Sadly, This is a Trump Supporter Focus Group

This is an actual Trump Supporter focus group that was shown on Hulu. Shocking. There isn’t much I can say about this. I wish it were a hoax. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. These are real Americans participating in a focus group who think these questions are serious and they buy into it. How can we fix the dumbing down of America when there are adults who buy into these ideas as being feasible – and okay to do. PUT TOXINS IN CHINESE DRINKING WATER TO MAKE THEM STUPID?? It almost makes me want to give up. These people are really, really ignorant and unfortunately there are  lot of them who don’t care that we are being flushed rapidly down the toilet. These people actually think it would be a good idea to round up Mexicans by locking them in a port-a-potty, lifting them with cranes, putting them on the back of trucks and driving it back over the border. Unf**king believable.

Believing in, and following Trump is like drinking the kool-aid of Jim Jones, except you are taking everyone else down with you, too.

Jim Jones

Sexual Predators Everywhere

Because of all the women – and men coming forth about sexual harassment and abuse we should not pass over trump’s own bragging about taking women whenever he wanted – because he had “star” status. White men (predominantly) in a position of power could retaliate against anyone who came forth, either by denial, humiliation or loss of job/career. So people shut up. Look at the high ranking people at FOX who still deny what they did, although Bill O’ Reilly forked out $32,000,000 paying off one woman.

Bill Cosby admitted drugging women to rape them when they were unconscious. Look how hard it has been to convict him. Why? Because he has money and fame.

A rich white man is ordered to have counselling after being caught diddling his infant daughter. Why? Because prison would have been too hard on him.

But a recent list of powerful men has finally caused a backlash. Politicians have resigned. Kevin Spacey lost his netflix series and a movie. People knew! All along people knew what these men were doing and NO ONE did anything to stop them.

Billy Bush joked right along with Trump as though it was some kind of joke. Trump made light of it by calling it “locker room” talk. But it wasn’t talk was it? He was talking about things he did – not what he was pretending he wanted to do. And his female supporters went along with it. They gave him excuses. That makes them pretty darn low class themselves to condone this behavior.

I want you to watch this video again, a year later, and tell me if you think. he should be let off the hook or whether he should come under scrutiny the way Bill Clinton did. Everyone jumped on him because he insisted he didn’t have sex with “that woman.” It ruined her life for years. A young woman infatuated with the president and he, an older man, couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants.

Anything less than a public courtroom means there are two standards for two different men. That makes the American people, the conservative Christian American people to be severe hypocrites of the worst kind – quoting what God says and what God means and that God is love, but he doesn’t linc If you believe that, you have to believe God doesn’t want women to be sexually abused by a anyone’s who thinks he has the right to stick his hand up the dress of a woman and get away with it. It’s vile and it’s crude. It needs to be stopped. There needs to be a price to pay. He don’t deserve our respect – Mr. PRESIDENT.

Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices

via Joan Shigekawa – A message on Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices — Design and Exclusion

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I found this post today and thought it was worth sharing. This is an issue that is playing out in the media, including the very negative white privilege standpoint of the resurgence of the KKK – minus the hoods because they aren’t hiding anymore. The “white man” is terrified of becoming obsolete and losing their top of the food chain position that allows them to control everything.

The white man makes sure women are are controlled – demeaned in the work place, paid less and become objects of sexual gratification while destroying them when it was suggested they would do such a thing. I recently read a list of men who have been sexual predators and I’m still shocked. Women are standing up. Women have been silenced, or fired so men can keep their coveted top dog position. And I yes, I know this doesn’t include all men.

Everyone of all races – everyone who doesn’t declare themselves to be Christian, whether they are or not, is pressed down by the use of so-called biblical law. White men leading the rage against abortion. White men who say women are too stupid to make decisions about their own bodies. Control. Control. Control. White men decide it’s okay to destroy our food with chemicals. White men run Monsanto and once again we’re to confuted by food labels. White men are now deciding climate change isn’t real because they are in bed with with the oil companies. White men have decided ALL of our wars.

Only white men are good enough for certain professions as if only they have the brain capacity to do the job. It is the collective white male ego that can’t fathom working for a women. For years a strong woman was considered to be a bitch but a strong man was a good leader. And if that boss was Black or Hispanic or a Black or Hispanic woman (God forbid!) it wouldn’t go down easy, if it happened at all.

