Inside the Erasure of Saudi Women Inside Politics

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This is an eye opening New York Times video. Women try to break through the many restrictions of women to enter politics. Rules of conduct aren’t written down so it is left to be interpreted by any man. They cannot campaign as the men do. They cannot show their face and their names are removed. They are afraid to be interviewed by journalists who need to be women. They have to have the approval of their husbands and sons who have to drive them to even fill out the paperwork to get approval to campaign because it is against the law to drive. Nearly all campaigning is done in empty chatrooms and most women won’t talk to them.

But for many of these women even having the privilege to run is considered success. There were a few successes. 1% of positions are held by women, though many are lowly community rules like having put holes filled. Even this gives them a feeling of accomplishment and a drive to accomplish more.

Years ago they fought to be able to get an education and there are twice as many degrees held by women than men except they can’t get jobs our drive there.

It is easy to take our freedoms for granted. We demand them. In Saudi being subservient is drilled in from birth so even womenaccept it as a way of life and it is what it is. Even if they don’t like it only a few push against it. Men have complete control.

Inside the erasure of Saudi women and politics

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