Make Sure You Don’t Doubt God’s Plan For You!

God with lightening
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I got derailed as I was trying to post on my other blog, My Name is Jamie. I saw a blog post underneath. I usually bypass posts raving about certain passages in the bible because I believe the reasoning is soundly flawed. All of us have the right to believe what we chose, but when you put it on the internet you are fair game to be opposed. It doesn’t automatically make anyone a bad person. For some people it is easier to accept disillusion over reality because you don’t have to “do” anything except believe what you are told. 

There is a section on this blog titled, “Rants and Raves” and that is where this is posted. Read them at your own risk of examining the insanity of what you may believe in. I don’t ask that people believe what I say, but I do hope you look at why you believe the things you do – in all matters. Is it what you were told – or – is it what know?

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This is the comment I left on her post about not doubting GOD’S PLAN for your life. Do you even know what that is or are you left guessing . . . 

I’m sorry, I usually let writings like this pass over me because it’s pointless to expect someone to entertain the possibility that their belief system is flawed. But today you have me shaking my head with the insanity of your reasoning. It would be scary thinking there was an entity (alien) that had a “plan” for me and I was, at the same time, thinking I was hearing voices and knew what this alien wanted wanted me to do and why. And – this alien was speaking to, and making plans for millions and millions of people at the same time, also knowing “if” they believed in him and loved him – and to what degree they still needed to work on trying to believe more thoroughly. Intellectual ability to reason right and wrong – well, Christians must rid themselves of that!

Remember, this “god” is also an angry god who demands there be no other god before him and has the power to bestow calamity, death, punishment and plagues when he’s angry. For centuries people lived in fear of this god – until politics needed the co-operation and control of the masses. (abject destruction of church and state to instill and indoctrinate religion in education) Politicians pretending to be Christians to get your vote.

Now only the love of God is preached, as I see in countless blogs and comments. I never read of people’s fear of god anymore. There are horrible things written in the bible that people were allowed to do to their wives and children – but those things aren’t talked about. Words were taken out and many many versions and interpretations were developed and taught for you to believe. There is power in numbers. Look what the Christian right is doing to manipulate education and laws – that HURT people they deem to be not good enough – because these people won’t vote obscene laws into effect that are meant to destroy their lives. They aren’t “good” Christians. It doesn’t matter that the bible preached the love of mankind – unless you are gay, transgender, a woman who needs to abort a even the beginning cells of a fetus – the Christian Republican politicians now want to give the death penalty to these women, immigrants, Muslims, atheists, etc. etc. and say vile un- Christian. Things about them that should floor this ” living” Christ I hear about. Maybe Jesus’s nature changed to be nasty, too. So God is now choosy about who should be loved – according to many Christians.

You might say this is not how YOU think, which means Christians aren’t on the same page with each other. Being Christian does not mean the same thing to all Christians.

There are 40,000 different sects of god based religions on this planet all saying they are right. I’m sure you believe you are right, too. You pick the part of the bible that supports what you say and wrap what you believe around select passages – but you don’t talk about all the other passages. You form your belief on a narrow view and say God speaks to you and stops bad things from happening to you, yet I doubt you write about the not so good things in your life that he didn’t fix. That, probable falls under the teaching that it is the Lord’s will to not fix those things. He can’t lose, whether good or bad happens in your life.

Your logic, your belief, is flawed. You believe what generations have passed down as it changed along the way. How Christianity was taught 50 ys ago, 100 yrs – 500 years – has changed so much it isn’t recognizable. Christianity is so pushed by politics now, as it was 500 years ago – for control of the masses and because people need a crutch. They don’t want to be to blame for the bad crap in their lives. They want it to be a lesson from God. It’s let’s them off the hook. Most Christians need to think a “being” is looking out for them like a father would, and you need to ask yourself if you swallowed that reasoning hook, line and sinker.

I figured out the impotency of Christianity as a child. I’m 63 now, by watching the adult friends of my parents. I was raised in the church until I was 18. I didn’t think these people applied the teachings – the actual teachings to their lives. Church was just something they did on Sundays that everyone else did. – and it got them into heaven! Did they talk about it after Sunday school was over? Maybe some did. It wasn’t talked about in my house yet we were in the church for some reason more days than not. I think my parents just assumed the teachings were just what life was and us kids were never asked what we thought. Everybody went to one of the dozen different churches in town, but I don’t think they were trying to become better people.

