MYST the Book of Atrus

Myst book of Atrus

MYST the book of Atrus
by Rand and Robyn Miller


This had a profound impact on my life in the early 90’s as it did on millions of others, especially women. It was the first computer adventure game that opened the doors for all computer games that came after. It was a phenomenon that had players spellbound, attached to their computers while living in a different world. The prologue to the game is this book. I am savoring the last two chapters as I slowly read each word, picturing it in my mind, reading and rereading each paragraph.

Young people today don’t understand what life was like before Microsoft, Windows 95 and the computer mouse. The first time it was demonstrated I sat there in awe. All I could before this was type letters and numbers for data collecting. No pictures. No internet.

But this wonderful game captured people’s minds. We could control where we went in the game. We could walk around. There was music. It was the beginning of computer graphics. Water moved. Birds filled the sky. I lived in the ages of MYST and Riven in a series of 5 games. Many people spent hours every day wandering through beautiful scenery solving puzzles.

In the past 20 years technology moved very fast and computer games became more human~like and even more addicting.

But why am I writing about this 20 year old computer game today? Recently, on eBay, I was searching for used sci-fi books. My husband and I are both lovers of all things sci-fi. Not the ones with made up aliens, but those with plausible science that allows you to momentarily suspend your beliefs and imagine it to be true even though it is full of contradictions and you know it can’t be true. I look at the Bible in this way.

I found one and the middle picture was MYST. I was thrilled. I sent a message to make sure her collection of 6 books would indeed come with this book. It did, and she even offered to sell me that book alone for 50 cents. I took them all. Sometimes you got lucky and got good books.

I began Myst before I met my husband in 2000. He had a computer repair shop inside a computer software store. I wandered in one day looking for a new game – and the rest is history. We did the remaining games in the story. Each one rocked the gaming world as it came out.

For the last three days I have been buried in the book. Reliving life in “the crack”, Atrus and his father journeying through the earth to the desolate ruins of world of the D’ni, learning how to write an age, a world and traveling to it through a linking book. This book is a prequel to the first game.

I would love to reinstall it but computers today may be too advanced for it to play, but I want to try. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Our Squee still sits on a shelf in our computer room. The squee is a tiny (it sits in the palm of your hand) pewter figurine of a rodent. It looks part squirrel /part rat. He was part of the story line in one of the games and became a treasured keepsake.

I have been going through serious health problems and have been stressed over the outcome. Reading this book allowed me to escape to a different world.

Is there anyone out there who also traveled the ages in this game?

“Nana, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? “


Sonni QuickI am honest, with myself and the people around m. I don’t lie. I simply don’t. The words that come out of my mouth and the words I write are true to the best of my ability. I don’t pretend to be something I am not. I don’t think I am always right. I can admit when I’ve been wrong.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes along the way with good choices and bad choices. Those choices all have consequences we have to live with. But it is hard for some people to take responsibility for all of the events that happen to them. It’s easier to think some piles of crap we have to wade through aren’t our fault; something else caused it or it was just the luck of the draw. People often can’t connect the dots. Sometimes it’s too far back to see it so they assumed it happened by itself with nothing to cause it.


A few days ago I had a texting conversation with my 19 yr old granddaughter who has been making careless choices that have severely affected her stability. She has burnt bridges while staying with people who allowed her to move in or asked too often for money while jumping from one boyfriend to the next. She’s young. She’s had a tough childhood. She’s been on her own her own for awhile making decisions but she doesn’t have the wisdom to know if she’s making good or bad decisions. The effects have buried her in deeper holes to get out of and she doesn’t know yet what she needs to do.

I love her dearly. She reminds me so much of myself at that age. Some of the careless choices we make when we are young affect us long after we have grown up but it’s too late now to go back and change them.

She said to me, “Nana, why do bad things happen to good people?”

Because being a good person has nothing to do with what is happening to you today. We can be a good person and still make bad choices. We are responsible for the things that happen to us. No one else makes them happen. Other people are worrying about the effects of their own choices. We cause our own mess. We bring the wrong people into our lives. We might not get the effect of that right away. The effect happens when it is supposed to, but by then we might not see the connection.

In the teen years it is easy to blame your parents or other people in your life for causing things to happen to you. It is hard to point at yourself first. Or pride steps in. “You were never there for me!” Why things happen to us is much deeper than what we did that day, that month or even that year. My hope is that she doesn’t make choices that can ruin her life.

Because of my own choices I made at her age, I am paying dearly for today. I had left home at 18 to go to college and screwed it up because I had a boyfriend who did drugs. The hard kind. I was always curious about everything. I wanted to find out what things were. It was a bad choice. I didn’t understand the word consequences. I was not taught about that. I believe it is one of the most important things to teach young people and it is only learned the hard way. But would I have listened if someone had tried? Probably not. I had to find out the hard way.

