Princess Alice – Shunned by The Royal Family – YouTube Video

In the early 1900’s mental illness was an embarrassment and family members were locked up and forgotten about. Important families couldn’t have people talking about a member of their family because then they might be looked upon as being flawed as well. The person was stripped of their children and often their possessions. Men in white coats kidnaped them in the middle of the night. They were shunned by family who didn’t care about them and didn’t visit. People with epilepsy, Turret’s Syndrome, probably undiagnosed autism, people with addictions to alcohol or cocaine and others were locked up because their behavior wasn’t “normal”. It’s a shame that even today it is so difficult for people to get the right treatment. Today they get locked up in prisons instead.

I Lived The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Unless you were coersed into living the philosophy of Ayn Rand you have idea the damage it does to your own individuality – your personality. I know first hand the damage that kind of control can do to your mind when trying to live up to the expectation of becoming someone’s Dagny Taggart.

Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices

When all that is heard comes from white men, excluding the ideas of women and other races then it is incomplete and stilted. The minds of other people have been kept down for too long because the white man decided only he has a mind worthy of shaping ideas.