People were only concerned about going to heaven when they died, not how they lived their life as they lived it. I looked at the hypocrisy of what was taught. Not going to hell was the main push, not the overwhelming love of God it became today.

I don’t expect anything I have said to make a bit of difference to you, because if you actually researched within yourself the reasons why you think your believe is the truth, the underpinnings of your life would fall apart. You HAVE to believe like a junkie justifies why he needs his next fix. Your unrealistic belief that the continually and manipulated changed bible – by man – is the be all, end all of truth is truly a reason to be sad.

The teaching in the bible – you reap what you sow – written 13 times – is the law of cause and effect. Do you abide by that teaching? At all times, for everything? Or do people “do” things to you? Do you try to be aware of what you have sown (caused) and taken responsiblity for everything in your environment?

The bible says there is an effect for every cause you make. You reap it in your life. God doesn’t do it – you do – you – everything. You plan your life – you – by your choices, your words and actions. Not some higher being choosing for you. Don’t pray for something else to “bless you”. Look deep inside yourself and focus on the parts of you that need to change because it is that part of your nature that makes the causes that brings negativity into your life. No “being” in the universe does it.

I’m done. From past experience I know you’ll find justifications to continue being blind to reality. My mother did the same thing – until she decided to find out about what I was saying. Then 30 years she, too, left the church and took responsibility for her life. Now at age 85 she says leaving the. Church was the best thing she ever did for herself. She isn’t afraid going “to” a hell. Living can be a hell on its own. She understands better why her life went as it did and made changes to her choices. Maybe you should, too

Sexual Predators Everywhere

Because of all the women – and men coming forth about sexual harassment and abuse we should not pass over trump’s own bragging about taking women whenever he wanted – because he had “star” status. White men (predominantly) in a position of power could retaliate against anyone who came forth, either by denial, humiliation or loss of job/career. So people shut up. Look at the high ranking people at FOX who still deny what they did, although Bill O’ Reilly forked out $32,000,000 paying off one woman.

Bill Cosby admitted drugging women to rape them when they were unconscious. Look how hard it has been to convict him. Why? Because he has money and fame.

A rich white man is ordered to have counselling after being caught diddling his infant daughter. Why? Because prison would have been too hard on him.

But a recent list of powerful men has finally caused a backlash. Politicians have resigned. Kevin Spacey lost his netflix series and a movie. People knew! All along people knew what these men were doing and NO ONE did anything to stop them.

Billy Bush joked right along with Trump as though it was some kind of joke. Trump made light of it by calling it “locker room” talk. But it wasn’t talk was it? He was talking about things he did – not what he was pretending he wanted to do. And his female supporters went along with it. They gave him excuses. That makes them pretty darn low class themselves to condone this behavior.

I want you to watch this video again, a year later, and tell me if you think. he should be let off the hook or whether he should come under scrutiny the way Bill Clinton did. Everyone jumped on him because he insisted he didn’t have sex with “that woman.” It ruined her life for years. A young woman infatuated with the president and he, an older man, couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants.

Anything less than a public courtroom means there are two standards for two different men. That makes the American people, the conservative Christian American people to be severe hypocrites of the worst kind – quoting what God says and what God means and that God is love, but he doesn’t linc If you believe that, you have to believe God doesn’t want women to be sexually abused by a anyone’s who thinks he has the right to stick his hand up the dress of a woman and get away with it. It’s vile and it’s crude. It needs to be stopped. There needs to be a price to pay. He don’t deserve our respect – Mr. PRESIDENT.

Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices

via Joan Shigekawa – A message on Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices — Design and Exclusion

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I found this post today and thought it was worth sharing. This is an issue that is playing out in the media, including the very negative white privilege standpoint of the resurgence of the KKK – minus the hoods because they aren’t hiding anymore. The “white man” is terrified of becoming obsolete and losing their top of the food chain position that allows them to control everything.

The white man makes sure women are are controlled – demeaned in the work place, paid less and become objects of sexual gratification while destroying them when it was suggested they would do such a thing. I recently read a list of men who have been sexual predators and I’m still shocked. Women are standing up. Women have been silenced, or fired so men can keep their coveted top dog position. And I yes, I know this doesn’t include all men.

