The goods the mornings…

. . . .If more people thought and acted like this we’d be a happier world!


Well well well so another day and another beginning a new one a fresh one to have a new take on the old things to have a new perception of what’s going on and what we need to do. So let’s kick start the day with some enthusiasm happiness and faith …

The start ….

The sun has come up the birds are chirping there is freshness in the air so lets get going
There is newness in today there is a hope in the day there is love in the air so let’s get going

We know it’s gonna be hard we know its gonna be hot
But forgetting all that just let’s get going
Stopping in the path and worrying about things,it won’t help us in achieving anything
So focus on what’s right and not on what is wrong,take your leap of faith and let’s get going


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Daisaku Ikeda – Daily Enouragement

Daisaku Ikeda, GI president, value creation society
Daisaku Ikeda
President of the SGI
My mentor
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The present, as I am sure you all sense, is an age pervaded by great weariness and apathy.  I would like you to be aware that the power and energy to serve humanity in such an enervated age can only be born from a vigorous, indomitable, noble will. Though the times may be rife with petty human conflicts, a pervading sense of hopelessness and all manner of turbulent storms, I hope that all of you will forge ahead boldy with unflagging good cheer.

From the book: Today and Tomorrow, daily encouragement from
Daisaku Ikeda
SGI president