The Five Reasons Why: We Are Our Brother’s Keeper

…..I couldn’t have said it better myself. I write about these things quite often. It fits so well with the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism. This philosophy of living has enable me to be alive today because how we think and act, and what we say, affects the things that happens to us. That is our karma – the good the bad the ugly, the insane, wonderful parts of our lives. The law of cause and effect is very powerful when you consciously apply it.  otherwise it just slaps you around.

Follow-up Friday: Vanuatu and Hurricane Pam

. . . . This will put a smile on your face!

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Some of you were kind enough to leave sympathetic comments in March when the island nation where our daughter is volunteering for the Peace Corps was hit by a Category 5 hurricane.

New crops are in and the capital is undergoing reconstruction.

Dare you to sit still watching this.

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Accept And Be Happy

……I like the way this man thinks and believe. Would get benefit from what he has to say. He has many very good posts that make you suit and think about the way you view your life.



What makes us happy? For me, I love resurrecting old engines. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also like to watch others learn and grow. This may be a military thing, but I love when my protégés take on the lessons that I teach them and develop into leaders for others. I can only speak for myself when it comes to happiness. Another person’s happiness may be my unhappiness. So for me, Progress and growth is what makes me happy. When things get stagnant I get uneasy. This is why I had to learn to be patient. I had to learn to pace myself. I use to say, “There should only be one pace, my pace.” Wow, was I foolish in thinking that.

There is more than one way to make chili. Believe it or not, my chili recipe may differ from yours. In fact there are over 1000 varieties of…

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The goods the mornings…

. . . .If more people thought and acted like this we’d be a happier world!


Well well well so another day and another beginning a new one a fresh one to have a new take on the old things to have a new perception of what’s going on and what we need to do. So let’s kick start the day with some enthusiasm happiness and faith …

The start ….

The sun has come up the birds are chirping there is freshness in the air so lets get going
There is newness in today there is a hope in the day there is love in the air so let’s get going

We know it’s gonna be hard we know its gonna be hot
But forgetting all that just let’s get going
Stopping in the path and worrying about things,it won’t help us in achieving anything
So focus on what’s right and not on what is wrong,take your leap of faith and let’s get going


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The City That Believed in Desegregation

This is a good website to follow if you’re interested in inequalities our the police state we’re headed to because we know now that the policeman is no longer our friend.

This post has, is about a good thing, it tells us of a city that has a better system of raising children that teaches them from kindergarten who to make friends with all races. If more school districts were like this we’d have less kids growing up to be racist because they learn that all people are born equal. The money in each household may be different, but money is not the mark of a good or bad human. Minorities would a better chance if the concept of inner city school mentality was gone.

By Alana Semuels

Hawthorne Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky, looks like what you might imagine a typical American suburban elementary school to be, with students’ art projects displayed in the hallways and brightly colored rugs and kid-sized tables and chairs in the classrooms. It’s located in a predominantly white neighborhood. But the students look different than those in many suburban schools across America. Some have dark skin, others wear headscarves, others are blonde and blue-eyed. While many of them qualify for free and reduced lunches, others bring handmade lunches in fancy thermal bags and come from well-off families.

Ever since a court forced them to integrate in the 1970s, the city of Louisville and surrounding Jefferson County have tried to maintain diverse schools.Louisville and Jefferson County have tried to maintain diverse schools. Though the region fought the integration at first, many residents and leaders came around to the idea, and even…

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