Everyone of all races – everyone who doesn’t declare themselves to be Christian, whether they are or not, is pressed down by the use of so-called biblical law. White men leading the rage against abortion. White men who say women are too stupid to make decisions about their own bodies. Control. Control. Control. White men decide it’s okay to destroy our food with chemicals. White men run Monsanto and once again we’re to confuted by food labels. White men are now deciding climate change isn’t real because they are in bed with with the oil companies. White men have decided ALL of our wars.

Only white men are good enough for certain professions as if only they have the brain capacity to do the job. It is the collective white male ego that can’t fathom working for a women. For years a strong woman was considered to be a bitch but a strong man was a good leader. And if that boss was Black or Hispanic or a Black or Hispanic woman (God forbid!) it wouldn’t go down easy, if it happened at all.

But this is what is drilled into a white boy’s head who was born to middle or upper class families. It is was they learn. It is what they see. It is what they expect. To change a class of people to think differently – to think of all people being equal isn’t going to happen, at least in my lifetime. They won’t give up control easily.

They control and use the Christian religion against the people. They control politics and the making of laws to benefit the corporations who own the prisons where they control black men disproportionately. They control their ability to get an education and support their families. They control the media and say what they want – lie – to make people believe things that aren’t true. White men control everything and other people, including their wives, come second.

And with their power they think they have the right to sexually abuse women, and so often the white judge blames the woman. “Look how you’re dressed.” “You probably flirted with him.” “He says it was consensual.” So women hated to come forward and be humiliated. How can the man who now sits in the oval office – admittedly an abuser who said because he was a star he could just take what he wanted – and got away with it! All the women were lying.

There are too many men not held accountable. Too often when women and minorities are not balancing out the voice of only the white men. It takes all people from all walks of life to participate in creating a world that is good for everyone so we all have place at the table.

Do you think it will happen?

Welcome To My World of Family Insanity


Insidious and so common. People are so nonchalant about it . No one wants to give up their favorite food. They’d rather die – literally.

I sit here with my chin on my hand trying to understand what went wrong. Maybe we get more cynical as we age. Maybe we don’t want to accept the fact that the life we thought we would have when we grew up, when we played at being grown ups and we wore our mother’s shoes didn’t turn out to be much fun as we thought it would. We wanted happiness and perfect families. We didn’t imagine people dying or even getting sick. We didn’t know about trauma. But now that we have lived a major part of our lives we don’t want to let people know we screwed up. It mightchange their perception of us.

Welcome to the real world. We close off the things we don’t want to hear. Is that why it is so hard for most people to listen? Is it ego? Family members instantly jump to feeling criticised. “How dare you! You aren’t perfect!” or “Who are you to tell ME that I am not?”

No matter how I say it; no matter how non threatening the words are, their noses instantly flare, they get defensive and act as though they have been personally attacked. Wow. I wish I had recorded that so they couldn’t get away with twisting it around so they’d look like a victim.

Aren’t families fun? Not at all. We joined the ranks of one of many dysfunctional families that gets worse with age

I admit it, I come across strong when something is important to me – like staying alive – and doing what I need to do to make that happen. The quality of the food I eat is crucial. Someone don’t have to be a vegetarian, or go on a macrobiotic diet, or Paleo, Atkins or Weight Watchers. Those are “diets” and rarely do people stay on them. Some of them are not healthy longterm and even if you lose weight, you gain it back.

If you eat a good, healthy, balanced diet, eliminating fake food high in chemicals and bad crap, you will naturally lose weight. If you have a disease caused by eating a lifetime of shitty, good tasting garbage your body is going to fail you. You need to take the time to read and learn about what the food industry has done to ruin out health.

IF YOU DON’T STOP – bad things happen.

If you don’t like hearing, because you want to stuff yourself with that wonderful bread at Red Lobster, and even get an order to go, AND you have diabetes, your health will break down and you will severely pay for your choices. We are responsible for ourselves. “Poor so and so, she died too young.”

Is it worth it? Emphatically, no! But if you haven’t had a severe illness you don’t understand how hard it is to gain back your health.


I only eat ( item) once in a while. Once in awhile is okay, right? That may be true for some people, but if you have diabetes and the next day you use the same logic for why you ate a pizza, and the next day your dinner is on a bed of pasta with a side of garlic bread, and it tastes sooo good – you are in big trouble. – even if you spread that out over 6 days instead of three. If you eat different bad things all the time and have an excuse for every one, do you think you are fooling yourself? There are three women in my immediate family with diabetes, that I know of.  I’ve heard every excuse possible.

