Do You Have an Attorney in Your Contact List? Why Not?

cop in mirror

This is important, especially in the world today and this new administrations double down on arresting even more people AND eroding away our civil rights. What we think is right is not what they are changing the laws to be. We need to protect ourselves.

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison


This post is for people who live in the US.

I have read most people who are locked up eventually get out. A smaller percentage are lwop – life without parole or death row. About 700,000 people are released each year and coincidentally the amount of people who are newly incarcerated keep the numbers at a steady 2.3 to 2.4 million people at any given time. This has nothing to do with the millions of people on paper on probation or parole, or the immigration prisons. The US has the most people incarcerated in any country in the entire world. Think about that. Either Americans are awful people hell bent on committing crimes or there is another factor at work here. We know what that is and why it is. Money. Profit for the rich made off the backs of minorities and low income people who can’t afford an education.

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