The Insignificant Habits of Sonni Quick

Good morning. I was cleaning up the icons on my tablet and trashing ones I don’t use.  I opened up apps thinking, “Why did I install this? It’s taking up valuable space on my hard drive. Did you ever read the permissions you give when you install an app. Permission to get into your contact list, explore AND CHANGE things if they want to. Why not just use your browser and find it the hard way?


I checked Facebook messenger because I do use that a lot. You can’t get dragged into unnecessary gossip when there is nothing more to say over the phone.  I am NOT a phone person. I don’t like to talk on the phone and chi chat about whatever and put it off as long as possible. The ringer on my phone is turned off most of the time. I tell people if they want to talk to me, text me, and I’ll call back when I have time. ( Most phone calls are spam, anyway) Some people, when their phone rings they frantically make a dive for it interrupting what they are doing – women scrambling to dig I their purse when it rings when they are driving, feeling obligated to answer the phone. Not me. I’m not going to jump when it rings unless I’m waiting for a call. Which irritates my mother. She also wants me to check my voice mail which I only do twice a year. I can’t seem to get through to her that I never listen. “Why! Why would you not check your messages?” She says. “Because I can bring up my phone app and see you tried to call,” I explained. “Every message from you says – Hi honey, It’s mom. I want to talk to you, so give me a call when you have time.” ( She knows I hate the phone) So why do I need to go to my vm when they are all the same? I did save a few, So when her life comes to and I can still hear her voice. This is my quirk. What is weird is my kids are the same way. If I want to reach them I text and they call back if needed.

Well, gee, isn’t this interesting – the phone habits of Sonni Quick. Stay tuned . . . for the next interesting tid bit.


Got up early. OMG!! 6:30. I don’t do mornings!! I’m a night person. Always have been. I usually go to bed at 5 or later. My thought has always been – what do people DO in the morning? ( which is  big bone of contention when my 84 year old comes to visit because she loves the morning and doesn’t want to waste it and since she is a wheel chair I don’t have much choice. But I can’t do that with the kids when I’m in the Keys. So my quiet time before they get up is now is time get my work done 

I’ve been walking most mornings, getting much needed exercise for this rapidly aging body with really bad bone density from many old bad liver. Gotta go early. Summer I the Keys is damn hot and humid. Love it. Anything below 60° I consider deep winter. If I need a jacket its too cold.


Walking and bike riding (which gives relief to my poor, soft, blistered feet which are not used to walking) are the best resistant exercises for hip joints, or later one will break one and I’ll fall down and break multiple bones. (I’ve fractured quite a few already due to osteoporosis. Eleven I think.

I walked 1 1/2 hours yesterday! Came home and fell comatose into a chair for a couple hours to recuperate. But if I don’t use it I’ll lose it. At almost 64 (yikes!) it’s hard to stop a boulder from rolling down a hill and smashing into little pieces at the bottom and ruin your life.

Okay, I’m going to shut up now. Have the best day you can. Make a list of your appreciations and screw the rest. You only have one life. Do what makes you happy. If someone else doesn’t like it tell them to not watch you do it. For the most part you only think other people are watching what you do, but they don’t. So don’t let that fool you into not living life the way you want. It’s the only life you have. 

Live it.

Lonely Spaces – Poetry

TP Starburst sunset CP reservoir 2 28 15LONELY SPACES

I sense in you an open space
looking far across the miles
an ache to fill a lonely place
with just as many heartfelt smiles

When you were young your dreams were crushed
You gathered up the pieces
Fell from your hands when they were touched
The faith you had in love decreases

You tried and lost to find someone
to make you whole again
See past the faces they’re hiding from
Is it real or do they pretend?

Still you search, someday you’ll know
Life isn’t easy until you know for sure
don’t doubt the love you want will grow
In time, the reason you endure

will teach the lesson you had to learn
There’s a reason why you felt such pain
It made no sense, was it just your turn
to feel it over and over again?

Don’t doubt, lose hope, it’s another day
looking far across the miles
When the time is right you’ll find a way
That empty space, it’s filled with smiles.

©2018 Sonni Quick

The Road I Traveled

growing older


Living and making it count ’til the end
Knowing it matters. Not giving up
It’s easy to say I’m sorry, my friend
Sometimes I’m tired. I’ve been through enough
But I can’t give up now, I fought to be here
I promised myself I had much more to give
I had to make the most of these years
Or what was the reason for wanting to live?

The longer I live I see in my mind
The road I traveled that brought me to where
I could see down the road to dreams I would find
One foot, than another will take me there.

No one told me living was easy
If I had known the troubles to come
Would I change? Would I choose to be me
There are roads far more traveled. Would I have begun?
Knowing time is not on my side

no one would care if I laid down my dreams
I’m still young, my mind inside of me lied
Don’t lay down no matter how easy it seems

The longer I live I see in my mind
the road I traveled that brought me to where
I can see where I’m going and dreams I would find
One foot than another has taken me there.

Sonni Quick copyright 2017

handwriting music


No Regrets

2 birds

No Regrets

Two birds
flying high in the sky
touching wings
in a circle side by side
always knowing when to reach
always knowing when to dive
like one mind, these two birds, knew inside

Two hearts
beating as if one
they knew to start
even though there was no sound
they feel the wind
lifting up their heart
knowing without thinking
knowing without knowing
feeling without knowing
why the time was now to fly as one

Like these birds
I never ever wondered
never knew where I was going
never wondered if I was afraid of falling from the sky
I didn’t stop to think
should I fear the crippling thought of being scared
not knowing what was on the other side?

So many years, changing directions
sharp turns to the left
no time to fear
lessons learned in life is quite a gift
No regrets
life taught me to be free
like these birds
I had to trust I wouldn’t fall
and where I am I was supposed to be

Sonni Quick . . . copyright 2015