Monsanto – Cancer – Lying

I talk a lot about Monsanto. Most people have at least a vague notion of what Monsanto is, but I do occasionally run into someone who looks at me with a confused look on their face like they SHOULD know but don’t. The issues with Monsanto are some of the most important things to know because they are working to poison us – knowing – by payinghuge sums of money to deceive us because they make a ton of money at our expense – and they don’t care. How can they do that? The people who know and understand they are poisoning us can’t stop them.

Horribly, far to many people don’t care what they eat. They continue to eat the garbage food companies make. I see it every time I go to the store. Every food product that is made by wheat grown in commercial wheat fields has been sprayed with RoundUp Ready by Monsanto, to kill it early and at the same time. It has glyphosate in it, a poison that causes cancer and you eat it with every piece of bread, cracker, breakfast food, packaged gravy and on an on and on and don’t bat an eye. The public who is knowingly sick with diseases like diabetes doesn’t care enough to fight for their life. Eating organic wheat which isn’t sprayed? They don’t care.

If you don’t know enough about glyphosates and  would like to know more ..

Eating GMO food other countries ban -not enough people care. It’s depressing. What happened to us?

The milk – they don’t care. Why? What has happened to us? I see this apathy all around me in so many ways and it is so sad.

17 thoughts on “Monsanto – Cancer – Lying

      1. I wonder about the possibility of a class action suit against Fox News. After all, their goal is subverting our democracy by poisoning the debate. The result is a loss of income and quality of life because many of us base our votes on the lies we hear. It would be one thing if they openly advertised themselves as the media arm of the GOP but they don’t. They market themselves as ‘Fair and Balanced’ so I wonder if they can be sued fir misrepresenting themselves.

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      2. It has been brought before the court already. The verdict – it is not illegal to lie in the news. They can say anything they want which we often see. People will believe anything if it goes along with want they want to believe.

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      3. yes, I think we were. I was reading an article where someone asked the same question.You would think that our media would have to be able to verify what they right, but they don’t. That’s why this election is so screwed up. Even on facebook, when people post these outlandish articles and a bunch of people jump on it and share it. I’ll do a simple check and find out is bullshit and go back and tell them to stop being idiots. Then the article shows up again and again. (there are some on fb who don’t like me very well because of this) But I stop it every chance I can. Most of these are classmates. My next hs reunion is going to be a blast! BTW did you get my last newsletter? I’m shot checking to make sure email addys are still good.

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      4. I so hate email. Sometimes I go for weeks and then realize i hadn’t checked it. It’s kinda like regular mail now. They let soo much spam through to make money for the postal service but all I do is dump 95% of it. Email is the same thing. Along line of checks and then hit the delete button!

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      5. I never thought of that. Your alters might not know if your sleeping if they aren’t out. It would be exhausting. Awhile back I was going to write to you about a person who was having issues and it has really flared up recently. I thought you might have some advice on how to deal with her. How to begin to help her. I got 25 emails from her the other day. It is always about the same thing and she repeats it over and over. She believes there are people somewhere who are trying to make her sick – health rapists – and they cause her all kinds of illness and want her to get into car crashes, so she doesn’t drive anymore – or plane crashes, or they tell her she isn’t who she says she is and she doesn’t know they are doing this to her. I could forward a few of these emails to you. Sometimes she understands logically it couldn’t happen and then right away she’s back on it again. She is a gifted musician as is her husband and seems quite intelligent. I don’t know if she has seen anyone professionally. Have you heard of anything like this? She doesn’t name real people, it’s just that there are people somewhere who are doing this to her. She comes to meetings I go to at people’s homes – Buddhist discussion meetings. There is almost a collective groan if she shows up because she will try to take over. She starts at the beginning of her life and barely takes a breath so it is hard to stop her. No one knows what to do except talk to her and that doesn’t work.

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      6. I am not a diagnostician so nothing I say has authority but it sounds like a paranoid delusion. As for her behavior in groups, it’s possible that she also has a touch of Asperger’s Syndrome but regardless she needs help because all illnesses get worse without treatment.

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      7. I don’t see Aspergers. My step son has that. But paranoid – definitely that. I hate it when I’m short with her. It isn’t something she can change just because she wants to. She seems to be so tormented by it.

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