Princess Alice – Shunned by The Royal Family – YouTube Video

This is a rather unusual post for me. I was checking  my YouTube channel – Sonni  Quick Improv Piano  – when I saw this video. Fascinating. A deaf member of the royal family and mother of the current  Prince Andrew, husband of the Queen, who the royal family tried to make disappear and even locked her up. Taken away by men in white coats , speaking her from her 5 children. In one sanatarium she was treated by Sigmund Freud, who heavily xrayed her ovaries , without her consent, thinking she would be sent into early menapause. He thought he could alter her desire for sex because she claimed to have a sexual relationship with Jesus. When she wasn’t locked up she did much  to help the needy during the two world  wars  and also wars between other countries. The video includes quite a number of  videos during the time period of 1885 – 1969 and includes footage of  WWI and WWII and what this royal did with her life. There were videos of the royal family never seen before this program .

This video is about 45 minutes long so watch it when you have time . I didn’t intend to watch the entire video but it kept unraveling more story . Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Appreciate Your Journey

This morning I received this poster from William, a man I am connected to on Messenger. About once aweek or so we exchange something – usually of a positive nature or something about society that needs to change. Today I decided to post our exchange because it is something I feel strongly about.

Think about the words on this poster. What do they mean to you? It’s not about just appreciating your life, but how it causes you to do something about the next step in your life. Life is a journey. It never stays stagnant. How do you get to the next step of where you are going – and what is the purpose? Where are you going? Do you just let life slap you around? Do you understand it is the causes you make that produce the effects in your life and YOU are responsible for that? It would be great if you could blame something or someone else for the bad shit, but you can’t. And it is what you learn through dealing with it that gets you to the next step – if your eyes are open wide enough to see it. Below is my response:

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Many people do not have enough appreciation for their lives. They take it for granted and waste the time they have to explore their own potential. There is no hunger to see what they are capable of, settling for security – if they have it – and going no farther, often stepping on other people to acquire it. The human race is so incredible and many who belong to it are such a disappointment. If we could have but a glimpse inside their psychological thinking to see how they justify to themselves the evil they do. Do they know it? Does it affect them? I’ve been on a rant the last couple days – more than usual, if that is possible.

But in the end – of our own lives – the only legacy we can leave behind that has true value is the effect we had on other lives, and did that effect make a positive difference in their lives. Many people want to be remembered in some way but being remembered Isn’t enough. It is the causes and effects of who you are that matters.

Thanks for your message today. You caught me in a philosophical frame of mind. 😒You have a great day, too.

The Other Side of The Story

Idea exchange

From the time we were born, the way we thought and the views we eventually held were drilled into us by family and friends in our community. We were not taught the other side of the story. We learned our truths by listening to the adults who cared for us. Parental truths were the only truths. Their views about all aspects of life became our view until we were mature enough to form our own ideas. The ideas were often not our own.

Some people have a strong need to belong with a need for approval that can be stronger than the desire to think independently. Our personal ideas are pushed aside. Conforming to the people around you, reinforced by the news we read or the media we continually watched until it eventually gets imprinted on our brain as THE truth. The ONLY truth. It becomes safer to agree with those we are bonded to than to independently say, “But I read . . . and it makes sense that . . .” because no one would have listened or thought our idea to be credible.


Is one truth right and the other wrong? Not necessarily, because many views about life are hypothetical, where reality only lives inside our mind. Our views are what we hope to be true. It gives us comfort. For example, is there such a place as heaven? How do you know one way or the other? You read about it in a book called the Bible, written by man? You have been told it is God’s word? Who says so? Man says it is God’s word. You believe it because you want to believe it, although there is no proof. You can believe it is true but that does not make it true. Other people who do not believe in God defend their right to believe something different. They have the right to their belief. If it goes against what some people think, it brings hostility, name calling, negative criticism and possibly the loss of family. Nothing is accomplished. No one has changed their mind.

Convincing someone to listen when they don’t want to hear your opinion can cause permanent rifts in your relationship. Inability to listen can keep you from developing your personality and stop you from openly exploring new ideas. What you think is only important to you and people who agree with you. It does not make you right nor give you right to impose what you believe on others.

What is right for one person might not be right for another. Problems emerge when parents or leaders of a community or country try to force people to accept only one truth and punish those who don’t adhere to that truth. Taking away someone’s individuality, or the freedom to decide what is right for them causes resentment and sometimes violence.

