all the countries who had been to the blog.  I thought it was great.  I was told if I clicked on the emblem of the flags it would take me to the site where I could get the code to put it on mine. Only thing, it doesn’t seem to pick up any of the past countries.  It starts fresh. it was a little disappointing because I have 73 countries in my stats.  Oh well, it won’t take long to build it up again.

I’ve put it on my main blog so far at http://mynameisjamie.net so you could go see it there, or go to @bookreviews1966 and see it there.  I’m just getting ready to put it on http://watchandwhirl.wordpress.con

I am still exploring so many different things we can do with our blogs and it’s been so much fun.  Those of you who read the first chapter of my book ‘InsideOut’ that I finally started to write, you can find on Jamie’s website, I really appreciate it.  For others, it’s not to late to read it!  Let me know how I’m doing.  Give me some feedback.  I need feedback.  Chapters 2 and 3 are almost complete. You can also find the link to it on the right where the first few posts of my other blog are listed.

Well, it’s time to get back to work.  I just wanted to drop in and say “Hi”

The Narcissist and All about Me!!

This was a little too good to pass up ( thanks Gale!) and I see there were others that thought the same thing. Raise your hand if there is a little bit of ( pleasant, not too serious) narcissist in you!  I actual have a link on this site to my very own “about me” page that is not part of a  wordpress theme.  See the picture of me on the right?  The pretty 60 year old lady with a psychotic look?  ( my husbands words, not mine lol)  It will take you to a website http://about.me/sonni.quick  If any of you have a website or a blog and want to promote yourself a little bit, ( okay a lot, in my case) and also meet a whole bunch of really neat people and spend all day connecting with them,  I promise, you’ll be glad you went.  Have fun! ( I wonder if I can get paid by promoting their site? Another lol )Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment and don’t forget to give this a rating.  I think we forget about those rating stars sometimes.  I know I do.



Oh it’s all about me
She screamed in glee
All about me
It has to be.

So important yes I am
Others hell don’t give a damn
Every story every tale
Every hill every dale.

They are have to be
All about me!
I am special so very smart
Cute as a jelly tart.

Brilliant can’t you see?
All about me!
Has to be
All about me.

It’s all I write
Both day and night
How could they dare
Not care??

Because you see
It is all about me!!

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So You Want to Be a Storyteller?

I love the written word. I like to play with the words and then play with it again. I like to see how I can say the same thing in different ways. Then, when I think I have it the way I want it, I go back and rewrite it again.

I know of someone who wants to write a book and has spent a lot of time researching and writing. I have no idea if it’s any good because she would never let me read it, even though I asked her many times. I think it’s because she doubts her abilities. If she doubts it how could I think anything different? I think that her fear of having other people read it and not like it will keep her from finishing it. I’ll bet she’d say I’m wrong, that she just hasn’t had the time, but I think if she really wanted to write it, she would.

But maybe that’s just me and I can’t expect her to do things the way I would. I have always been a “jump in feet first” kinda gal. If someone doesn’t like what I’m doing then they shouldn’t watch me do it. Things don’t stop me because someone else doesn’t think I should do it, or of fear of failure, or even because I think people won’t like it. I have patience.  I like who I am, and I keep chipping away at things until I’m done.  Either come along with me for the ride, or don’t.  But please, don’t pretend to like me when you don’t.  Don’t like me one day and then change your mind the next.  Don’t be phony.  If you don’t like something then tell me.  Don’t just let me guess.  Say, “Sonni, you writing is shit.” Maybe only my great great great grandchildren will read this after I’m dead, and what they think won’t matter ’cause I’ll be dead, and I’m okay with that.

Sam S. Mullins: a blog about anything

Really? Even if people won’t want to date you ever again for fear that you’ll one day talk about them on stage? You’re sure?

Okay. Welcome aboard.

Here’s a cheap glass of wine. Where we’re going, you’ll need it.

I’ve got to tell you – I think you’ve picked a great time to get into the story game. I mean, with the success of storytelling podcasts like The Moth, RISK!, Definitely Not the Opera, Snap Judgement and This American Life millions of people are now aware of the phenomenon of modern storytelling. Just about every city in North America now has a regular storytelling event, and there seems to be more opportunities for storytellers than ever before. For raconteurs like us, the getting has never been good-er.

But before you start speaking your heart into the crackly microphone at the local roti place’s storytelling event (at which no one is there to actually hear stories [they’re just there…

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