Don’t Bring Candy To a Diabetic

Bowl of candy
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It isn’t a treat. I really do not understand people. Even though they know my mother is a diabetic and even though they know she had a stroke last April that was bad enough to put her permanently in a wheel chair they still give her the very thing that was the cause for stroke, thinking sugar “treats” will make her happy. Do you know the saying, “Don’t flash junk in front of a Junky?

I try to not let it make me angry, but it does. It’s not because they don’t know, because they do. Because of going through a major illness myself, I learned long ago that what you eat matters – a lot, if you want to live. I learned what I should and shouldn’t eat and why. Because I wanted to live I took it seriously. I would be dead now if I didn’t do that.

Ten years ago when my mom found out she had diabetes I did the same thing for her that I did for myself. I researched the disease. I learned what not to eat and the best things to eat. I sent this information to my mother and often talked with her about what to change. But I didn’t live with her so I had no idea what she was doing.  I could only hope her health would be important to her.  Later I found out she didn’t listen to much of anything our read anything, either. In addition to my mother, other family members also have diabetes.

My mother continued to eat what she wanted, but sometimes ate the right thing and thought that was good enough and considered it “trying”her best. As she said many times, “I never meet a dessert I didn’t like.”

She didn’t take her disease seriously. I think that since diabetes is now so common, many people don’t take it seriously. They think insulin will keep their blood sugar regulated but ignore all of the other damage diabetes causes. No one thinks, when your health is ruined, regaining it is a tough road; on them and the other people have to take care of them.

My mother had a stroke. Diabetes constructs the small blood vessels and that is what was happened in my mother’s brain. The doctor told me that most likely her stroke was caused by diabetes. Diabetics often go blind, lose their kidneys and because of circulation lose their toes, feet or legs. She also has a 40% chance of another stroke within five years.

Wouldn’t that scare you? Would you make sure you did absolutely everything to get as well as possible? If someone made breakfast for you – blueberry pancakes with syrup would you say “Thank you, but I really shouldn’t eat this.” Should other family members providing care be careful what they feed you, and themselves? No, and she he is going to eat anything they give her. I’ve gone over this till I’m blue in the face. If they don’t care what they eat why would it matter what they feed her?

With the internet available, all the information I know is there for anyone to find. Why people choose to be ignorant about a diagnosed disease isn’t very smart. You can’t “try” to eat better; either you do or you don’t. There are consequences to the things we do. When someone I love is harming themselves – with anything – it’s hard to sit back and just watch knowing that for every cause you make there is an effect.

Today, while watching TV at my mother’s place; I don’t personally own one, there was a commercial selling a horrible drug with seriously bad side effects, to make you less hungry. Wow. Since the person taking it doesn’t know how to eat right, if the lose weight they will gain it all back plus more when they stop. What an awful idea.

It’s easier to stay healthy than to try and get your health back. I understand that in a big way. I know I can’t fix other people. But I want these other people to get food for my mother that doesn’t promote her diabetes and greaten the chance of another stroke.

The food industry has destroyed the health of many people with the fake food that is manufactured. A high percentage of manufactured food has vegetable oil, soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, heart extract, Aspartame and other chemical sugars, preservatives and many other bad things. None of this is new information yet people keep eat it anyway. They get fatter. The get diseases that are now so common they think is normal. To think so little of your life

is sad.


  1. Oh, I agree, but ultimately, of course, it is up to your mother to say, “No Thank You!” I had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) all my life and I was passing out, feeling crazed, etc. Fortunately, I’m motivated by embarrassment so I researched (before there was an internet) and began a life-long diet. There are a lot of sugar-free desserts. They are chemical-laden, of course, but once in a great stressful while, I find the need for chocolate and that’s what I’ll eat. I do notice that the first week of a sugar-free, carbohydrate-free diet is difficult but after a few months the sugar tastes like poison and it is easy to continue.Sending good thoughts to your mother. Stroke should be a huge deterrent…

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    1. Yes you are right. The addiction to sugar is just as strong as other addictions, and deadly. And yes, if you look up what is in the fake sugars, proven cancer causing, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
      Yes, ordinaryily you would say it’s up to my mother but her inability to say no is why she is in the place she. The sister she is staying with also has diabetes and her attitude is, “You can easy bad food sometimes” no you can’t. Not when your a1c is 11. That’s deadly. This stroke took so much of my mother’s mental strength. She was so strong and sharp. What you eat matters. But my sister bucks me just because it’s me. Shehas no respect for her disease because it’s so common and acceptable. She has never had to recover from an illness and try to regain her health and you can’t make someone care when they don’t.


    1. That’s good for you. It’s because of what the food industry did to our food. You have to be careful to star away from food that breaks down to sugar, not just sugar. But if you have to street your mother away from it, it shows you how strong the addiction is. And diabetes is so insidious. It destroys the small blood vessels and kills inside. Then it’s to late to save eyesight and kidneys or a stroke our lose toes and feet because of circulation. Good luck with getting through to her. Learn as much about it as you can to help her. Keep her away from bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, crackers and anything with wheat.


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