Raised with this attitude we often don’t learn there are two sides to every story. When we become convinced there is only one truth we don’t even want to learn there could be another possibility, because we think it couldn’t be true, so why hear it? If we begin to question what we believe to be true, we might have to ask questions from the people around us. It’s easier to go with the flow than rock the boat. There is often little respect or tolerance for people who don’t think the way we do, no matter whose “side” you are on.

Dumbing down of America
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This holds true for any idea that can be highly charged at the opposite ends of belief. When you think you are right; in fact, you know you are right, it leaves little room in your mind for discussion. You lose friends and alienate family members. How could they not believe everything you told them? How could you possibly sit at the same table and have a meal together if you both don’t believe the same thing?

Religion, politics, racial superiority or any controversial subject; no matter what we believe to be true, if confronted, we dig our heels in to uphold our truths, even at the risk of impacting our lives by losing people we love. But it’s their own fault, right? They could have listened to us and learned, we think, as we tell them how wrong they are.

If the media we watch or read only reinforced one side of the story over and over, not putting forth a balanced view, it becomes the only truth in our mind, whether it is true or not. Nothing else is worth hearing because we assume it is all lies. But if we don’t compare all sides of a story how can we discern the truth? Yet the person giving the other side is mocked and called names. Did they deserved that?

The people who originally left England, who later came by boat from Holland, left because of religious persecution. If you did not believe the truth of the Church of England you would be persecuted and likely killed. People believed out of fear and because they were avowed nothing else – until Martin Luther. People wanted the freedom to believe and practice what they chose to think of as truth, not be told what to believe or be burned at the stake as a heretic.

The Church of England used religion as a means of controlling the masses. It is disheartening to see America also use religion as a means of control, even to the point of some politicians wanting to instill biblical law over constitutional law. Do they actually know what they are proposing? Doubtful, but it sounds good to those who believe they follow God’s law. Imposing that on people who are not Christians is just as bad as what the leaders in England did trying to force everyone to follow the Church of England. It was horrible to hear a Republican Congressman say, during the Christmas season 2017, that he would gladly execute a homosexual. That really Christian, isn’t it?

Mistakes from the past have not been learned. Trying to force Christianity on the people by wanting to teach biblical ideas in schools regardless if the children come from homes who are Christian, is wrong. Too many Christians believe that freedom of religion only pertains to Christianity.  All Christians do not follow the same ideals. All other religions are not taught, yet all children are taught Christian ideas that is only right for Christians? Forcing it onto all children for their own good? The push for Christianity through the government means it is not a government “For the People”. Only a segment of society is Christian and only a percentage of them do more than just say they believe in God but practice nothing. They say they believe because they never searched for any truth. Most Christians couldn’t name the ten commandments.

People are taught and now think all Muslims are terrorists and many citizens have been harassed. Now people believe all Hispanics are lowlifes and criminals – because that is what our government says over and over.  Too many people have lost the ability to express critical thinking and only repeat what they are told. Christians have terrorized and killed many but no one has implied all Christians are terrorists. When the media tells only one side of the story people think it is the whole truth. They buy the propaganda. People get hurt. Hate crimes increase – even by those who profess to be Christian.

Hitler quote
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There have always been Democrats and Republicans. People have always disagreed and believed only the party they are registered with can take care of them. They vote against their own well being just because the politician is with their party.  America is in deep trouble because of they kind of thinking. Taking an honest look at the other side instead of instantly believing only politicians of their party means they are not being loyal. Their own media presents only their side of the truth, which is usually not the whole truth.

People won’t listen to anything except what sings to their own choir. Families are split. Friendships have been lost because emotionally, people are too angry over each other’s ignorance at not understanding the issues. Never in the history of America has there been as much violent disunity as in this Age of Trump.

People are taught and have been taught for hundreds of years that black people are inferior. “White People” deserve more, based only on skin color. White people are smarter. They deserve a better education, the best jobs and they place higher on the social ladder, as if they are special people.

“Black People,” they are taught, are prone to violence, commit more crimes, do more drugs and sell more drugs. All of this has been proven false. White people are equally at fault for all crimes, yet more black people are sentenced when they are innocent. Many white people refuse to believe that and think black people are only in prison because they are guilty and only the guilty get sentenced – right? They refuse to believe racism against people of color exists or that black people are unfairly targeted.

