———I read this today and felt as though this person, who doesn’t know me – knew me. When do we stop pretending everything is okay with someone when it is not. When you have to “keep it light” because someone can’t handle a conversation any deeper than the weather so you can tell them what is really in your head. What kind of relationship is that when you can only put on a face and pretend everything is okay – when it isn’t.


Not to express

What you think is right

Not to say

What you think is wrong

Shadowed under the dark cloud

You live but as dead

Worried what your words might bring

Terrified at the though of thoughtfulness

You stay quiet with a storm within

Rashness all around

Fear in the air

Terror filled in minds

But fake peace on the face

Idiots running the show

And clever hiding behind

Saneness gone in the bin

Insanity gone rogue

Fights on amongst ourselves

And wounds inflicted on us

When will us speak up

And when will we fight back

When will be break the shackles

And undo all the wrongs

When will the cloud go

And the fear disappear

When will we live free

Out of this constant fear?

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  1. Lovely poem !

    One has to get over with his/her inhibitions and express in one way or other, else we all be consumed by fear of doubt.

    It is ironical indeed how we put up a face of pride and comfort pretending not seeing bad, not feeling bad at one’s plight.

    Thanks for sharing this. Happy blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Shefali. I must be honest. I have written most of the poetry on this blog but this is one I didn’t. But like you it really hit home with me so I reblogged from someone’s site. The name should be on the blog. If you scroll down you’ll find ones I wrote and also piano music. Thank you for your kind words.


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