Thank Goodness The Election is a Year Away!

gop debate
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Wanna find a new drug? All you have to do to get your fix is watch a GOP debate.  But reading through the content of the recent GOP debate, it gives you time to think about what was said and words don’t just fly by, I realized it is a very good thing the election is a year away, and if by chance the unthinkable happens and one of these buffoons gets elected (scary thought – although Hillary is just as scary) we at least don’t have to worry about one of them doing something stupid today. All they can do is blow a lot of hot air. Why can’t they see how they look. If one of them were to become president, no one would even remember the crap they said about Obama because they’d be too busy running for cover from the shit that hit the fan.

The situation we face today with the refugees and also the American terrorists ( that no one mentioned when the subject of terrorism was brought up, as though an American couldn’t possibly be a terrorist in his own country) makes me wonder why no mention was made of the politically, religiously oriented man who killed a bunch of people wasn’t worth mentioning in this debate.

But they can do nothing about it, thank god, no matter how their circus act manifests because, gratefully, they can do nothing about it. Yet the only thing the “news” reports on any given day, is the further absurdity of these grown (debatable – note the pun) men. Why is that? Does the media focus give so much space reporting this because they rely on America’s passion for drama like watching a soap opera every day to see who screws who and who spreads the most absurd lies? I shake my head and wonder what happened to common sense. Did they find a new drug for the American people? Seems so.