But this is what is drilled into a white boy’s head who was born to middle or upper class families. It is was they learn. It is what they see. It is what they expect. To change a class of people to think differently – to think of all people being equal isn’t going to happen, at least in my lifetime. They won’t give up control easily.

They control and use the Christian religion against the people. They control politics and the making of laws to benefit the corporations who own the prisons where they control black men disproportionately. They control their ability to get an education and support their families. They control the media and say what they want – lie – to make people believe things that aren’t true. White men control everything and other people, including their wives, come second.

And with their power they think they have the right to sexually abuse women, and so often the white judge blames the woman. “Look how you’re dressed.” “You probably flirted with him.” “He says it was consensual.” So women hated to come forward and be humiliated. How can the man who now sits in the oval office – admittedly an abuser who said because he was a star he could just take what he wanted – and got away with it! All the women were lying.

There are too many men not held accountable. Too often when women and minorities are not balancing out the voice of only the white men. It takes all people from all walks of life to participate in creating a world that is good for everyone so we all have place at the table.

Do you think it will happen?

Normalizing the Abnormal


I read a comment by Jeremy Home on this article.   To those who don’t use Fox News as an actual factual news source would find this website  more of what the truth really looks like, but this article is frightening if it represents a change. The comments are well worth reading.  If you want to stay in your bubble feel free, but don’t cry when you realize how badly  you’ve been had.


My comment in response to Jeremy Home ( near the top)

This is one of the more intelligent “comments” I’ve read,  which deserves it’s own headline – something most people would skip over in 8 seconds, the average attention span of most humans, because they wouldn’t even begin to understand what the hell you are writing about. I admit I haven’t read the publications you mention but I am by no means ignorant and I have never halted my thirst for knowledge and understanding.

I’ve studied human nature for 30 years. Trump’s nature is an easy one to see, and even though anyone can put on a false face for a short while their true nature will always ALWAYS surface. Abusers are some of the easiest to read. He cannot change. He doesn’t know how – plus he enjoys his nature too much to want to change. He will not be able to hold it back. It would be like trying to not scratch an itch in the dentist chair. He told a certain segment of society it was okay to let loose the baser, more negative aspect of their own nature, letting it loose like a drug, directed at those who feel good abusing people because they think they have been abused. The World of Animality. Kick the dog syndrome. A year ago I said, how will they put the hate back in the bottle? They won’t. They can’t.

The one liner about making America great “again?” No one ever defined what that greatness was. Real greatness, not fiction. How can they, when it is only the figment of a collective imagination to fool most of the people, which then allowed America free to be the biggest bully on the planet. People believe the media bullshit about America helping the world while protecting our “democracy”. We only “helped” those who had something we wanted and if we needed a reason to take it we created a war and lied about what it was for. Tell it to people enough times and it becomes a truth. People need to believe we are better than others, after all, we are a Christian nation aren’t we (choke) and justify blaming sufferers for their own suffering. God’s plan and all that convenient nonsense.

I’m 62 years old and do a fair amount of writing, and pissing people off because I don’t allow excuses or sugarcoat the bad to be palatable. I’m called grade school names, which is the only thing they can think to say, as if they think it will hurt my feelings instead of making them look stupid.

Looking at history it isn’t difficult to see where we are, and where we are going. It is sad, because it will reach a point where saying we are great in a positive way becomes impossible, and equally impossible to do a “do-over.” Unfortunately, I am one who lives well below the poverty line, losing my health and business at the same time in 2010 and have to rely on those dreaded and non-respectworthy government handouts they want to gut because I am now just an ordinary loser. I could end up a liability to my children – except I am not done yet and have the first draft of a book done and music published for it as I take on our slave (oops!) prison system.

I’ve gotten off the subject. I fear for my grandchildren. Hopefully I’ll be dead before we implode. I think I’ll go now and stare at a Thomas Kincaid painting and pretend I live there.

Thank you, Sonni Quick

To my readers. I’ve been out of commission for 6 weeks with a long way to go. I had a shoulder and elbow replacement and am just home from surgery. Definitely not the most fun I’ve had this year. It will be a long recouperation with a year therapy to hopefully get back 70% function. I don’t recommend tripping over a bin of pictures in a dark halfway if you have osteoporosis. I tested the limits of my thin bones.

