Humpty Dumpty Fell Off His Wall

 Humpty Dumpty is doomed to fall off its wall.
Will conviviality with Ryan glue it together at all?
All the King’s bigots and old white GOP men
have no choice but to like it, but can they pretend?

donald trump wall

The party is shattered, it will never be the same
The people are angry and it’s these men they blame
The people have spoken, we’re tired of life
being constantly lowered and filled with more strife

Your bank accounts swell with the money you’ve stolen
Our wallets are empty while yours are so swollen
American will never be quite the same
The GOP party won’t be old white men again

Nor the Clintons the Bushs or any plutacracy
No more parties of power where we play along willingly
The people have spoken, no matter what side
But It took a lunatic like Donald to open all eyes

To show us we don’t have to be so complacent
Create wars for profit with our kids for deployment
Both parties will change and we’ll write all new rules
No more lies and smokescreens that play us for fools

But if bigots and racists think they can hurt any people
or use God with his playbook when all people are equal
If you cause hate and suffering to those you don’t like
you’re no better than those who think they’re godlike

We have the chance, the power is ours
We can use it for better or we can leave scars
of a battle we can win if we don’t act so stupid
yelling names at each other with threats that we boasted.

We’re mad as hell; we’re not going to take it anymore
We need to work together and kick them right on out the door!

by Sonni Quick   copyright 2016

Merry Xristmas To Those NoOne Gives a Crap About

….I thought this needed to be shared!

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

prisonphotography santa

Millions of men, women and even young children from neighborhoods and cities all over America, the land of milk and honey, the loving nation that so many say is “One Nation Under God” – who is professed to know your every thought and wants to have a mansion in heaven waiting for you when you die – yes – the people of THAT country, are locked away – out of sight – so you don’t have to even think about them during the time of holidays, while you buy and send the same type Xristmas card every year – and spend 49 cents – and still rising – until all cards become electronic – to send a card and probably only sign your name ( if you are old enough to know how to write in cursive) – Love, so and so, and you’ve done your duty and followed…

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No Syrians in America equals no terrorist attacks.

download (1)There are many things I could say to open this post, but the author wrote exactly what I think. My concern is that our government began priming Americans for another war from the day Paris was attacked. America wasn’t attacked yet people are listening to the idiotic republican presidential candidates stomping their feet for war – they WANT to be president in time of war because that is how most men think. But aside from that, this war has been planned for a long time. Are Americans going to follow like good little citizens even after they found out how they were led into war in Iraq. Are the “good” Christians in America going to prove once again they aren’t very good at being Christians? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Sonni Quick piano music complete list


Seriously? Do you really believe closing our borders to people in desperate need will stop terrorism in this country? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but by turning these people away you are in fact ENSURING more terrorist attacks.

Because a few men are rapists, does that mean we should ban ALL men? Because a few women are gold diggers, does that mean we should ban ALL women? Because a few dogs are aggressive, should we ban ALL dogs? Do you see where I’m going with this? Being Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist any more than being a man makes you a rapist.

I have no doubt there will be more terrorist attacks on our soil, but not because we open our hearts and our borders. Precisely the opposite. We have become a hated nation. We are a nation filled with adults acting like two year…

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It is Child Abuse if a person with Mental Illness procreates?

This whole thing leaves me speechless – the cruelty of other people’s words and opinions who think it is child abuse if you choose to have children if you have been diagnosed bipolar and then slam them with vile and hateful remarks on their blog which is dedicated to people who have to contend with the mental disability of being bipolar? I was blown away by these nasty remarks. Do they think the children of people with depression and mood swings don’t love and care for their children? Do you think the people who said these things are go parents? Should they have aborted their pregnancies or should they put them up for adoption even if they wanted their babies. I am shocked and disgusted. Below the line is the reply I left on the blog that exposed the remarks of the vile creature who left them. This is a link to the The Lithium Chronicals Please go there to leave your comments of support.

Many of my writings here and at My Name Is Jamie. Life In Prison  expose, in my opinion what is wrong in our society. You aren’t required to agree with me. But If you don’t stand up and actively try to change the direction this country is headed in then you are part of the problem.

Would I want any of those people to be MY parent?? The major social ills of our society are passed down to the children by teaching them to be prejudiced about many things. Children grow up thinking it is okay to pass judgement on other people. They don’t learn it on their own. It comes from the adults in their life. The adults learned it the same way. They often learn to be hateful from their religious training in issues of gender and other issues that don’t agree with their faith, although that isn’t an absolute. Some parents just had parents of their that were negative and hateful.