My mother has Diabetes. She lived with that logic for ten years, after her diagnose. She has charts trapped on her kitchen cabinets about what to eat. These charts do not take into consideration the quality of that food. She had a stroke. I tried hard to help her understand why she needed to change her diet, but she wouldn’t. She “tried” which is a cop-out. It sets you up for acceptable failure. Now she has to live with it – in a wheelchair. Am I 100% sure diabetes caused it? No, but it was likely affected by it because of the failure of small blood vessels in her brain which is what diabetes affects. It is why diabetics also have kidney failure, go blind and have their feet or toes cut off from gangreen. I’d like for her to not have another stroke. I don’t want to lose my mother earlier just because she had to eat cake. Her words, “I never meet a desert I didn’t like.” We all love desert. But it’s more than that. it is starches that break down into sugar. Regardless, at 83, junk food isn’t very wise.

I fell recently and couldn’t continue to care for her so she is living with my sister, unfortunately another diabetic who has the same distorted logic about what is okay to eat. And boy is she is pissed off at me for telling her that cake, pringles, white bread, potatoes, and cream of wheat cereal is not very good for anyone to eat, let alone a woman shooting insulin to stay alive. I could have given her detailed reason why except she was too insulted at being told something she didn’t know. Her hands went up in the air and she cut me off. How childish. “I’ve been feeding mom for four months. I know how to feed her!”   Let me think that through. Is it the fact she has been coming her meals for four months the important thing? No, it isn’t. The issue is I just told her she should change how she feds her because they both should eat better ALL OF THE TIME not sometimes because diabetes is a serious illness. But shell have to learn that the hard way. So – let her eat cake. It’s just a shame she cares so little about what she feeds her mother at the same time.

Because I have been very sick, and it was my own fault, I have learned it is easier and far better to not get sick than to try to regain your health. Some damage can’t be undone. That is not fun watching people hurt themselves and learn it’s too late to go back and change it. It’s hard to watch when you see people being so careless with the most important thing they have – their health. Life sucks when it fails. So my family can be as angry at me as they want. They are on the losing side of this issue.

“You’ve put my life on the internet for the world to read!

Meaning: I didn’t want people to know how I treated you was while you’ve been struggling with your health.” I don’t know how to be a sister, but all my friends love me!” (Direct quote. I couldn’t make this stuff up.) Or, “I don’t want people to know I’m not who they think and have a cruel steak in me”. Or, “I don’t want you to talk about us to everyone” Gee, maybe this family should have stopped wagging their tongues a long time ago. No one would listen. Phone lines have been burned up.

If they refuse to speak to me again – gee, we don’t speak now so where is the loss? If they get rude I have two other posts ready to publish.

All of this is about ego. “How dare she tell ME anything about what to eat.” She could have said, “Really? I didn’t know that.” She could even check it out for herself. In fact, if this makes them stop making excuses and learn why they need to pay attention to what their body is telling them, it might help their health, if it matters enough You’d think that would be important. Maybe it isn’t.

My sister has worked for decades selling Hondas. If I wanted to by one wouldn’t it make sense to talk to someone who knows about that car? Or maybe I should ask my dentist what she thinks. Would that be wise?

My mother told me, “I wish I would have listened to you ten years ago.” She might still be zipping around in her bright blue Honda.


My sister and I haven’t had a relationship for quite awhile. I’ll only say she has done a lousy job being a sister. People who know me understand the reasons I say that.  So why I thought she would hear me about diabetes was pretty stupid on my part. I honestly wanted to help her understand how much she was hurting herself – and my mother. They are at a point, when you need insulin – that you CAN NOT eat something just because you want it! Your body will fall you! But why the heck should I care about her life? Because it’s a life? Because she doesn’t care about mine? Is that a good enough reason to say nothing? Even her doctor asked my mother to help her with her diabetes. The blind leading the blind. Of course I know this because no information is sacred in our family.

It’s wrong, but sometimes I want her to feel the pain she caused me so she understands. I guess I have issues, huh? It’s been hard for me to deal with. At least I can admit I’m not perfect. If I hurt someone the words, “I’m sorry” are in my vocabulary. Some people choke on those words. If our mother had not had a stroke we still would not have spoken to each other. It’s not easy to look in a mirror and examine the hurtful things we’ve done to other people. But life always gives back to us the effects of the causes we make.

