The Argument


I find it hard to deal with people who hurt

rip skin from my body, scrape scabs from my sores

which never can heal from words that pervert

In the name of love they condemn my life more

I’m tired oh so tired from playing this game

defending myself from people with doubt

If I fight back then I am to blame

It couldn’t be their words spit out from the start

negative comments, emotions strike out

flung like a sword and impaling the heart


When I’m hurt, I bleed, I don’t have control

I’m human, I tell you, you cut me to shreds

thrown under the bus, no way to console

my feelings are worn out and hanging by threads

I know I will never be understood

You feel threatened by truth, you don’t want to see

that I have no family, to them I’m no good

you cried I can’t take this, you criticized me

and threw one last insult . . . I knew you would

You never thought what your words would do

to my life, because it was all about you


If you say you can’t take it and don’t watch what you say

You expect me to stay here and listen to this?

forget the way you ruined my day

putting down what I do again strikes to the heart

Is my life so easy for you to dismiss?

“I hate your blog” isn’t the best way to start

First words from your mouth when I walk in the door

How can you say that when you know what I do?

My passion for living, no one cares that’s for sure

From the day I arrived it was all about you

This ripped apart family has no love anymore.

Sonni Quick  copyright 2017


    1. I have such a strong sense of right and wrong. Much of that comes out in my writing. This blog has a lot of personal stuff and music I’ve recorded. My other blog is on the life of an inmate and issues of prison. How did you find me?


        1. I thought that maybe that was the case but wanted to know for sure. Then I saw you also had a blog. I’m headed to p of the p to upload my second one. It took awhile to write it and then realized it could be longer so I filled more of the story in at the end. It is also the latest post here with an accompanying music file with the same title written last year. That phrase ‘sharp left turn’ is something I used for a previous writing about 13 years ago. My son wrote a poem for it with the same title. I want to dig it out of the archives and see if it is appropriate to use. Nice to meet you.

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  1. Oh, Sonni, I’m so very sorry for what you are going through. The people who hurt us the most in life are more often than not the ones whom we think should love us the best. I’ve never understood why this happens. Most of the people I call “family” now, are in no way connected to me by DNA. You are one of them. I consider you my sister. You have definitely been there for me far more than the two sisters whom I share DNA with.

    I wish I were there so I could shower you with hugs and tell you face to face what an amazing woman you are. It is an honor to call you “sister”.

    If I can do anything for you please don’t hesitate to text or call me – any time, day or night.

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    1. You just made my day. I have been so busy. My head is buried in my book. I’ve been working with an editor on storyline. A post is schedule to post Monday morn. It’s the prologue. I’m writing the whole thing. She said “No writing is wasted. Only when you write do you find your voice” so it is all the learning curve any craft takes. Having received letters from him I want you to tell me if you can hear his voice coming through my writing. I have new pics of his son. He has grown! Be well

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      1. I’m so happy I could make you smile today! That means this will be an awesome day for me! Thank you for letting me know.

        I get more excited with each passing day as the book gets closer to finished. We are all so very proud of you for all the hard work you have put into this project. There are no adequate words which can express the gratitude and love Jamie feels. You are the only person in his life to stick by his side and never let him down. I don’t know if Jamie would be a part of our lives today if not for you. I don’t believe he could have done this without you which means he would not be a part of my family today.

        I don’t believe family has anything to do with DNA. I believe family is about the people who CHOOSE to walk with us because they accept us just as we are. Flaws and all, or as my Lori says – glitches.

        Thank you for being part of my chosen family and Jamie’s!

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        1. When I got very sick and need the liver transplant I could have gone to Louisville, Ky where Mike is from. They have a very good teaching hospital there. I’ll bet his son and his old friends would have treated better than my family. Then I could have kept the illusion my family loved me and maybe visit once in awhile like
          I used to. My mom said she could have never taken care of me like Mike did.I would have had not choice but to go to a nursing home if I didn’t have Mike. My mother begged me to move to her place from Key West so I could see a good dr. But she didn’t like having a man in the house and she complained and complained to everyone about everything and became the victim in this lousy story. We had to move out. My mother didn’t do one thing to help me before or after surgery and didn’t come to the hospital. I was basically bedridden for 2 years. Anyway – the tables are turned now and everything single thing she “couldn’t” do for me she has needed done for her.I didn’t complain. After she got out of the nursing home I moved into her house for 7 weeks 24/7 to care for her until I broke my shoulder and elbow and she had to go to my sisters. My sister has been a bitch to me for 5 years and now tries to lay guilt trips about all she has to do. My mother’s life has become, “What about me?”She can do more for herself than she does. It is time she does it, because “I” am saying now, “What about me.” This has upset me a lot. I have a life I am trying to live it and that needs to be respected. My schedule is important and what i do is important.I want and need to put myself in the #1 slot in my life. Nobody else ever has in my Pa family.

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