I spend many hours writing and researching for the posts at “My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison”.  I also take time out to read posts at other blogs that have interesting things to say.  I see so many good posts that other people have re-blogged onto their own site. Unfortunately, it is has been hard for me to do that because my other blog has very particular subject material. I also think of many things throughout my day that I get the urge to write about, but have had nowhere to write it.

Most of my life I have kept a journal about these things and they have been fun to read 20-30 years later and be able to see into my young mind that wrote it.  I have embarrassed my older self many times with my immaturity.  Oh, how wise I have grown in my getting older years.

The only thing I could do that would appease both this dilemma is to start another blog.  But when to write it?  Sleep is very overrated I’ve heard.  So let me know how I’m doing.  Let me know if you think there is something you would like to read about.

I think I’ll go to sleep now. . . .