Barry Gibb – Still Around and Still Recording

I chanced upon this video today. I hadn’t thought of the Bee Gees in a long time although I loved their music in the 80’s. Quite often a singer looses the quality and purity of their voice after so many years of performing. Vocal cords wear out. I’m a prime example of that. It’s easy to develop callouses on the cords. When singing and the cords bang together the callouses swell. Air gets through and the voice starts sounding gravelly. Even those with years of vocal lessons to learn how to sing correctly, it can still happen. Now when I sing, within a short time, I’m done. Even if I talk a lot during the day I get hoarse. Oh well, that’s life. So now I focus on my piano music and leave the singing to other people.

But Barry Gibb’s voice is just as good as it always was. Maybe because he sings in mostly all falsetto ( the high male range ) it doesn’t put as much strain on his vocal cords.

Instead of singing with his two brothers, he now sings with his two sons. So talk a listen and enjoy the interview.


  1. I was sad to see he lost his mother a week or two ago. Such a lot of loss in his life so it’s good to see he has a loving and supportive family.
    Last week I went to a Bee-Gees Tribute night & the band was great. It was lovely to hear all the old songs again.

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    1. I didn’t know. I had just come across the video. I would have loved to hear them in person. His voice hasn’t changed. He always had such an unusual voice. They all harmonized so well. Boy we sure are getting old though aren’t we? My son will be 40 I in Oct.

      His one son made a comment about how good his dad still was, but really, a craft in the arts whether music or art often gets better the older they get.


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