Collectively, in families, neighborhoods and churches, people are taught to believe the same thing. Religion and politics are mashed together. Some preachers endorse politicians when they should be impartial. What your preacher says is swallowed, hook, line and sinker. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line is ostracized.

Parents pass this way of thinking down to their children and instill it in them. Otherwise, it is inconceivable that white youth growing up today would embrace hurting black people for no other reason than the color of their skin. Young People join the KKK yet probably don’t understand it’s origins. Shame on the parents who teach this to their children. This way of thinking doesn’t make them superior, it makes them ignorant.

What is true is that white people have had the power and money to suppress anyone they wanted to, much the same way the rich feel they have the right to suppress anyone who doesn’t have the amount of money they have. Money is more important than humanity.

This power created an unequal social structure, which created an uneven educational system, which led to a prejudiced hiring market, which led to blacks having less money to purchase homes, and intentionally kept out of desirable housing markets that didn’t want black people living side by side with so-called superior whites.

Police raided black communities and charged many with crimes they didn’t commit; suppressed evidence and filled the prisons, which made stock holders of prison corporations very rich. Making money off the backs of black people had always been acceptable. Who was going to stop it? Elect more black politicians . . . as white people do everything they can to stop it.  They are afraid of losing their white privilege that they don’t deserve to have.


Warping people’s minds into believing only one side of the truth is the whole truth has affected the pro choice/ no abortions allowed sensibility. It will never be solved or agreed upon. Forcing people to adhere to one side has never worked. Each side is absolutely right in their thinking. To sway an entire community means alternative reasons are never discussed. The entire country will never be swayed or made to obey. People will always find ways to have an abortion of needed, even if it kills them.

Politics and religion fight on their own side of the isle when it comes to LGBGT issues like there is only one right answer and everyone else is wrong. The emotion is high, so angry, that people are driven to commit hate crimes.

The truth is out there, but if you already believe you know the truth and believe certain people don’t deserve humanity or consideration, then society will continue on the path it is going – its own destruction. It will become too late to change.

We all need to take a step back and realize we don’t have all the right answers. We need to question WHY we believe as we do? Who taught us what we believe to be right or wrong? Did we ever question it? Did we try to find the other side of the story?

I Lived The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Paul Ryan’s Biggest Influence: 10 Things You Should know about the Influence of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand

I read this article today and it made me think of a time in my own life when it was controlled by this philosophy. People aren’t born thinking like this. They are made. It sneaks up on you like anorexia sneaks up on a teenager who thinks they are fat. No matter how dangerously thin they become they still think they are fat.

Paul Ryan has had an overwhelming need to eliminate people he viewed as weak – the everyday, ordinary people of America do not deserve to even be thought of. They are takers who take away deserved riches of the upper class – the makers. Now that the damage is done he will back out, watch the collapse of society and think he has won. Won what? He doesn’t have to worry about a social safety net, or lack of health care. He doesn’t have to worry about the lack of a decent wage or savings when he retires. If he did, he might think differently. Can we stop it? It’s like pulling out an infected tooth, but the decay is already into the bone and spreading.

No one outside Ryan’s inner circle understands the decaying vision Ryan has had for this country since his idealistic youth. Average American conservatives can’t think beyond what Fox News tells them to think. I’ve talked to many people about their beliefs. They can not accept their reality is not what propaganda tells them it is. Is this all conservatives. Of course not, but it is true for many.

Ryan will step away now – but he’ll be back. He’s young. He also has three children in their teens. They have been schooled in this philosophy since birth. Will they carry on their father’s thinking in their own lives? Probably, because children believe what they are taught and it becomes their truth. It is why religion flourishes, even though common sense tells you there is no entity in the universe who loves you and cares about your happiness. That thought is as ridiculous as the tooth fairy. But people need to believe it because they are afraid of what happens after they die. They need to believe they’ll their loved ones and be happy in a mansion in the sky. 

 <<< >>>

I have first hand experience of what it is like to live with someone who was completely engulfed in the philosophy of Ayn Rand. When I was younger and singing in piano bars, I met a man named Larry Wayne Grantham who started showing up at the clubs I was singing in. He made it known how much he “respected” me. He was an architect who studied under Bruce Goff – an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. He wanted people respect his architecture as art. He wanted books to written about his creativity and needed it to be so before he was forty. He was good what he did, but thought had the right be special before he earned it. It didn’t happen. To lower himself to be ordinary was not in keeping with the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I had never heard of her before this.

