Alonza Thomas -Fear of Heights

Over the past year I’ve written about Alonza.  I’ve had the pleasure of skyping with him many times – a deep and thoughtful man trying to figure out how to begin his life again in a world that caused him pain. We have read frequently the past year what effects are of solitary confinement. Because of what happened to Kalief Browder and his suicide caused by abuse and solitary confinement the law was changed and kids could no longer be held like that. Alonza had just turned 16 and California had just changed the law to try 16 year old kids as adults and he was the first one. He became their poster child/adult as the. “stick-up kid”.

He made it through 13 years but came out in a million tiny pieces he has been struggling to put back together. I’d like to say that today everything is great. I know he wishes it were. But the reality is the same as someone who has come back from war. On the outside everything seems to be okay, but the glue holding the pieces together never really dries and it is fragile and easily broken. He is safer inside his lonely room than facing the world outside.

Google him and watch the TV shows on him and understand his story.


Below the video is a link to other poetry.


    1. He’s doing okay. I talk to him about once a month. It took a long while to get himself together. He was most comfortable by himself, staying in room. But he has since gotten married and has a little boy. He’s be training to be a welder. He tries to see life more with humor and not take it so seriously. When I see what he went through and look too at Kalief Browder it makes you realize how hard we must take action to stop the system from doing it in the first place.

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  1. I pray that you’re doing well my brother your story hit my heart. We are about the same age bro. I hope you remain consistently growing everyday. Because Although you missed out on 13 years of manhood. you can live to 80 or 90 and by the time you’re 35-40 you’ll have caught right on up. May Allah Bless you my brother.

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  2. I am so sorry for your messed up experience with the system! It is not fair and I do not feel you should have had the punishment they gave you.

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    1. Thank you for supporting him. He had rough time adjusting when he got out. It is why putting anyone, especially the youth in solitary confinement. It damages people who have to still live I society long after the experience.


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