People aren’t born racist and prejudiced. Children learn that it is okay to be intolerant and the children grow up to be adults like this. Sadly, not only can it not be stopped, it’s going to get worse. One reason is because the religious right is using politics to insist more and more that we use God’s law instead of the constitution to determine right and wrong. In this election year with so many professed devout Christians trying to prove they are the best Christian to run this country there are more people who think they have the right to put down people who don’t think like them – refusing to do business with gays – refusing to issue marriage licenses because it’s against their beliefs and have other people cheer them on. Our country is sick. Those in power want this kind of dissention – people turning on other people. It distracts them from the real issues.

I know I’ve gotten off the subject. I tend to rant when I’m pissed. But this is part of the bigger issue that has cultivated a generation of outspoken hate. It is often a topic I write about on my blogs.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

That is what people on reddit have hurled at the beautiful soul that is Nicole Lyons. Nicole writes the blog The Lithium Chronicles.

If it can happen to one of us.  It can happen to any of us.

She is a brave Bipolar mama.  Putting it out there.  Being honest.  Fighting stigma.  Saving lives.

She wrote this post talking about how she did NOT feel guilty for having children.

I thought it was awesome and I tweeted her right away to tell her so.  She also made me feel brave enough to out myself as a mom on my blog although I have since taken the post down because it felt too raw to me.  Maybe I will have to put it back up for her.  I have another Bipolar parent post that I have been sitting on in which I actually quoted Nicole from her piece.

At the…

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Getting Myself Back Together Again – At Last!

Daisaku Ikeda guidance
I’ve had a pretty rough three months that has given me a close relationship again with my bed. It nearly succeeded in making me immobile and once again I am pulling myself up by the bootstraps. I haven’t posted often on this blog during this time. I’ve been trying sporadically to keep up my other blog on my Nook Sitting up has been nauseating. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! For that I know I am fortunate, for I know those who aren’t so lucky and are on rougher rides.

I know how damned hard it is to deal with a debilitating chronic illness that never leaves you pain free for long, but occasionally there are times you have a good enough day you are encouraged to believe you are beating it and you have the mental energy to convince yourself that you’re winning. I feel an obligation to the people close to me to prove to them I’m okay so they don’t worry. I get so very tired of the question, “How are you doing today?” Out of concern for me, I know, but how many ways can you answer that question? But now I know I really am winning. I feel like I can leap over tall buildings in a single bound! ( That translates into being able to go to the grocery store and staying on my feet long enough to make it to the checkout line.)

Because of my determination I suck it up and force myself to push on. But it is because of this very determination, and because the mind is a very powerful part of who we are – I’m still here. I shouldn’t be. When you believe you will win your mind will find a way to do so. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit.

I have seen hopelessness in people. I’ve watched them give up finding meaning in their life even if it is just old age, with old age deterioration, often because of neglect of their health. No more dreams. No new “projects” to start. Waiting to die. No reaching out to help someone else because they are too busy complaining about their problems. They are lonely. They don’t make new friends. They bitch and moan and wait to die. The last years of your life determine your success with life. Die mentally miserable means you blew it. What a waste. It’s easy to fall into that trap and it’s very hard to pull yourself out of it – especially if you’re waiting for something “out there” to fix your life for you.

What has given me the strength, and therefore the knowledge, to survive and continue to push myself to develop my life takes more energy than I have sometimes. My confidence is in my practice of Nichiren Buddhism. That is why I have the courage and confidence in myself that what I’m going through has a reason. I absolutely DO NOT BELIEVE in the fiction of an emotional, angry, loving supreme alien being in the sky who loves me and gives me benefits if I catch him on a good day, ignores me other times, and allows so many to suffer because…because…just because I was taught that as a kid. One woman told me that when things get bad enough he’ll step in and help. I choked on that statement. God always has an out for not doing anything. I just have trouble believing in anything that relies on blind faith and no proof. He ranks up there with the tooth fairy.