All I can do is Swype with one finger on my Nook so the going is slow in between system crashes from pushing this aging tablet to act like my computer. It’s pissed off at me right now! So hang in there with me. I’m around. I have much to add to my other blog:

My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison







Humpty Dumpty Fell Off His Wall

 Humpty Dumpty is doomed to fall off its wall.
Will conviviality with Ryan glue it together at all?
All the King’s bigots and old white GOP men
have no choice but to like it, but can they pretend?

donald trump wall

The party is shattered, it will never be the same
The people are angry and it’s these men they blame
The people have spoken, we’re tired of life
being constantly lowered and filled with more strife

Your bank accounts swell with the money you’ve stolen
Our wallets are empty while yours are so swollen
American will never be quite the same
The GOP party won’t be old white men again

Nor the Clintons the Bushs or any plutacracy
No more parties of power where we play along willingly
The people have spoken, no matter what side
But It took a lunatic like Donald to open all eyes

To show us we don’t have to be so complacent
Create wars for profit with our kids for deployment
Both parties will change and we’ll write all new rules
No more lies and smokescreens that play us for fools

But if bigots and racists think they can hurt any people
or use God with his playbook when all people are equal
If you cause hate and suffering to those you don’t like
you’re no better than those who think they’re godlike

We have the chance, the power is ours
We can use it for better or we can leave scars
of a battle we can win if we don’t act so stupid
yelling names at each other with threats that we boasted.

We’re mad as hell; we’re not going to take it anymore
We need to work together and kick them right on out the door!

by Sonni Quick   copyright 2016

Fifty Years From Now . . .

photo source:

I’ll be dead and my children well be 85 and 89  My oldest grand kid will be 68. It feels strange looking at life like that, but my mom is 82 right now. I can look at her and see how old she is and know how fast time goes by. My kids will get old, too.

There is a reason for my pondering today. It seems more and more I find myself talking about the “good old days”. My good old days in the 5o’s and 60’s when as kids we could leave the house and play outside all day and my parents didn’t worry about us. We knew to be home by the time the street lights came on. We didn’t want to sit in front of the TV. We wanted to be outside. We had school clothes and play clothes. We didn’t disrespect ourselves by showing bare body parts and we didn’t disrespect our teachers. Our parents taught us that. School education was more complete. We learned to write English – cursive.  Kids don’t learn that today. What? We also knew who the first president of America was. Most kids don’t anymore.  We couldn’t use calculators in math class. It was considered cheating. We were expected to use our minds. 

But the scary part – the really scary part – is where will we be as a society in 50 years and how much more will our government slide into this pit it seems determined to slide into? There is so much hate. Christian nation? Bullshit. Too many Americans feel they deserve so much more than other people in different countries, like we have the right to any resources that belong to other countries and we can just go take it because we have the biggest military.

It also seems that those who cry the loudest that they are morally the best people, are the ones who are the most corrupt. They are the ones who care the least how many people they have to hurt to get what they think they deserve. And we LET them get away with it as we strap our guns onto our hips and pretend we live in the wild west. How stupid can we get? Pretty. Damn. Stupid. Our great grandchildren will say that because when they are 60, when the right to water is gone, they will pay through the nose for it. Wars well be fought over it, and right now we let Nestles and Coke use as much as they damn well want to and we can’t stop them from making their shitty products. Really?

50 years from now we will look back on today at how we stuck our heads in the sand instead of taking care of the future for them.

Since people today weren’t around when we ran from England to go someplace where we wouldn’t be persecuted for our faith, we made sure that church and state was separate. We are now insisting that prayer be allowed in school ONLY if it is Christian. Let a Muslim want pray and he would be called a terrorist.

What is wrong with us?  Lies become truth. Truth becomes lost. Corporations poison our water, air and earth. There are too many chemicals in our food. Old age diseases we never had in the proportions we have now are killing us in larger numbers and corporations can legally prevent us from knowing what is in our food because they have the right to make a profit even if it kills us, the lower 98%, because we don’t make the money they do.

Our country is imploding in on itself. In 50 years when we look back on today  , and call THESE days the good old days because we still have a good variety of fresh food in the supermarket, before the rest of the bees die off because of Monsantos pesticides. There aren’t enough bees to keep food production strong, but we will talk about when we could still buy bananas and how good they were. We will talk about we should have tried to stop Monsanto. We talk about how almost every child has diabetes because the majority of people can’t possible afford to buy food that is anything but processed food – worse than it is today. We will talk about how stupid the people were who listened to the government say that global warming was hype because their pockets were being lined.

People will say we should have done more when we could because we left our grandchild a shitty world to live in. We should have come together to save the world instead of wasted time and money arguing about stupid politics – and you know what stupid politics I’m talking about.

