Do You Know Why Your Thoughts Are So Important?


Author: Margaret Blaine
We’re taught that our thoughts don‘t really matter unless we act on them. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We are one with the creative life force in the core of our lives, so our minds have the same creative capacity as the life force itself. This means our minds are unlimited and can create the circumstances we desire.

In the Buddhist dictionary, we are told that the mind possesses the potential of 3000 realms in a moment of life and encompasses the simultaneity of cause and effect.

This means that every thought, we have, sets a seed in our lives that will manifest in the future when the time is right. Our outer life today is the “visible” manifestation of the “invisible” workings of our mind of yesterday. So, the thoughts, we dwell upon the most, create our life in the future. Until we learn about this we just let any old thoughts, and beliefs run through our minds, unaware we are in fact creating our future life circumstances. The beauty? We possess the ability to consciously change what we are doing to get better results.

As President Ikeda writes in My Dear Friends in America, ‘belief and thought alter reality’. This capacity of our minds is truly miraculous. Most of the time we are either unaware of what we have, take it for granted or doubt we really have it. We not only project our thoughts out to the universe while chanting, but we unconsciously do it all day long. Since the universe reflects our thoughts back to us, it is important that we become aware of what we are projecting.

I have heard people say that chanting doesn’t work. But chanting always works. The response reflects what you are thinking about the most. If you are chanting while thinking this is a waste of time, then the universe will reflect that back to you. But if you chant with the faith that you will get what you want, that result will be reflected back to you too. Awareness, of what you are thinking, will allow you to create the future life you want on purpose, through deliberate intent, rather than by accident. Awareness will allow you to achieve your goals more quickly, because you are no longer getting in your own way.

Become Aware: What Are You  Thinking About?

You give yourself a major advantage once you become aware of what you are thinking. It can be a challenge to notice the almost subliminal thoughts that flit by so quickly. But once you develop the habit of noticing, you will catch yourself when you are thinking about negative results, or worrying about problems. Then you can deliberately change those negative thoughts to reflect what you want to have happen and radiate that to the universe. The results will be quite different.   

This is what is meant when Nichiren said, “Learn to master your mind. Don’t let your mind master you.”

Pay attention and notice how you are thinking while addressing a concern. Are you addressing it with doubts or disbelief that you can change the situation? Are you focusing on your fears? Are you giving your attention to the problems and obstacles rather than the solution you want?

How to Resolve Disbelief and Doubts

• Notice how you are thinking.
• Resolve doubts through study or asking questions.
• If you discover you don’t believe you can achieve the goal you have set, then reduce it to the first step, something you can believe.
• If you find yourself focusing on your fears, redirect your attention to what you want.

You Can do It.

Changing habits of thinking and beliefs may feel slow. But it can be done. Just be patient and persistent. Shortly, you will find that you are developing a positive frame of mind. And, as you chant, focusing on the what you want ( your end goal) rather than the problem, you will see your life shift into a positive direction. You can do it..

6 thoughts on “Do You Know Why Your Thoughts Are So Important?

  1. Reblogged this on My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison and commented:

    ……..This is not normally what I post on this blog, but what it teaches runs through why I write. So it is mentioned quite often. I thought maybe those who find me here might find this of interest because it is why this blog even exists. It is these teachings I share with Jamie to help him make sense of his life and not get discouraged over the uncertainty of not knowing what his future could hold. It is a scary place to be all alone – trying to have confidence in a future that only takes place in your mind – on a good day.


