Black Genocide: Planned Parenthood’s Evil Roots

margaret  Sanger
Margaret Sanger 1883-1966

I was astounded I didn’t know this.  All my life I thought planned parenthood was a good thing because it helped people get birth control, and had clinics to help woman with female issues, especially people who couldn’t afford to go to a doctor.  When the video came to light recently, with a woman talking about the selling of body parts, and crushing other body parts to get the one they wanted, I thought it had to be someone who had twisted it or taken it out of context, possibly for political reasons because it was to terrible to believe.  When I saw negativity about it on my Facebook I even told someone to make sure they examined all sides before promoting something like that without knowing if it was even true,  The problem was, I hadn’t done the research, either, and assumed it had to be a mistake.

Earlier this week someone I know, a black woman, brought up the issue and her disgust with Margaret Sanger surprised me.  The things she told me disgusted me, but it seemed she knew what she talking about.  Today I saw a political poster with Hillary Clinton PRAISING THIS WOMAN’S VISION.  I knew it was time to do a little research and find out exactly what Margaret Sanger’s vision was.

If YOU don’t know, go to this link:   See if you agree with Sanger’s vision like Clinton does.  But too be clear, voting in the newest member of the Bush dynasty would be as equality catastrophic.  Since presidents don’t run the country anyway, we are pretty much screwed.