I’m sorry kids. We were selfish. We were ignorant. We left you our mess to clean up, and you won’t be able to. Forgive us. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

In The Original Constitution . . .

original constitution, changes to constitution, Janis Ian
photo credit: Janis Ian

In different posts Throughout the year I have written about the many ways our history has been twisted and changed to serve special interests.  When something is said over and over, it becomes the truth in many people’s minds.  The rhetoric about us always being a Christian nation is one, although it isn’t on this particular list because it is not about the government.  We are not a Christian nation no matter how much Christians want us to be.  We were not founded as a Christian nation, which is why religion isn’t discussed as an important issue in our constitution. It doesn’t say people should live with Christian values.

Remember we had left a country who was trying to force everyone join the English Church. Only being a Catholic was okay. How would you feel if our constitution said America was a Catholic nation? Would you object? Everyone is scared if the Muslims took over we would be forced to live under Shia law. You don’t want that? Neither do I, and I feel the same about being made to feel this is a Christian nation, too, because many Christians are very violent and they kill people who don’t believe as they do. It is important that we have a separation between church and state.  Do you understand what that means? So many people no longer want to separate church and state, not caring that the church is not important in many homes because they are either another religion or no religion at all.  Why do people think it is okay to force their religion on anyone else.

It doesn’t matter how much faith you have in your religion, our government should not get involved and didn’t intended to get involved, and no, it should also not be taught in school in any way.  No ten commandments.  No prayers.  Pray before school or after school or in your home or church.  That is what Sunday school is for.  School is for education.  Pay to go to a Christian school if you want your kids to have a Christian education. Would you teach math during Sunday school or would you say that wasn’t appropriate?

This was the premise our country was founded on, whether Christians think it is or not.  Should the premise of Buddhism be taught in school?  Should the Islamic faith be taught?  How about Judaism, or the Mormon faith?  Jehovah Witness? Catholicism? How about paganism? Should we teach about the Occult?  No, no you say? So why should anything of a religious nature be taught?  Because YOU think it is important?  No, it isn’t.  It is only important to you, and you have no right to force it on me and my family, who believes something completely different.  If that makes you mad – I don’t care.  What I do in my life is no concern of yours.  It is when your faith bleeds out into the public sector that problems are caused because you just don’t get it. Christianity is the only religion that gets pulled into secular affairs, and believe it or not, you have no right to try to make me live in your Christian world.

When I now hear the GOP presidential contenders, who want a religious test for Syrian refugees to see which ones are Christian enough to be let them in, it makes me sick.  It reminds me of our government stealing American Indian children from their parents and forcing them to live in school to force them into becoming Christians. They changed their names and wouldn’t let them speak in their native language or practice any of their customs. They were going to for them to be Christians. They crushed their parents hearts. They did it because Christians were much better people. One of those schools is not far from where I live, located between Carlisle and Harrisburg. Look at how many lives those Christians ruined.

It is as though people think being a Christian automatically makes them a good person, someone who does not hate, someone who would not hurt or kill someone, and we know that simply is not true. Christians have hurt people who want an abortion – the reason does not matter. It is their life – and they even want to stop them from getting contraceptives, as if they have the right to control other lives instead of looking at the ugliness of their own behavior.  Christians have hurt and killed gays, lesbians and transgenders – in the name of God –  because they think the Bible gives them the right to do so.  If you don’t personally behave like that, yet you look away and don’t stand up for that horrendous behavior, then you are just as bad. I am NOT saying all Christians are like that, because they aren’t. I have heard Christians stand up for the right thing.  But I have not heard of even one Buddhist using his faith to justify hurting people.  Has a Buddhist ever hurt someone? I’m sure there has, but it wasn’t done in the name of the Buddha, or because they thought the Buddhist philosophy gave them the right to be hateful. It sure doesn’t make me want to be a Christian, either.  Every Christian who has hurt people picks out phrases in the Bible to justify, in their minds, why their actions are okay.  Their reason for everything? “It’s against my religion.”  What a sad reason for atrocious behavior.

Our government – or rather the people behind the government who actually do run this country – has been using religion for a long time to control people, just like it was used long ago in England, and even before that, earlier in history.  People often believe what they are told to believe and don’t have enough common sense to question what they are told.  Anyone today who uses their religion as a way to behave in a negatively toward anyone, whether they are another race or a Syrian refugee, and still call themselves a Christian, is pathetic.

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