He had me read her books – more than twice – and relentlessly lectured me on her philosophy – especially the very long rant by John Galt in Atlas Shrugged. He drilled it into me many times all night long, not letting me sleep until he thought I understand. No amount of begging stopped him. He continually reduced me to tears. He also told me I showed my children too much affection. I was to be cold to ordinary un-enlightened people. I should never allow them to presume they could touch me. He was trying to make me into his Dagney Taggert.

One night, at an audition with a good friend I squatted down by his chair to not block anyone’s vision, and put my hand on his leg. He lectured me until dawn so I would understand how much other people were not to physically touch me or to touch them. I was to understand my individuality put me above other people. This mind warp went on for almost three years.

Mental abuse can be more damaging than physical abuse because no one can see the damage, but the scars are thick. While putting me on a pedestal he controlled me while making me feel as though I didn’t deserve him, so I had to work harder to become his ideal woman. He destroyed me. The very things that made me attractive to him were now never good enough.

Sex – was not a show of love. It was a show of respect. Everything was about respect.  If I respected him I’d show it every day, without fail,  through sex. If I didn’t, he wouldn’t talk to me. He would punish me. He kept a tally on the wall in back of the bed, separated by who initiated it. If it wasn’t 50% – and every day – I didn’t respect him and got another long lecture until I agreed I understood. He made me hate sex with him.

He continually threatened to put me and my two children out of the house unless I learned and applied what I learned. I no longer had a car. I was dependent. He constantly lectured me about “the individual”. If you read Rand’s books you’ll realize how important that concept is. I should never be part of “the masses”. I began to believe I was wrong and he was right and I tried to please him. I thought I had nowhere to go. 

After almost three years, I got a call from a band I had auditioned with in LA the previous year asking me if I would tour with them. I had a way out. I had been disappointed when I didn’t get chosen at the audition. I got the courage to leave him. I ran. Because it was for music and not just leaving him couldn’t stop me. He’d be a hypocrite. I was pursuing my individuality. In reality I was running. I got on a plane with my children and left. He had also recently told me he wanted me to have another baby and I’d have to sign a contract. He said a child needed a mother for the first 5 years. After that if I wanted to leave him he was to get custody.  I knew he would pressure me. Relentlessly. I didn’t want more children.

<<< >>>

I have told this story before but I have never written it down. I read it now and I’m horrified by it. How could I have let this happen? But I look at the United States now and I look at everything Paul Ryan has said and done, and what his future plans are I compare it to this man I lived with. It scares me. I look at all of the people who are controlled by the ideals of the leaders of this American government who treats the people exactly the way I was treated and how my mind was altered. How could theirs not be?

So many people who follow and approve of our government today think it is allright to destroy the fabric of society. Otherwise, they wouldn’t support this administration who is controlled by people like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, Betsy DeVoss who is destroying education. Ben Carson who is destroying HUD, the destruction of the EPA and the FCC, by controlling what we are allowed to learn from the web by controlling which sites we can go to, which is controlled by how much we pay.  There are many more. A vast segment of society would be dumbed down because knowledge would be controlled. How could the population who identifies Republican support that? Or maybe they don’t know because it isn’t clearly talked about on Fox News. Trump is in an ignorant, narcissistic class of his own.

Trying to impeaching Pa supreme court judges who don’t give rulings that favor The Republican takeover of elections by gerrymandering means are not  democracy, yet main steam news tells the masses are. Fair elections aren’t desirable. They could lose control before the destruction is complete. They haven’t yet started new wars for profit they want, and they approved of the destruction of Puerto Rico. The instilling of distrust of the FBI.  Get rid of Mueller before the truth is proven. They don’t want the truth. Conservatives don’t want to believe they were wrong.

Our mentally ill president wanted “nukes on the table” with Mexico and is destroying relationships with every country on the planet that doesn’t agree with him like a school yard bully, while the planet itself it’s being raped and destroyed. This inept, unknowlegable, sarcastic, immature abuser is destroying what is left of our country, yet there are people who support him. Why? Why? Why would people support that?? Forget figuring out why these “conservatives” want America to become like this. You wouldn’t be given a cohesive answer without them saying everything was either Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s fault. The truth didn’t matter. Irrational? That’s obvious. There was and still is no accepting of responsibility.