    1. I can’t remember if I talked about this with you.. I write about it a lot. I practice Nichiren Buddhism -have for almost 30 years. But understand there is Buddhism and then there is Buddhism just like there are Mormons and Pentacostals. So often, over time certain aspects of what is taught branches and because I separate thing but what is taught doesn’t hardly resemble each other. The “rules” and focus is all wrong. What I practice comes from the last teaching of Shakamuni when he said to disregard what he taught earlier – it was to prepare the people to be able to understand what he was going to teach – like have to understand all the of language to be able to write a thesis. If you keep studying your ABC’s your entire life does that mean you know how to construct a sentence? The sects of Buddhism like Zen, Tibetan, Shinto, Nembutsu and others are branches that come from the early teachings because the priests didn’t understand so their practice became that country’countriesy’s teaching much the Christianity became the only teaching in others. Early Buddhism sounds enlightening to those of us who understand early on that there is some incomplete with Christian that makes it difficult to believe in an unseeable entity that just happens to have human emotions that “watches us” and has a separate plan for our lives that only “he” ( person gender) knows about who loves us and watches over us who 500 years ago we feared his wrath but who today loves us and gathers us to him in some paradisee after death that is so much more wonderful than being alive. Ironically the lessons taught about how to behave and live as a human, on down to the ten commandments were taught in early Buddhism 1000 years before Moses climbed climbed the mountain and supposedlly God gave it to him then. Stories were formed to teach the people that eventually became fact. That is another long conversation. But the Buddhism that was eventually brought to America completely missed the boat when it came to teaching people the Essence of what human nature is, how to understand what and why your life happens as it does and how to change those things -how much your nature plays a part in determining how you react to certain things even when you don’t want to. Even when you tell yourself you won’t react”like that” again -and you do – and it causes you to suffer. Relationshhips are an easy way to see that happening. When the new boy meets girl phase wears off and we stop pretending we are someone we aren’t and true nature begins to show we often don’t like each other very much and argue, “You’ve changed!” No, we just show ourselves we our imperfect natures. And if we are Christian we say things like, “That’s just the way I am” or “It must be the lord’s will. He made me in his image” or they possibly pray to this supposed entity to change their life for them. Fix their mess, Without looking at their nature and taking responsibility that they are exactly where their own causes put them. Cause and effect. In the Bible it is called “You reap what you sow” except Christians have no clue what that really means ( even though its mentioned 16 times)

      I read an online preacher actually tell his followers they didn’t have to worry about that teaching because Christ died on the cross to save you from all the sins (negative causes that come back to bite your ass) you ever do. So go ahead and live your life in any negative you want. All ramifications are washed away with the blood of Christ. (What a load of horse shit.) But if you were never taught anything different you’d be too uncertain or scared of hell to not believe it. I read a post the other day about a man who didn’t know what direction to go in his life, but since God is perfect he just needed to be patient and wait for Him to open something up for him. Just waiting. Good will show him what to do. No being proactive. Just sit there with a rope through his nose waiting to be led to the next chapter in his life. ( really waitingfor the next effect of a cause to slap him so he can try to fix it)

      I’m really off the subject. If you tend toward Buddhism you’re waking up. But be careful who you learn from or you’ll think “mindfulness” or studying the eight fold path, and learning how to mediate will sound like it is something that will enable you to make sense of your life. Yes, they have disciplines that make you think you are changing important things in your life, but have absolutely no capacity to actually change negatives to positives in the way you make causes in your life. That article was trying to teach that every thought, every word spoken, every action you take has a reaction. Do this things with no thought to that and you spend your life reacting to all the past causes you ever made and life then feels out of control. Because we are human not machine our emotions determine much of our reactions.

      How do we harness the power, the rhythm of life that determines the rhythms we are capable of seeing? Birth aging sickness and death that we see in all life? But were taught that human life goes haphazardly through life – with much unhappiness – in this non-rhythm of birth aging sickness death and then paradise? Really? Except everyone else goes to hell? Wow.

      I have written many things today about the failing of some some teachings but didn’t explain the part about what was missing from these teachings -which would help you understand eventually why the entire world is in such chaos – because people in power us religion to control people and that has worked quite well through history trying to make people do their bidding through the rules of religion. People are killing themselves and others to prove they have the more powerful God on their side. Just look at the behavior of the the Christian Right. What a bunch of angry hateful people.

      But ill leave it up to you if you want to know more. I suggest you go to the website of the woman who wrote that article and begin there. She has a wonderful way of making sense. Knowledge isn’t understood in a day. It takes time and an open mind. Don’t believe a word I tell you. Find out for yourself. ( all this prompted by one sentence, “I tend toward Buddhism”. Goodnessknows what would have happenedif you had asked a question what response would have happened. Remember the title of the article? The power of your thoughts? You made a cause with your sentence and got an effect. What if you had more control over how you thought? Have a wonderful day.

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    2. I’m looking at the posts beneath the one you read. You might want to read them when you get a chance. If you ever want to know what led me here ill tell you. But I fought listening for many years -14 – the first time someone tried to teach me I was 19 and arrogant in my new adulthood. There is a fairly recent posts on this website titled “Talking to my Younger Self”. It says a lot why I continue to study lifeand all it’s quirks.


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