Make Sure You Don’t Doubt God’s Plan For You!

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I got derailed as I was trying to post on my other blog, My Name is Jamie. I saw a blog post underneath. I usually bypass posts raving about certain passages in the bible because I believe the reasoning is soundly flawed. All of us have the right to believe what we chose, but when you put it on the internet you are fair game to be opposed. It doesn’t automatically make anyone a bad person. For some people it is easier to accept disillusion over reality because you don’t have to “do” anything except believe what you are told. 

There is a section on this blog titled, “Rants and Raves” and that is where this is posted. Read them at your own risk of examining the insanity of what you may believe in. I don’t ask that people believe what I say, but I do hope you look at why you believe the things you do – in all matters. Is it what you were told – or – is it what know?

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This is the comment I left on her post about not doubting GOD’S PLAN for your life. Do you even know what that is or are you left guessing . . . 

I’m sorry, I usually let writings like this pass over me because it’s pointless to expect someone to entertain the possibility that their belief system is flawed. But today you have me shaking my head with the insanity of your reasoning. It would be scary thinking there was an entity (alien) that had a “plan” for me and I was, at the same time, thinking I was hearing voices and knew what this alien wanted wanted me to do and why. And – this alien was speaking to, and making plans for millions and millions of people at the same time, also knowing “if” they believed in him and loved him – and to what degree they still needed to work on trying to believe more thoroughly. Intellectual ability to reason right and wrong – well, Christians must rid themselves of that!

Remember, this “god” is also an angry god who demands there be no other god before him and has the power to bestow calamity, death, punishment and plagues when he’s angry. For centuries people lived in fear of this god – until politics needed the co-operation and control of the masses. (abject destruction of church and state to instill and indoctrinate religion in education) Politicians pretending to be Christians to get your vote.

Now only the love of God is preached, as I see in countless blogs and comments. I never read of people’s fear of god anymore. There are horrible things written in the bible that people were allowed to do to their wives and children – but those things aren’t talked about. Words were taken out and many many versions and interpretations were developed and taught for you to believe. There is power in numbers. Look what the Christian right is doing to manipulate education and laws – that HURT people they deem to be not good enough – because these people won’t vote obscene laws into effect that are meant to destroy their lives. They aren’t “good” Christians. It doesn’t matter that the bible preached the love of mankind – unless you are gay, transgender, a woman who needs to abort a even the beginning cells of a fetus – the Christian Republican politicians now want to give the death penalty to these women, immigrants, Muslims, atheists, etc. etc. and say vile un- Christian. Things about them that should floor this ” living” Christ I hear about. Maybe Jesus’s nature changed to be nasty, too. So God is now choosy about who should be loved – according to many Christians.

You might say this is not how YOU think, which means Christians aren’t on the same page with each other. Being Christian does not mean the same thing to all Christians.

There are 40,000 different sects of god based religions on this planet all saying they are right. I’m sure you believe you are right, too. You pick the part of the bible that supports what you say and wrap what you believe around select passages – but you don’t talk about all the other passages. You form your belief on a narrow view and say God speaks to you and stops bad things from happening to you, yet I doubt you write about the not so good things in your life that he didn’t fix. That, probable falls under the teaching that it is the Lord’s will to not fix those things. He can’t lose, whether good or bad happens in your life.

Your logic, your belief, is flawed. You believe what generations have passed down as it changed along the way. How Christianity was taught 50 ys ago, 100 yrs – 500 years – has changed so much it isn’t recognizable. Christianity is so pushed by politics now, as it was 500 years ago – for control of the masses and because people need a crutch. They don’t want to be to blame for the bad crap in their lives. They want it to be a lesson from God. It’s let’s them off the hook. Most Christians need to think a “being” is looking out for them like a father would, and you need to ask yourself if you swallowed that reasoning hook, line and sinker.

I figured out the impotency of Christianity as a child. I’m 63 now, by watching the adult friends of my parents. I was raised in the church until I was 18. I didn’t think these people applied the teachings – the actual teachings to their lives. Church was just something they did on Sundays that everyone else did. – and it got them into heaven! Did they talk about it after Sunday school was over? Maybe some did. It wasn’t talked about in my house yet we were in the church for some reason more days than not. I think my parents just assumed the teachings were just what life was and us kids were never asked what we thought. Everybody went to one of the dozen different churches in town, but I don’t think they were trying to become better people.

People were only concerned about going to heaven when they died, not how they lived their life as they lived it. I looked at the hypocrisy of what was taught. Not going to hell was the main push, not the overwhelming love of God it became today.

I don’t expect anything I have said to make a bit of difference to you, because if you actually researched within yourself the reasons why you think your believe is the truth, the underpinnings of your life would fall apart. You HAVE to believe like a junkie justifies why he needs his next fix. Your unrealistic belief that the continually and manipulated changed bible – by man – is the be all, end all of truth is truly a reason to be sad.

The teaching in the bible – you reap what you sow – written 13 times – is the law of cause and effect. Do you abide by that teaching? At all times, for everything? Or do people “do” things to you? Do you try to be aware of what you have sown (caused) and taken responsiblity for everything in your environment?

The bible says there is an effect for every cause you make. You reap it in your life. God doesn’t do it – you do – you – everything. You plan your life – you – by your choices, your words and actions. Not some higher being choosing for you. Don’t pray for something else to “bless you”. Look deep inside yourself and focus on the parts of you that need to change because it is that part of your nature that makes the causes that brings negativity into your life. No “being” in the universe does it.

I’m done. From past experience I know you’ll find justifications to continue being blind to reality. My mother did the same thing – until she decided to find out about what I was saying. Then 30 years she, too, left the church and took responsibility for her life. Now at age 85 she says leaving the. Church was the best thing she ever did for herself. She isn’t afraid going “to” a hell. Living can be a hell on its own. She understands better why her life went as it did and made changes to her choices. Maybe you should, too

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