This is the same way this mind control happened to me, but I got away. This man I was with – I got away from him – not unscathed. He was angry. He had spent three years molding me into how I was to think. How I was to conduct myself, and now I was gone. He lost. The hate mail was so bad I quit opening it. He had photocopied the letters. He later put them all in a notebook, designed artwork on the cover, wrote an opening page explaining the letters as if his writing them had value and should kept and studied, and sent them to me again. I never read them. They are packed in a box somewhere. Why did I keep them? Validation, I suppose. Proof that I got away? Perhaps.

This is the same way Fox News “reports” propaganda as true news. The real truth isn’t necessary. There was a court case a while back. I can’t remember all the details except that the truth lost. It was determined the news was not required to be truthful. If people believed a lie was true and they swallowed it as truth, it became true for them. Even when it affected their lives in a negative way, it was okay. It was up to them to prove it false to themselves if they wanted to. It didn’t matter if they still couldn’t understand they were being lied to. Many of those lies are finally coming out, but I doubt Fox News cares. They got their lies across. The damage was done. Those people who believe the lies defend Fox News as being the only news that tells the truth. That is how mind control works. It is how cults work. People who believe and actually live the philosophy of Ayn Rand have the minds of cult followers.

20 years later, that man in my life died of cancer. While he was sick he contacted me and finally apologized for what he did. He had come to his senses and realized how damaging the philosophy of Ayn Rand was. He had believed he was special. He thought could cure himself by thinking he was more powerful than his cancer. He was, after all, a more advanced human being. It took years to get his programming out of my head. Even when I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, it still crept in.

There had been certain clothes I was allowed to wear. Clothing that wasn’t frivolous. Prints were out of the question. Stripes were okay depending on the color. Anything with a flower on it was never allowed. No household items were seen that he determined were meaningless. No decorations or wall hangings were allowed unless they were of a noted individual or artist. They had to mean something or they were kitsch – fake.

When I would write, I was corrected if I wrote, “I feel . . .” I was to write, “I think . . .” I was to stop being emotional, show emotions or write emotionally. As an emotional person I found it hard to be the person he said I should want to be. He was remaking me into his version of an individual – except I was already the individual I had matured into being. I was already good enough. Hindsight is perfect. How I wish I could have seen clearly what was happening, when it was happening.

He was a devout atheist. I was agnostic. I left religion in the dust at 18 because I found it to be hypocritical. Church was a social activity with people who didn’t sincerely apply the teachings to their lives. It was a great way to not accept responsibility for your life by saying everything was the Lord’s will. I celebrated the secular part of holidays. Christmas trees and the Easter bunny. He wouldn’t allow any decorations for anything except birthdays. Later, when he was sick and dying, he found The Lord and started making drawings with scripture in it. To me that made him the ultimate hypocrite. He was concerned now with what came next. I assume he was trying to play it safe. 

Even today – after 35 years – I find when I shop for clothing I still resist buying anything that has flowers on it. I have to tell myself I can wear anything I want to wear. I am who I am and I like myself. No, I love myself. I love who I have become and I’m not done growing. I don’t need anyone else to validate that. A mental abuser gets into your head and grows roots. They are hard to dig out.

I ask myself how I allowed it to happen, but you don’t see it while it is happening. The control is gradual. He made me think I needed him to teach me how to be an “individual.” I forgot I already was one.

Those people who worship Ayn Rand and her philosophy end up as damaged goods.

Sadly, This is a Trump Supporter Focus Group

This is an actual Trump Supporter focus group that was shown on Hulu. Shocking. There isn’t much I can say about this. I wish it were a hoax. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. These are real Americans participating in a focus group who think these questions are serious and they buy into it. How can we fix the dumbing down of America when there are adults who buy into these ideas as being feasible – and okay to do. PUT TOXINS IN CHINESE DRINKING WATER TO MAKE THEM STUPID?? It almost makes me want to give up. These people are really, really ignorant and unfortunately there are  lot of them who don’t care that we are being flushed rapidly down the toilet. These people actually think it would be a good idea to round up Mexicans by locking them in a port-a-potty, lifting them with cranes, putting them on the back of trucks and driving it back over the border. Unf**king believable.

Believing in, and following Trump is like drinking the kool-aid of Jim Jones, except you are taking everyone else down with you, too.