With diabetes and one stroke under her belt, and needing a wheelchair now, what my mother eats, and more important, what she doesn’t eat is crucial. I believe, because so many people have diabetes, they don’t take it seriously. It has been normalized because it is so common. Even fat kids have diabetes now, which is sad. It is adults who feed them the junk they see on their TV.


Profit is everything. Who cares if it kills you?

I research everything I can to stay healthy. In the 60’s we didn’t know what the food industry was doing. They hid data about lots of harmful products so we would continue to buy them. But once you know, how can you continue to kill yourself by consuming it? And how can you continue to support corporations who harm people and the planet? We have allowed our own destruction. Isn’t that stupid? Taste buds win over common sense.

There are two issues working here. People are now addicted to unhealthy food and to give that up is painful. That is why addictions are hard to break. They’d rather take the chance of cancer, a stroke or heart attack, to name a few, than give up the taste of certain foods they like. The other issue of ego is just as hard. Who wants to think they are looked at as weak and unable to control what they eat – and the person telling you is your sister and you don’t like her. How can you admit she knows something you don’t? You’ve just spent 6 years ignoring her, letting her know you don’t care about her so how can you let down your guard now? We didn’t speak for years, but now our mother had a stroke and it forced us to. It is detrimental to my mother’s health if she feeds her what she eats herself.

I don’t care if I made her angry trying to tell her why certain foods were not a good idea for diabetics to eat. Let that sink in. This entire drama was about unhealthy food. Isn’t that ridiculous? Welcome to my world.

I’ve been called a few choice names over these past few years. Old hag, drug addict, I’m evil and have a black heart. It’s amazing how defensive people get when they don’t like to hear the truth.

Foolishly, I thought I could set an example of how to care about someone. But it seems even the most devout Christians don’t apply the golden rule. As a Buddhist, it is the same as the Law Of Cause And Effect. How about – What goes around comes around? You get back what you dish out? You reap what you sow? Where is that understanding in the effects of each of our lives? That is what we all need to look at. Do you like where you are in your life? Do you take responsibility for the bad things or do you just chalk it up to, “That’s life. It is what it is?” Or maybe God wanted you to be sick. Then you can remove yourself from causing your own illness.

I’ve lived my life with a few mottoes that got me through life. Here is a good one for today. It is one of my personal quotes:

If you don’t like what I’m doing, don’t watch me do it!

How Come God Hates Gays?

peace sign

So often people look the other way and pretend things don’t exist, but we have done that for so long and it has added to the predicament our country, or world, is in today. Today the subject is, again, religion. When someone else’s faith interferes with my life I don’t like it.

Everyone has the right to choose their faith. I am a Nichiren Buddhist. If you don’t want to be one, too, that is fine. My faith doesn’t affect you. But if you are Christian your faith intrudes into my life in many ways.

There is not a single breath in me that believes in a power outside myself that actually knows little ol’ me, understands my thoughts or desires, has a plan for my life I should trust and also has a personality and emotions. Two of those emotions are anger and hate, because he sure does hate gays I’ve been told. I find that thought rather ridiculous.  But what I believe, I don’t insist everyone else has to believe. Each of us has to find our own way through life. We can also choose nothing at all, which is also our choice. Most people believe what they were taught, consider that to be truth and look no further. Again, their choice.

Yesterday I read God caused the floods in La to punish the gays. How did that become newsworthy? That stunt was also floated by ( wow, a pun) during Hurricane Katrina. He also didn’t cure me of Hep C. ( I just got my last test results. Clear after 42 years. A miracle!!! Nope, not even one teeny tiny prayer to anything “out there” to fix me. So I wonder how I did it? How did I get cured if I didn’t need a Celestial Being to do it? Why would anyone? Because a Christian would believe God saved them and that would be proof of His existence. But that’s okay – if it makes you happy. The whole point is being cured however it happened.

The country I live is politically trying to use personal faith to control the politics of a country through “Biblical Law”. That makes me very angry. We know that is what they are trying to do. If you sincerely are Christian and you approve of everyone having to live their lives based on corrupt politicians using the Christian faith for control so they can push through policies you might think are good for YOU but bad for others, then you are aiding the failure of this country. The supposedly devout Christian politicians – The “White Right” are about as far from being Christian as possible. The fact that there are states where you have to declare your Christianity to even hold public office is scary. Anyone can say anything. Then they have to go to church to be seen even though their actions outside the church are opposite of what they declare is truth.  That tells you their belief is only as deep as the hair on their skin.