But I did stop, a long time ago. I felt fortunate that I did. My life was full. I had two kids. I was playing music. I played hard. I worked hard to take care of my children as a single mother. I thought I had it together. I didn’t realize until it was too late about consequences. It was too late to learn it.

I began to get sick in the mid 80’s. The doctors had no idea what was wrong. It could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia, until I found out I had Hepatitis C in 1998. I had never heard of it. The cause I had made between the years of 19-21 was going to affect me more than I could comprehend. I had no idea what was coming up.

I am a good person. I try to do the right thing. I learned a lot about myself through battling these consequences and I’ve tried to pass that wisdom I learned on to others. But none of that was going to change what was happening to me. I couldn’t fix that. I have had to fight hard to live and it has not been fun.

I will be 65 this month. Tonight I lay against pillows writing on my tablet. I came home from another surgery as I fight cancer – again. I had a liver transplant in 2012 because of the Hep C and liver cancer. I have had quite an assortment of infections and things gone wrong because my immune system is suppressed. My bad liver caused severe osteoporosis and I break easily. My back fractured, by itself and I fell on my arm and crushed it like a roll of Ritz crackers so I now have a titanium shoulder and upper arm and elbow wrapped in titanium with many screws holding it together. My spine and neck are compressing. I have arthritis in my left hip. I’m an accident waiting to happen.

I can’t fight cancer. I had a tiny spot on my ear. They cut out a piece of it. It came back .  When it didn’t stop the entire top half of my ear was cut off. It looks like a dog ate it for lunch. I had radiation that permanently burned off the hair on the side of my head all the way up to the top. The cancer blew through that in ten days and now I had a swollen lymph node under my ear. The cancer went internal. Shit. I’m in trouble now.

My neck was sliced open from my hairline at the back of my neck behind the ear down to my collar bone across to the top of my sternum. Dozens of lymph nodes were removed, and nerves were damaged. There was a lot of  bleeding that couldn’t be stopped. My jugular vein had to be sacrificed. I look like Frankenstein and someone sewed my head on.

Will this stop the cancer? Maybe. Probably not. This doctor didn’t lie to me and say, “I think we got it all this time, like the last doctor did – twice.

“We have to take it day by day,” she said. “Watch you closely and be ready to act. Your cancer is very aggressive.”

But I’ve been given more time to keep fighting.  This is all I’ve had all along. Buying time. If I had a better immune system, maybe, but I don’t. Since the transplant in 2012 I’ve been buying time. It is just the facts.

Here is the bottom line. I still have much to do. I have made every day of my life count. I’ve been writing a book that I think is good. I’m trying to complete it and get it edited. It takes money. I’ve been writing music, pouring my heart and emotions into music, determined to help Jamie Cummings get on his feet after 13 years of letters. I have tried to teach him what I learned about life. The only legacy of value any of us leave behind when we die is the effect we have had on other people. Have we helped others become better people who the can teach their children and others who are important to them? I can’t leave this undone. I don’t have the luxury to take it slowly or waste my time. Time is precious. I spend it wisely. 

If you’ve read previous posts you know these things about me. Some of you also follow my blog My Name Is Jamie where there are also chapters you can read.  I’m almost done the second draft. I’ve been recording the music for it.

The past few months I’ve been trying to make money by opening an online store that is also connected to eBay and Facebook. It has been a tremendous amount of work – more than I thought it would be. It has cost money to learn what I need to learn. But I can’t pay an editor to work with me until I make money. I work at it every day – all day. On one aspect or another.

Can I be an example for Jamie and my granddaughter of what not to do? I have 6 other grandchildren. Will my life mean anything to them. Will they see a winner or just remember me in the past tense.

I need your help. I started a gofundme campaign. The link is at the bottom. There are a couple updates. If anyone can help. That is great. Would it be for a good cause? Even a couple dollars would help a lot. I will name all of you at the end of the book. I will give away ebooks or a book to hold for $15 or $25. Even just sharing it would help. It’s hard getting it out into the universe to people.

Now I must rest.



Which Comes First, The Chicken or the Egg?

Which Comes First the chicken or the egg

This is one of the fastest ways to overload and fry a brain, especially when it is not a young chicken brain. I was told by a coach who was helping me set up my business that I needed more than just an online store web address. That doesn’t tell people who I am or why I am doing this. The store needed to be part of a larger website that had more information about the ecomm business I started. All of my products are at watchandwhirl. and with apps the products are organized to be sent to my Facebook store, my eBay store and now this website. All of them say Watch and Whirl with the same store front. I needed a dedicated website. It would give me credibility. Prospective buyers needed to have confidence in me if they were going to spend their money purchasing items from my stores.

I usually think things will be easier than they are, as I stare incoherently at my computer screen reading directions over and over, while watching YouTube videos about how to do it. My bottle of Tylenol is slowness decreasing as my pounding headaches after 4 a.m. are increasing. As a musician from my early life playing gigs 5-6 times a week I am still a night person who rarely goes to bed until it starts to get light as I spend every waking moment making this business work.

