Islamorada Here I Come!

At the cove in IslamoradaMessage_1513438270855

Islamorada Here I come. Winter in the keys. Oh yes. My son called me last week and asked if I could come to Islamorada, one of the Florida Keys, because the kids were out of school for winter break and it was longer than he thought – 2 1/2 weeks. Could I come down from the freezing weather in PA and help out?

OMy answer was, “How fast do you need me?” and started throwing a few changes of summer clothing in an oversized purse along with my sandals and hopped on a greyhound bus. A last minute flight on Christmas eve? Me and a million other people? I thought a bus would be less stressful. I was completely wrong about that and a story about “Christmas on Greyhound” is coming up next . It was a disaster and took a day longer than it should have to get there.

I left PA in the nick of time before a severe cold front hit the northeast. I HATE WINTER! I don’t like looking at dead trees and freeze to death outside. I got off the bus in 85 degree weather.


My son lives and works at a marina. I dropped my bags and walked down the dock. Breathing in the ocean air was heavenly. When I moved from the keys in 2010 it wasn’t because I wanted to. I was sick. I needed to get near a good hospital. This was my first trip back. Leaving to go home will be hard.


We went to his favorite restaurant at the corner for dinner that night, watched a magic show and listened to live music. Every evening we hear that night’s music playing. Yesterday we went to a cove so the kids could play and the dog could run. A great stressless day.

So if you are somewhere cold right now, enjoy the pictures. 

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