Can Anybody Hear Me? YouTube Video

This is my latest YouTube Video with another one in the works. If you go to my other blog My Name is Jamie you will find a book chapter to go with it. While you are there please take the time to subscribe to my newsletter. ( published about once a month or so I don’t abuse your inbox. ) I don’t have time to publish it more often with everything else I’m writing.  But I want to keep up with those who want to know how Jamie’s life turns out along with all the obstacles he faces in prison.



I think it is important for people to understand what is  really happening vs the propaganda the media often puts out because the prison industrial complex is very powerful. So much of our government accepts their money to keep their campaign war chests full. We know of other corporations who spread money around so the govt does their bidding.  I am hoping when I am done writing this book ( again ) and finish the music, I will have a story worth telling and worth reading. I need your help to share it to your people to create a following.   You can also subscribe to the mailing list at my music website at

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