Silence is So Loud

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Silence is So Loud 

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Pain. Mind blowing pain

When they ask on a scale of one to ten

How badly do you feel

But all you want to do is scream

 the memory is too real

you felt this blinding pain before

said you’d never live through it again

There is nothing more they can do

at least they don’t pretend

 So they simply stand and watch you

beat the bed and rock any cry

and sadly say, there is nothing else we can try

Finally I pass out and soak the sheets with sweat

If only they could have let me sleep

but it wasn’t to be, not yet

Finally, sweet sleep for three hours

They woke me up at five

to do the necessary vitals

to make sure I was still alive.

I woke again to pain.

Mind blowing pain . . .

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