So Who the Heck is Sonni Quick?


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The older I get the busier I get.  It makes life fun because there are endless possibilities of where I’ll end up before the end of my life. Music was the only thing that was important to me since I was in the second grade. There was much I didn’t understand then, but as I look back at the many twists and turns my life has taken, some good and some life threatening, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had not gone through it all.

By the age often eight I knew I was going to teach music but I had no idea how I knew that. I certainly didn’t know what I was doing. But it didn’t stop me from dragging my friends into my house because I was going to teach them how to play the piano.  As long as I knew more than they did I could teach them what I had learned from a short span of lessons at age seven. I took lessons again as an early teen but was fired by my piano teacher because I wanted to do things my way.  I practiced what I wanted to practice. I taught myself.

I didn’t buy 45’s of popular bands. I knew who they were and I had teenage crushes like all the other girls.  I even lied once and told my friends I saw the Beatles. But the only music I listened to was classical piano. Van Clyburn was my favorite. Andre Levin. In my mid teens I’d load my record player up with classical piano albums so it would play for hours as I slept. At seventeen I went back to the teacher who fired me and told him he had a year to polish up what I couldn’t figure out. Through his teaching career I was the only student he ever had who chose music as my life choice. I didn’t want to be a classical pianist but I knew instinctively that I needed to know how to read music in order to create it. I started writing music when I was nineteen, in between hustling pool to pay the rent. I was a crazy risk taker.

I understand now why there is such a draw in me to create – to play by improvising. To feel an emotion and let my hands play what I feel. It is a high people try to reach with drugs and alcohol. I get it for free. I don’t think about it.  It pulls me into the center of the keyboard and I feel as though I am playing my piano from the inside out. If I try to write by calculating the theory it is minus the emotion. 

I can’t explain what happens inside during this experience, when emotion and the body together produces something real. When I listen back after recording – usually days later – if it pulls on my insides and catches my breath I know I accomplished what wanted to do. The older I get the better the music gets. So if I live to 90 and my hands still work I’ll be pretty fucking awesome! (Pardon my French)

There have been serious ups and downs in my life and my music is the result of surviving, so there must be a reason why I’m so here. It gave me a reason to play and there is no “age” in the sound of music. My music changed over the years. I began to evolve into the musician I am now and I couldn’t be happier. All 63 64 years of me. It is exciting to think of what is to come. 

A little over a year ago I started a YouTube channel – Sonni Quick Piano Improv. The video below tells you why I am making these music videos using the music I’m recording for the chapters of the book I’m writing, Inside The Forbidden Outside. You can find the rest of the videos from the video below. I hope you stay and watch a few, subscribe if you like YouTube and host the notification bell to know when I record more. 

You can find out about the book,  read some of the chapters (I’m still finishing the second draft)  and subscribe to ITFO NEWS at 

If you are new to my sites  welcome. I hope you come back  Leave me a comment below so I know you were here. My main music website is You can subscribe to my mailing list there when I publish new music and you can stream my music from there as well. I promise to create wonderful dreams









  1. I play guitar, bass and bongos and pretend I can play a few other instruments. 🙂 I took a few guitar lessons in the early 1980s, but gave it up. I learned guitar and bass my own way and have no regrets that I can’t write music. I’ve “written”, recorded, mixed and done album artwork for eight albums anyway.

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    1. Some people have a great ear. I never worked well with the average teachers and was even fired by one at age 13 because I didn’t do things the way it was supposed to be done. I taught myself theory and the math behind the key signatures. There are more roads than one to travel to be musician, and as long you are happy with yourself and what you play it is the ONLY thing that matters. I always knew, before I could play that I was going to teach piano. How did I know that? I was born knowing. I was young kid when started teaching my friends. So it was always there. And some take lessons for years and now can’t play chop sticks. Most teachers never found their own creativity. They took enough lessons to teach in their homes. They teach using method books that gradually teach you classical, but if you take away the music and say, “play,” they can’t. So they can’t teach creativity. The student gets bored and quits because they lose interest. If you had done artwork for album covers then making sense of creativite avenues probably comes easy to you. Myself, in my life It was art – pencil drawings of faces, dance, poetry/lyrics and keyboard, and the written word – right now I’m writing a book. My grown son is creative musically, phenomenal keyboard player, okay on guitar. My daughter can barely play the radio. I do believe these are effects of causes we have made over a long time. What makes us who we are when are born. You wouldn’t happen to be Leo would you? Just kidding.

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  2. A couple years later – a year into Trump’s America. A scary place. Truthful news has become fake news. Fox news is never called fake news because it is the media that trump followers read. The real things of what he does isn’t broadcast here so trump followers are uneducated about reality yet they think they are. He has succeeded in dividing the country and building up hate and saying it is others that cause it. The Christian religion is used and abused yet trump supporters are dead to that. I foresee so much damage ahead – to everyone – yet they are blind to what is coming. It will affect all aspects of the world as a reason to a attack Iran is being formed – just like Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They have resources we wanted, and we want world dominance. If people die, like they are now in Puerto Rico as Trump lies saying we helped them after the hurricane – but we really didn’t – he is certainly capable of hurting Americans. Ill check back at a later time and see where we stand.


  3. I went back and re-read what I wrote when I started this blog a year ago and found everything still applies. But America is changing. Christians are becoming more vicious. I have never heard of any religion – including the small percentage of muslim terrorists who are as overall as hateful as the vast amount of Christians in this country. The whole of the population of muslims are people with families and are as loving to their families as we are, but Christians as a whole are the most unforgiving and hateful people I have had the pleasure of communicating with. The want war. They want to turn away refugees, even though, in the Bible it very strictly says that people who act like the Christians act to day are going to hell. Christians today have largely rewritten what it means to be a Christian. Is that all Christians? Of course not. In the main part of this blog I had anticipated having an exchange of ideas where people can learn from each other. I have learned through this year that Christians are not interested in an exchange of ideas nor do they want to learn about why there are other religions that work for people. So I found that my writing has gotten more aggressive because some of them need to be hit over the head with their hypocrisy. I’m done pussy footing around on this subject. If you call yourself a Christian and want to follow in the mythical footsteps of the man you call Jesus then you better start acting like him or quit calling yourself a Christian. You are supposed to help people!

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    1. Thank you. The picture you use for your avatar is one I have used on a post on my main blog There is a page at the top – My Name is Jamie – which explains the reason for the blog has that cartoon in it. There is also a link at the top that has all the piano pieces I composed for it. The blog Watch and Whirl is for when I need to lighten up a bit and write about other things. Thank you again.


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