Jim Jones

Sexual Predators Everywhere

Because of all the women – and men coming forth about sexual harassment and abuse we should not pass over trump’s own bragging about taking women whenever he wanted – because he had “star” status. White men (predominantly) in a position of power could retaliate against anyone who came forth, either by denial, humiliation or loss of job/career. So people shut up. Look at the high ranking people at FOX who still deny what they did, although Bill O’ Reilly forked out $32,000,000 paying off one woman.

Bill Cosby admitted drugging women to rape them when they were unconscious. Look how hard it has been to convict him. Why? Because he has money and fame.

A rich white man is ordered to have counselling after being caught diddling his infant daughter. Why? Because prison would have been too hard on him.

But a recent list of powerful men has finally caused a backlash. Politicians have resigned. Kevin Spacey lost his netflix series and a movie. People knew! All along people knew what these men were doing and NO ONE did anything to stop them.

Billy Bush joked right along with Trump as though it was some kind of joke. Trump made light of it by calling it “locker room” talk. But it wasn’t talk was it? He was talking about things he did – not what he was pretending he wanted to do. And his female supporters went along with it. They gave him excuses. That makes them pretty darn low class themselves to condone this behavior.

I want you to watch this video again, a year later, and tell me if you think. he should be let off the hook or whether he should come under scrutiny the way Bill Clinton did. Everyone jumped on him because he insisted he didn’t have sex with “that woman.” It ruined her life for years. A young woman infatuated with the president and he, an older man, couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants.

Anything less than a public courtroom means there are two standards for two different men. That makes the American people, the conservative Christian American people to be severe hypocrites of the worst kind – quoting what God says and what God means and that God is love, but he doesn’t linc If you believe that, you have to believe God doesn’t want women to be sexually abused by a anyone’s who thinks he has the right to stick his hand up the dress of a woman and get away with it. It’s vile and it’s crude. It needs to be stopped. There needs to be a price to pay. He don’t deserve our respect – Mr. PRESIDENT.

Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices

via Joan Shigekawa – A message on Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices — Design and Exclusion

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I found this post today and thought it was worth sharing. This is an issue that is playing out in the media, including the very negative white privilege standpoint of the resurgence of the KKK – minus the hoods because they aren’t hiding anymore. The “white man” is terrified of becoming obsolete and losing their top of the food chain position that allows them to control everything.

The white man makes sure women are are controlled – demeaned in the work place, paid less and become objects of sexual gratification while destroying them when it was suggested they would do such a thing. I recently read a list of men who have been sexual predators and I’m still shocked. Women are standing up. Women have been silenced, or fired so men can keep their coveted top dog position. And I yes, I know this doesn’t include all men.

Everyone of all races – everyone who doesn’t declare themselves to be Christian, whether they are or not, is pressed down by the use of so-called biblical law. White men leading the rage against abortion. White men who say women are too stupid to make decisions about their own bodies. Control. Control. Control. White men decide it’s okay to destroy our food with chemicals. White men run Monsanto and once again we’re to confuted by food labels. White men are now deciding climate change isn’t real because they are in bed with with the oil companies. White men have decided ALL of our wars.

Only white men are good enough for certain professions as if only they have the brain capacity to do the job. It is the collective white male ego that can’t fathom working for a women. For years a strong woman was considered to be a bitch but a strong man was a good leader. And if that boss was Black or Hispanic or a Black or Hispanic woman (God forbid!) it wouldn’t go down easy, if it happened at all.

But this is what is drilled into a white boy’s head who was born to middle or upper class families. It is was they learn. It is what they see. It is what they expect. To change a class of people to think differently – to think of all people being equal isn’t going to happen, at least in my lifetime. They won’t give up control easily.

They control and use the Christian religion against the people. They control politics and the making of laws to benefit the corporations who own the prisons where they control black men disproportionately. They control their ability to get an education and support their families. They control the media and say what they want – lie – to make people believe things that aren’t true. White men control everything and other people, including their wives, come second.

And with their power they think they have the right to sexually abuse women, and so often the white judge blames the woman. “Look how you’re dressed.” “You probably flirted with him.” “He says it was consensual.” So women hated to come forward and be humiliated. How can the man who now sits in the oval office – admittedly an abuser who said because he was a star he could just take what he wanted – and got away with it! All the women were lying.

There are too many men not held accountable. Too often when women and minorities are not balancing out the voice of only the white men. It takes all people from all walks of life to participate in creating a world that is good for everyone so we all have place at the table.

Do you think it will happen?