After 40 years of hep C and all the pain and variety of illnesses and suffering it caused, I started on the new hep C drug, Harvoni, 2 1/2 months ago – and it’s gone! Totally. …Gone. The virus is undetectable!! Wow! That did a number on my head. Holy shit! Gone. Now, the deal is, I have to take the meds until mid Feb and it has to still be gone 6 months after that before I can say, next August that I’m cured and throw a party, but wow! Just simply wow 🙂

I had surgery early August on my spine – because damage hep C and cirrhosis did to my bones. People know it can kill your liver but nobody really talks about the other destruction it does – the surgery, or rather the implant that was put in, hurt the intercostal muscles between my left ribs. The implant was inserted up my spine and when turned on generates electricity that overrides pain signals before it gets to the brain. At first it really helped. But now I can’t turn it on because it causes pain instead of taking it away. Healing time is 6-12 months and even then turning it on may re-damage it. That’s my lousy karma. What can go wrong usually does. I started the Hep C treatment right after the surgery and that made me very sick curled up on my bed for 2 months until the stopped one of the meds. It’s not as bad as interferon but it brought my life to a halt. I couldn’t do anything – didn’t want to do anything. I was a slug. I lived on anti-nausea meds.

This treatment won’t undo the damage already done, but as long as my body doesn’t reject my liver transplant I’M GOING TO LIVE LONGER! It will stop more damage. I’m happy!! I chanted nam-myoho-renge-kyo with the determination to show proof in my life of the power each person has to change his karma – caused by the things we think, do and say. I did this to myself. I am responsible for my life and it is my responsibility to change it. Happiness isn’t given to us. We need to find the absolute happiness that is in our life. Not the happiness we get from things or events, but indestructible happiness no one can shake. We can’t pray to an outside source for it. We have to create it. Then we have to share it and encourage others they can too.

Word of advice -you already know this and are probably ignoring it – if you are doing something destructive to your life and have a variety of stupid excuses why you are doing it – you know the excuses – trust me – YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES NO MATTER WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF. It’s not worth it, and you are going to care a lot when you are faced with the consequences. You are going to be sorry. You aren’t special. It will get you.

The major desire I have in my life is to help others – I want my life to make a difference. It’s why I write – letters, my blogs, the book I’m writing, my music, poetry. My illnesses taught me so much I wouldn’t have understood otherwise. It is my benefit. It brought me home, near my mother. If I wasn’t sick I would have missed these years. But how can I encourage others if I don’t show proof in my own life of what a single person can do. That powerful God-like-nature is in all of us, it’s not “out there” getting jealous if it isn’t worshipped.

Who could have ever known being so sick would have the power to make me so happy. Who can see the positive side of their adversity? It has taken a long time to understand this with a long way to go. It’s up to me to change it. Whatever happens from here I know this karma is changed. I won’t be repeating it.

Happy face

So to my sick friends reading this – you know who you are – you understand. And to everyone else who battles a hardship of any kind. Relationship, job, environment – You know how hard it is. Can you list the ways your adversity has made you a better person? Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. Sometimes there are things we need to learn first. But for me – finally – this week has been a giant win and I am enjoying it!

I recorded a new piece of music on my new piano. (First gift to myself in a long time, with the help of my son, and the support of my old hippie) It is the most recent post on my other blog.

Second Time Around . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Sonni Quick piano music complete list

Living in a limited world

……Earlier today I posted about my chronic pain and tonight I saw this post. The two seemed to go hand in hand. I understand chronic illness and chronic pain. Other people can understand and sympathize and it is appreciated, but until you know what it is like to have your health fail and you can’t change it, and there is no day you can take a break, you can’t really know. I understand we all have things in our life it we wish we can change, don’t get me wrong. With any of these things we can deal with them negatively and become victims, or we can find a place where we use it for positive growth and become better people. That is the one choice we can make.  How we deal with it is a conscious choice.  Each choice gets a different effect.  You can always find something good in the negative.   It may take awhile, but it is there.  Being housebound, as she says can also be a sanctuary, where some may think of it as a prison. Both ways you are still inside the house.  I was housebound for several years as I battled my illness. I’m doing better but I know my limitations and I push those limits.  When I looked my own mortality in the eye,  I made a choice that no day was to be wasted.  It’s like running that extra lap. I haven’t had a chance to read her other blog posts yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be just what the doctor ordered.

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

The truth of our worlds?

I started writing this blog in 2011, I suspect like everyone else when they start to blog believe that it will be just a few lines every now and then, the truth has turned out to be something else completely. I am in my 50’s but I was just 21 when my story really began, although it took nearly another 20 years for the doctors to work it out. When I was a child I thought a good life meant that the sweetie jar was always full and no one told you when to have a bath, it’s odd how the life takes hold and nothing is ever what you first believe it to be. I chose the picture above to sit here as it is all about belief and is truer than most think it to be when they first look at it. Take a good look and ask…

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