My Dream Last Night Was Very Strange. . .


I dream vividly every night. When I wake in the morning I’m usually in a dream. I can often wake early, get out of bed to use the bathroom, go back to bed, pick up the dream and continue the story. Sometimes I make myself stay asleep until I’m done with a dream and then wake up. Sometimes I’m awake in a dream and know it and do what I want – leave a house, walk down the street, open a door, etc.


I travel a lot to foreign countries, but I don’t know which ones, walking, driving or flying through endless streets in endless cities. Or maybe walk through endless rooms on endless floors of a building. Sometimes I am the main character and sometimes I’m watching the dream.

I love to dream. I go to sleep wondering what the movie will be that night. Sometimes I try to program it but I don’t know if that works. I focus intently, though, on what I want to happen in my life. Meet the right people, or be in the right place to open the right doors. It’s interestg how that works. Some people never remember their dreams. What a waste of time.

I often write down the dreams that really make an impression on me, those ones that don’t fade all day. Why is that? What am I supposed to understand? My dream last night was strange. . .


I felt the extreme need to hide from my husband. I “woke up” laying on a bed. ( not one I recognise) I had to hide – now – he was coming. I couldn’t move. I was aware of myself but was unable to move my arms and legs to get off the bed. I was scared. I focused so hard to move and slowly reached the side of the bed, rolled off and fell on the floor.

He came into room. I was so afraid he’d see me but he didn’t and eventually left. I woke up for real. I thought I was still sleeping. I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t even picture in my head what my room looked like. A complete blank. I remember blinking and looking around in semi – light. Nothing looked familiar. I was more disoriented because I have been living in two places. One home in Pa and one in the Fl Keys. I don’t remember ever feeling so confused. Minutes went by until I sorted out that I was in Florida.

I’m sure many people have experienced being unable to move. I had a tiny taste of what it feels like to be paralyzed. It is not a pleasant feeling.

Tonight is another opportunity to dream again. I wonder where I’ll go.


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