My Husband’s Prayer


Hopefully snoozing, happily snoring 

are my thoughts as I settle in for the night

So many mornings I stare at the ceiling, 

watching sheep jump left and then jump right.

How many hours can I lay here – trying not to think

Relaxing all my muscles from my head to my toes

I keep my eyeballs open, trying not to blink

But when the burning makes me close my eyes,

I get an itch inside my nose

No sooner do I find a spot that to my bones feels comfy

My old man prostate wakes me up

and says I have to go pee.

I give up and shuffle into my computer room

and read depressing world wide news

all the standard gloom and doom

I fall asleep at my computer desk with my head upon the keys

and my hands folded comfortably upon my bony knees


I’m usually up late at night behind my computer. My husband came to say good night with the hopeless look of an insomniac who knows that sleep at night is often only a wishful dream. He usually ends up “catching up” in the afternoon. Immediately my brain started composing a poem. He got a good laugh about it the following day.


    1. I know what you mean about catching up on blogs. I always seem to be playing catch up. I like to write poetry. An idea comes to me and i drop what I’m doing because they usually just pour out in about 5 minutes. It’s my legacy I’m leaving behind so my great great great grandchildren will know who that crazy lady was! ( if the world is still here.)


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