If this website doesn’t look quite right, or certain pages come up empty it’s because it is a work in progress. My tech abilities are pretty good compared to the average person, but not good enough compared to the younger generation who learned all of this in kindergarten. I am actually quite proud of myself for getting to this point of functionality. But it is taking time away from finishing my book, making new videos and recording new music. In the bigger picture I can’t complete them  unless the store is successful. I need money. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

The purpose for all of it was because I wanted Jamie, the main person in my book to survive re-entry into society after 13 years of prison, and so he could help support his son.

As a musician I create music by how it feels to me. It’s the same way I cook. No recipes.  I add spices and ingredients in amounts that feel right. Music is created by improvisation. To my amazement somehow it comes out right. But to create a website you have to add information in exactly the right way and read directions that tie my brain into knots.

It is slowly coming together. When I type in the web address it comes up. There are sections that need more work but the online store is there and the advertising videos are there. Links to find my music are there. Why put this on the store website? Because it is a big part of the reason this website exists.

I recently found I have a bigger problem. A few weeks ago tests showed cancer has resurfaced in my lymph system. Surgery is scheduled for 7/15/19. I can’t leave the book undone. It has taken 3.5 years to get to this point with music recorded. There is a SoundCloud player on another another page of your like to hear.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of all this. Let me know you were here. You will also find this post in the blog section at my new website

Necessary Go Fund Me Campaign

Rainbow promising hope in a new day

After I started the Go Fund Me campaign I added two updates and photos that aren’t below. You can go to the campaign using the link below. I’ve tried to keep my issues separate but I can’t anymore.  I’m fighting cancer. I won the first battle with liver cancer with a liver transplant, but the medications I have to take suppresses my immune system so I can’t fight off much of anything. I’ve had many infections a normal person immune system would conquer.

What started as a simple skin cancer, which I had removed and it came back, removed again with part of my ear cut off and came back again so most of my left ear was cut off. It breezed through radiation afterward but a lymph node swelled within 10 days. Not good. Scary thing.

Surgery is scheduled for the 15th, a neck dissection to remove 20-40 lymph nodes by slicing my neck open which in itself has nerve damaging consequences. I can’t do radiation again on the same area. It didn’t work anyway. If the cancer is in other lymph nodes then surgery is out and chemo takes its place. Radiation on my neck would damage my throat. My survival rate is 50%. If it comes back it drops to 5%. I’m not feeling very invisible right now.

I’ll not looking for sympathy.  Everyone has their own battles to fight. I have lived 7 years longer than I would have but a liver came through for me in the nick of time. I wouldn’t wish that operation on someone I hated. There have been many consequences but I made it though all of them.


All I ask – take a look at this. If you can help I’d be overwhelmed, but passing it on to others is just as important. It needs to circulate. Maybe you know an editor who can understand the scope of what I’m doing who can guide me. Soundtracks aren’t recorded for books. Then there are many online radio programs to contact and prison reform groups to contact. They’ll preparing Jamie to speak and take over if need be, or train to work with me – when he learns how to use a computer – he needs a laptop so we can screen share. Do you know someone who would donate one for a worthy cause.

I know I’m asking a lot, but my internet friends are all I have. Go to Jamie’s blog and read about who he is. Why did I start writing to him 12 years ago. Jamie found it on his new phone for the first time last night. He’ll be reading for awhile. 540 posts. I don’t be understood fully the scope of what I’ve done. I cannot leave it undone. Please share.


Keyboard Music of Sonni Quick

Take a few moments to relax. Close your eyes and let it transport you. Leave a commen . What do you think?

I had to take a break from working on the store – to work on my music. Oh why can’t I do 6 things at once!!

Recorded on a Yamaha DGX650

Listen to I Have Nothing Left To Give by Sonni Quick on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Music Tells The Story by Sonni Quick on #SoundCloud

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If you don’t have the SoundCloud app you can hear all of the music and see all of the videos at this site as well.


Watch and Whirl Shop



It has grown with many new items that have been hand selected for quality. It would make me happy if you would go and take a look and share it on your social media. At the moment I can only sell to the Continental US, but that will be changing. So even if you are in another country, you have connections in the US.

Without sales I can’t pay an editor who I can publish my book about Jamie Cummings years in prison. He was just paroled and left the prison last Thursday. I will have more on that later. There is also a sequel planned that goes from 2016 through the issues of re-entry. This entire project has taken 4 years of my life and must not fall through because financially I can’t finish it off professionally. Anyone can also send money to help if you want to at by sending money to Jamie’s email address that was set up for this blog.

I will be putting a store at this blog, too, which is why I have the store the name of the blog. It will take $200 to convert a personal blog to a business.

I need your support, even if it is only looking at what I’m doing.

Here are a few pictures of recent additions to the store