Normalizing the Abnormal


I read a comment by Jeremy Home on this article.   To those who don’t use Fox News as an actual factual news source would find this website  more of what the truth really looks like, but this article is frightening if it represents a change. The comments are well worth reading.  If you want to stay in your bubble feel free, but don’t cry when you realize how badly  you’ve been had.


My comment in response to Jeremy Home ( near the top)

This is one of the more intelligent “comments” I’ve read,  which deserves it’s own headline – something most people would skip over in 8 seconds, the average attention span of most humans, because they wouldn’t even begin to understand what the hell you are writing about. I admit I haven’t read the publications you mention but I am by no means ignorant and I have never halted my thirst for knowledge and understanding.

I’ve studied human nature for 30 years. Trump’s nature is an easy one to see, and even though anyone can put on a false face for a short while their true nature will always ALWAYS surface. Abusers are some of the easiest to read. He cannot change. He doesn’t know how – plus he enjoys his nature too much to want to change. He will not be able to hold it back. It would be like trying to not scratch an itch in the dentist chair. He told a certain segment of society it was okay to let loose the baser, more negative aspect of their own nature, letting it loose like a drug, directed at those who feel good abusing people because they think they have been abused. The World of Animality. Kick the dog syndrome. A year ago I said, how will they put the hate back in the bottle? They won’t. They can’t.

The one liner about making America great “again?” No one ever defined what that greatness was. Real greatness, not fiction. How can they, when it is only the figment of a collective imagination to fool most of the people, which then allowed America free to be the biggest bully on the planet. People believe the media bullshit about America helping the world while protecting our “democracy”. We only “helped” those who had something we wanted and if we needed a reason to take it we created a war and lied about what it was for. Tell it to people enough times and it becomes a truth. People need to believe we are better than others, after all, we are a Christian nation aren’t we (choke) and justify blaming sufferers for their own suffering. God’s plan and all that convenient nonsense.

I’m 62 years old and do a fair amount of writing, and pissing people off because I don’t allow excuses or sugarcoat the bad to be palatable. I’m called grade school names, which is the only thing they can think to say, as if they think it will hurt my feelings instead of making them look stupid.

Looking at history it isn’t difficult to see where we are, and where we are going. It is sad, because it will reach a point where saying we are great in a positive way becomes impossible, and equally impossible to do a “do-over.” Unfortunately, I am one who lives well below the poverty line, losing my health and business at the same time in 2010 and have to rely on those dreaded and non-respectworthy government handouts they want to gut because I am now just an ordinary loser. I could end up a liability to my children – except I am not done yet and have the first draft of a book done and music published for it as I take on our slave (oops!) prison system.

I’ve gotten off the subject. I fear for my grandchildren. Hopefully I’ll be dead before we implode. I think I’ll go now and stare at a Thomas Kincaid painting and pretend I live there.

Thank you, Sonni Quick

To my readers. I’ve been out of commission for 6 weeks with a long way to go. I had a shoulder and elbow replacement and am just home from surgery. Definitely not the most fun I’ve had this year. It will be a long recouperation with a year therapy to hopefully get back 70% function. I don’t recommend tripping over a bin of pictures in a dark halfway if you have osteoporosis. I tested the limits of my thin bones.

All I can do is Swype with one finger on my Nook so the going is slow in between system crashes from pushing this aging tablet to act like my computer. It’s pissed off at me right now! So hang in there with me. I’m around. I have much to add to my other blog:

My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison







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