The fact that we got as close as we did to having a presidential candidate who thinks he is an “Anointed Christ King” is scary as hell. There are people who actually approve of this fanatic! Sadly, we’ll have to deal with him again in 3 years. Our contenders for office, who are declared Christians are lying through their teeth. They only want the Christian vote, of Christians who say they are, but aren’t or maybe are. Three is more than one kind of Christian.

Through our bought and paid for media along with the Trumpster, many people now believe all Muslims are terrorists, the same way Muslims not living here think all Christians are terrorists. So who are the real terrorists? Are you one? Do you fear Muslims whose only “crime” is being Muslim. Are you hateful?

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are people who honestly try to live the life of a Christian, and there are some who are in it for the social life and activities. I have Christian friends – just not the hateful ones. I got rid of those. Some people are just good people, regardless of their faith.

Buddhists consider the law of cause and effect to be absolute, just like gravity on earth is absolute. Christianity has the same teaching – You reap what you sow – but from what I’ve heard and read it isn’t a lesson that carries much weight. It’s not very important.  A pastor in his writings online told his followers not to worry about that phrase, even though it is mentioned dozens of times in the Bible. He said it didn’t matter because Jesus died for their sins. So anyone reading that could take that to mean it doesn’t matter what they do or how they behave because they are saved. Just say the words “forgive me” and all is hunky dory.  Oops! Not quite. You might think you are forgiven but there is still the issue of a reaction to every action whether you believe that is true or not. Why strive to be a better person while you are alive if you are saved from repercussions and are going to heaven anyway?  Maybe that is why we have so many dirty politicians?

Donald didn’t create the hate. It has always been there. He just let it out of the bottle and people began to show their true natures they had so far had kept hidden. No one would have openly declared themselves to be racist. It would not have been politically correct. Now they can and do.

We had convinced ourselves we were a cut a above other countries. We were special. ( We have bigger guns). Not anymore. All you have to do is tally up the ALL of the gun deaths which is scary.  The first half of this year there have been 35,019 gun incidents, 8,963 gun deaths,  413 deaths of children under the age of 11, 1953 deaths of teens ages 11 – 17, 253 mass shootings, 205 cops killed and 1163 people killed by cops. No country in the world comes close to comparing with the US in gun violence yet people still use the term “Christian Nation”. What a joke.

During this political election year I have heard many “good” Christians full of so much hate for a variety of reasons.  The Christian Right are some of the most hate Christians alive. It has been so disheartening to me that people who speak so highly of being loved by their God could hate other people so strongly. I can’t wrap my head around that. Can someone explain it to me?

I could not find one gun death in America that was caused by a Buddhist – and there are millions who practice this faith here. NOT ONE. Which faith do you think has the better teaching? Which one would you rather be? God is slipping up here if so many Christians feel they need to carry guns and use them. My sister wears a gold cross around her neck and carries a gun in her purse. Her husband had ALL of his guns taken away after he got drunk and pulled his gun on a friend in the same room with his wife.  He can quite Bible verses like a pro. A lot of good that did him.

Okay, that’s it. I’ve said my piece. Like it our lump it

The Case of Donald Trump’s Immature Narcissism

How does he open his mouth like that?

Please make sure you go to the original blog and read this post. It was written several months ago before the real craziness got started, but it is a very good definition of what a narcissist is. See if you can find Donald in these words and use them and use them this November. If you aren’t in the states I’m sure you are looking at us with great amusement as we contemplate the end of this great nation as we once knew it.

This election has made it so hard for many people because it has come down once again to picking the best of the worst when that choice is voting for someone you know is also a sham -a power hungry -paid for charlatan named Hillary Clinton. ( The epitome of House of Cards) Anyone who delved into her history with Bill and their plan to control as much of the world as they could (with the backing, of course, of corporations ) would not want to support her. Unfortunately, though, many people don’t see past the notion of “woman president” so people will vote for that reason – if the corporations feel it is in their best interest, too. I hate having to vote for her so I was considering only voting for lower level seats. But then I saw my friends throwing common sense out the window. People who were enraged over Clinton’s lies were excusing the grandiose lies and self aggrandizement of Trump while they were obviously hoping, because he has “great” business sense ( he says) he would somehow figure out a way to “wing it”. But do we want or need someone in the White House “winging it?”

