Taking the Train Back To The Keys


I’m taking the train back down to the Keys until mid July. ( But I think it will be a bit  more  modern than this and maybe a little more comfortable.  I have developed a love for the train. A bit longer to travel be a whole lot but a lot less stressful. I’m hooked.

I’ll be first stopping first in Ft Lauderdale for a couple days to visit an old friend I haven’t seen in far too long, and hopefully make some music. We had a heavy metal band in 1982. He was also my voice coach. Eventually, from singing too much and abusing my vocal cords, I developed callouses on my vocal cords. I started sounding like Rod Stewart.

I quit singing from forcing too much power out and singing in smokey bars. I had to quit. I could sing for a short while and the callouses would swell.  Nothing came out.  So I thought letting them rest would help. But even talking too much made me sound too gravelly. My ego wouldn’t let me be someone’s sideman on keyboards.

I’ve spent years developing my own sound on keyboard without singing. Now it is maybe time to write lyrics and try again. My lyrics had become poetry. I think I should get the old vocal cords checked out, sing softer, learn a different style and practice some good voice exercises. Broaden what I’m doing. What do you think?

Anyway – time to go!  See ya on the train!


  1. Life on the railroad has its own charm. Great to know that you chose this option to travel. In this age of instant travel and instant-prettymuch-everything, railroads maintain their steady pace and makes the smooth flow. It is sometimes surreal that you feel like traveling through time. Enjoy, and have a pleasant journey! – M

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    1. I’m not in a rush to get anywhere. Even when I drive I hate the freeways and prefer back roads. It’s longer and much more interesting – and no big trucks. On the train I like to stand in the aisle and see the scenery pass on both sides and the train feels like it is cutting a path through the country. I have food, reading material, music and movies. It’s like a mini vacation. I love it! pass through interesting towns.

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