Youth in solitary confinement
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Doing this to children, how is it ever possible for them to be sane functioning adults when what they learn as children is how to treat the world. If often only takes truancy or an afternoon fight or a childish prank for children to get sucked into the juvy system. Once there ” breaking any rule” can have them put into solitary confinement. Then they get angry. They are broken. They fight for survival any way they can. Go to to not only read of a man’s life who started in juvy, but also to go to the many links on the right side that will tell you much more about the solitary confinement of youth.


Kermit the Rapist

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Bad Kermit

This is a blog about a mother and her son Vince who is in prison for the second time. It is his letters to her and her posts about how she deals with what she reads. It takes a lot of courage to do this and not lose hope about whether your son will learn this time around, or is he too institutionalized to make it on his own anymore. It’s a tough ride. Good luck.

Breaking Free


Other than running and doing the tape and playing various indoor competitive sports, I haven’t done any real workout in a month. I went to the gym today with no real intention of doing anything at all, but the weight room was nearly empty so a friend and I went in.

Much to my surprise, my stamina had increased tenfold. I was like the Energizer Bunny. And when I was done, I felt…high. It was an adrenaline rush I think. I probably could have kept going but I didn’t want to burn myself out.

By the time I get to boot camp I have to be able to routinely do sets of 20 pushups. Good ones. Every time we fall out of line, do something out of formation, or screw up in any way, including talking back, we get dropped down. I plan on behaving myself, but it’s good…

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Two chapters from my New Book, InsideOut

If anyone has been to my other blog  – I have a section on the right of each blog that lists the posts from both sides.  If you’ve been there then you might know the story of Jamie Cummings, one of the fathers of one of my grandsons who has been locked up in prison for the last 9 years, with 8 to go.  This is the reason I started the other blog, to print his many letters to me and categorize the different subject matter to write a book.  I started that book about a month or so ago.

I thought I would post 2 chapters here.  One is the first chapter and one is  random chapter.  Since each prison issue is a different chapter, the order of the chapters won’t be decided until they are done.  I’m going to put the “add contact form” at the bottom for those of you who would like to be added to the list of people who may be interested in getting the book when it is completed, or use it if you would like to receive any further chapters I may post.  Otherwise, leave a comment.  Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to click on those pretty yellow stars, too.  Your feedback is important to me.

InsideOut now changed to “Inside the Forbidden Outside”

Inside The Forbidden Outside chapter – Nightmares