If the unthinkable were to happen and he did win the election, what would he do next, since he obviously would not be able to magically do all these things he said he is going to do? I think he would laugh and say, “You were dumb enough to believe me. I just wanted to see if I could do it!” Then he would toss it all to his kids to play with until he was impeached. After all of the failed businesses and lawsuits this would be the ultimate con. He would take pride in being able to con millions of people into believing he was very nearly the second coming of Christ. He would take pride in making the GOP have to find reasons to support him while they gagged on his silver spoon.

If we could see inside his mind, I’m sure we’d find part of it has the intention of ripping the political parties to pieces because we really are screwed if we continue the way we are. Because we have to survive with corporate profit as the #1 most important reason for laws, this country won’t survive for too many more generations.

This dog and pony show will soon enter the next stage. This country as we know it will never be the same. It could only be an extreme narcissist that could actually make the country bow down to him. It’s easy now to see how Hitler did it. Lastly, I wonder, wealth aside, what Milania’s life has been like being married to a man like Trump. I’ll bet she has some stories she could tell. She is either very gullible or she really does love his money. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at some of their Sunday dinners – after church, of course.


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John, Eddie and Tim – The Three Stooges of Facebook


     I had a very enlightening meeting of the minds with three Trumpette Trolls who had their brains stolen by an alien in age crisis with his hair. Scary actually, because somewhere along the line I think the alien ate their brains. The ability for rational thought seemed beyond their capabilities. It’s scarier still because there are others out there that have also lost their senses and seem hell bent on self-destruction, willingly walking the plank and trying to take the rest of us with them. They drank the kool-aid.

      There has been so much in the news this past year about Trump. If I’m stepping on your toes go find something else to read. I can understand people being disgusted with our political system in the good old US of A. It sucks. It’s a farce. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend, if we try hard enough; “we” being the percentage of people who still think if we work hard we will succeed. God loves and protects us, and all that, until he doesn’t, and then it’s the gay’s fault.America is the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave sort of thing; a country who willingly helps other countries, (if they have something we want) and who wants to spread our version of democracy (because it is working so well for us right now.)

     There are enough articles about Trump out there, so there is no point in throwing up all of his detestable finer points of projecting hate and racism and of course, his love of himself. What I don’t get is why, if you know these things, would you support him when you know how unstable he is, and hasten our fall from grace? Somehow, the whole Christian thing of love thy neighbor doesn’t seem to be working very well.


 In an easy to understand analogy, for those who are mentally challenged; (hint hint), would you hire someone to teach you to ride a bike if he had never ridden one? Or maybe he did try to ride one but constantly fell off, yet still insisted he was the best for the job? Wouldn’t you be leary that maybe he didn’t know what he was doing? Would you hire someone to run your company if he had a lot if lawsuits filed against him over his years in business because he was unethical and cheated people out of their money by misrepresenting himself? Would you trust that man in all his smugness? I’ve also never seen someone open his mouth that wide. He could put a grapefruit in there!

     I’m sure (maybe?) Curly, Larry and Moe are not as stupid as they come across on  Facebook or maybe it is all part of the male ego that can’t admit it made a mistake. So what do they do? Pile insults on the bearer of bad news and fell all over themselves expounding vitriol to make themselves look less like idiots being pulled along like sheep with a rope through their nose, trying hard to turn the tables, so no one would notice they made an ass of themselves. What makes this hard to believe is these men are all on the far side of middle age, like myself, and one would think they would have left the third grade school yard bullying long ago. Sticks and stones and all that nonsense. Maybe Alzheimer’s was affecting their cognitive abilities? That seems logical to me.

      Okay, let me tell you what I exposed that caused them to trip over themselves to call me names like “the village idiot,” “stupid” and the un-inventive, boring, overused name they all use when they run out of adjectives, “lib-tard.”  I felt honored. One even asked for my resume to prove I had actually done anything productive with my life. He really didn’t want me to go there and backed off pretty quick. Maybe he was stepping in quicksand waiting to suck him in.


      Here was the issue that caused this diatribe: Someone wanted to rile up the Trumpettes and all Muslim hating Americans who hate for the sake of hating, and posted a picture of a protest with the headline, ” Where is the Media? Muslims Protesting in Chicago and Yelling “Death To America!” OMG! See how the media shuns the news Trumpettes want to read! Obama must have stopped reporters from reporting the news! Every President does some things that other people don’t like – but no to EVERYTHING? But a black man?  They couldn’t tolerate a black president. Repubs say he’s at fault for not doing everything the GOP stopped him from doing with their “Part of NO”. Sad that they cut off their own noses to spite their face. Obama’s in cahoots with ISIS, ya know. . . and all that garbage.

