ITFO Newsletter #7 – Raping Female Inmates

This is the 7th issue of the ITFO Newsletter. It stands for “Inside The Forbidden Outside,” the book I’ve written about Jamie Cumming’s life. It is still being edited which has been difficult the last threered months because of a bad fall and a slowly healing arm. But I did manage, with time, to complete the newsletter.

Although I do include the men in some of these issues where appropriate, it is mainly about the women; the sexual abuse they endure from the staff – men and women, and the extremely poor care they get when they are incarcerated while pregnant. Half the states in this country allow womento be shackled to the bed during labor. The newsletter is also about women being forced to give up their parental rights and have their children adopted out if they were put in fostercare for less than two years. CPS Child Protective Services makes a lot of money for each child they take away and more if they manage to adopt them out. Please read and shade. Thank you

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

Source: Michael Korchia on FlickrITFO Newsletter # 7  – For The Women and Their Struggles in Prison

Please Click on the above link to bring up current issue of the ITFO newsletter. Below is just a few snippets. Each issue follows different subjects that need changing and updates. I try to educate people on things they might not know.

It has been a learning experience putting a newsletter together. I hope you click on the subscribe button on the bottom and help me share it through social media. I have lots of plans and projects for this coming hear and it will take people everywhere to help make the changes we need in our prisons and all of the family and friends who are connected to them.

The prisons and our govt is finding new ways to fill our prisons and it starts with the children by making it a felony in some places…

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