      Oh my! The Trumpettes jumped on that headline and picture so fast you could almost see the drool running down my tablet’s screen. Men and women alike soaking it up like a junkie needing a fix and it was right before their eyes! Because is easy to smell bullshit, I first followed it’s internet path from one sleazy website to another. It was amazing how many people wanted it to be true. Death to the Muslims!

     Not one person did the easy task to fact check. That took all of 15 seconds with an easy Google search. ( Hey Stooges, it’s the app with the big easy to read, blue, single letter, capital G )  The picture was from 2014, Palestinians protesting the bombings in Gaza. So Eddie stooge switched tactics, “I am (was?) a history major and protests are illegal if it stops people from going about their day; and posted references from the constitution.  I let it slide. This was Eddie’s first entanglement with me exposing idiots. (psst Eddie . . . since you pointed out your education, did it dawn on you to fact check this before you jumped on the bandwagon?)

      I don’t know why it still amazes how so many people are able to see with blinders on and never go outside that circle of influence so they can step back and see reality, even if it aids their own destruction. It also amazes me that so many people who think of themselves as good Christians have so much unbridled hate inside them to the point of wanting to see innocent people die just to satisfy their hate. Are there Muslim terrorists? Yes, but you have to ask what we did to them to make them hate us so much. They didn’t wake up one day and say, “Let’s hate America. They are retaliating against what we did to them.

     Are there American terrorists? Absolutely, and I’m sure that is how they see us. Have we killed their innocent families with children? Thousands. We’ve murdered more of them than they have of us. But since so many Americans erroneously see themselves as chosen by God as the righteous ones, they feel they are right in slamming any religion but theirs – even though the way they practice their Christianity isn’t found in the Bible. I am not slamming Christianity – just the ones who use it for personal gain, those that use it to justify bad behavior, and politicians who have to “say” they are Christian to get elected. They are the ultimate liars.

      During this Facebook exchange, other “friends” left their comments who basically also called them stupid. Too make this more interesting, we all come from the same small town and/ or graduated from the same high school and even went to kindergarten together – except maybe Eddie. He looked intelligent. He even looked like a nice guy. When did he lose the ability to think for himself? What we had here were followers and no leader, except if you count Trump. He’s like the Pied Piper, or Jim Jones, the cult leader that convinced people to drink the kool-aid,

Jim Jones, Jonestown massacre
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and if they wouldn’t, they held them down and injected them with a poison cocktail. The Trumpettes are willingly march to their own self – destruction. Why?

      I would have liked to see one mature thing happen – one of them to say, “I made a mistake” or “Next time, before I post something this inflammatory I should check to see if it is true BEFORE I make an ass of myself.”  But alas, the male ego in some men just can’t admit when they are wrong. Kinda like getting a man to stop for directions before the advent of GPS.

      On a final note, lest you think I support Hillary Clinton. I do not. With her at the helm this country continues it’s slide down with corporations in control along with lies and lack of transparency, and more calls for war while she pretends she’s “for the people” with Bill at her side; much like the Netflix series “House of Cards”. But with her we know what we’re getting: lip service, a tiny change – maybe – to pacify us and make us think she cares. The people aren’t fooled, we’re scared of the outcome of another Clinton Administration much like the fear of being governed by more of the Bush dynasty. Daddy Bush was probably salivating at the prospect of another Bush in the oval office to solidify their place in history books which began with granddaddy Prescott Bush and H.W. Bush financing Hitler, but we don’t have to fear that in a crazed moment of lunacy that she’ll drop nukes on any country who won’t bow down and kiss her ring, or go off half – cocked if someone doesn’t think she’s the greatest thing since sliced cheese. She doesn’t care if people adore her, which is a lot different than a confirmed narcissist who needs to continually tell people how great he is.

     Okay, one more final thing. Watching the GOP scramble with the monster they created, falling all over themselves trying to come up with explanations of why they are supporting someone they loath, is amusing. They tried like hell to get rid of him and then had to find a way to gracefully give up and make people think they learned to like a shit popsickle and make people believe it tastes really good.

Hey Stooges, whadaya think? Was I on the mark or what? Do you have anymore cool names to call me?

Yours truly, “The village idiot” LMAO