Lobotomize! It’s The Only Way


This is Trump as he sees himself – the only human who can save America. Here he is fighting off all those evil immigrants! ( notice the comb over)

The rush of fear that courses through me on a daily basis is one that we, as a country have never had to face. There have been times where it has been close and terrible things were done – like putting ALL Japanese people in internment camps, so we should have learned, and didn’t, and it allowed someone like Trump to emerge like garbage floating to the surface of our oceans because we thought it was okay to pollute our waters.  Consider ourselves polluted.

I believe this is the most important election we have ever faced because it is really not about two people and their constituents each trying to convince the other contender’s constituents that their guy ( or gal) is the right person to get the job done. It’s not about abortions or no abortions, which are the usual topics drug out every election; it’s not about gay marriage, another election staple, either. These things aren’t even part of the election this time because those issues sound so trite next to the real issues we face now.

Why are there so many people perfectly willing to throw America completely under the bus by willingly wanting a lunatic, a poster child of classic mental illness, to make decisions that will put an irreparable hole in the bottom of this quickly sinking ship; and cheer him on while he does it. Are they crazy?  The fact that the GOP has had to swallow the bile in their throats to support him is enough to validate that.  They do know the old white man leadership is at an end, don’t they?  It would be interesting to listen in on their backroom discussions about how to take Trump out and not get caught with their pants down.

I look at the pictures – the family photos – of my “friends” on Facebook who are cheerleaders for Trump. They “look” normal. They have nice families and often have nice homes. They smile and have birthday parties. They put up caring, thoughtful posts about life and friends. Some put up posters about Christianity and a loving God and what he teaches. Then they put up insane posts about how much Trump loves them and how he is the only one who can save them and I think WTF?? Have they confused Trump with God and now Trump is their savior?? What is it about that man that makes people put a sack over their head that makes them unable to see him for what he is? If they had a family member who had visions of grandeur like Trump they would probably Baker Act him. Each state has there own statutes.

No, this election is not about Trump and Clinton. It is about whether we survive intact or get torn apart from the inside out. Clinton is a career politician, like every other politician we’ve elected – or thought we elected because it is really out of our hands. Endure her and remove her. She is no different than any other war hawk. Voting for her because she’s a woman is just as ignorant as the GOP supporting Trump while they gag – and gagging they are. But in 3 years we will have to listen again to the religious bullshit of Cruz, the losing anointed Christ King who wants us to revert to the religious law of 500 years ago when men still put chastity belts on women.

I want this to be over. But even then I won’t be able to un-see the facial gymnastics Trump does with his mouth. He is gross, inside and out. He contorts his mouth when he is yelling in rage to look like he’s giving a blow job to an eggplant. How does he do that?

trumps big mouth
photo credit: businessinsider.com

When I think of all the insults, slander and disrespect that has been shown Obama just because he is black; the racial slurs, making fun of Michelle and their girls, implying their oldest couldn’t possibly be smart enough to get into Harvard and her place should be given to a more deserving, less intelligent white student because she only got in because of the color of her skin. They wrote: “I wonder if she applied as a muDslime..or a foreign student..or just a Ni@@er.”  But when Trump genuinely shows himself to be a schoolyard bully they never say a word. They condone his behavior – a behavior they would never let their kids get away with. It shows everyone how shallow, two-faced, thoughtless and racist his supporters are.

When my children were teenagers and they thought they knew everything because they got taller, and they got smart-mouthed and rude, I prayed to the alien who stole their brains – because my children were unrecognizable from the children I knew, and to please give them back. So the alien who stole my friend’s brains, please give them back – and commit Trump to an asylum for a lobotomy.

Watch this video. Can you find even one part that doesn’t hit the nail on the head? This is good. ( Don’t you find some of Trumps mannerisms, like when he flips his wrist, more than a little “gay?” That should bother the conservatives. and I think that should be investigated)


  1. The problem here is, if you bother to look, Mrs. Clinton is guilty of just as much, just as bad, or worse. The only difference between the two current candidates is one is hiding who they really are better than the other. They both suck, and they both suck for exactly the same reasons.

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    1. If you bothered to actually read what I wrote I mentioned that very thing – but this post was not about making sure I made them equally bad -this post was about Trump. My opinion, and a good one.And as I said about career politicians, what we get from Clinton is the same lies and bullshit we get from every politician who is a Warhawk. Your statement, “If you bother to look” is pretty insulting. Did you even read the post before you decided what I did and didn’t say? and no – they DO NOT SUCK FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REASONS. Are you joking? You really think the end result to this country would be the same no matter who is elected because there are no differences? So you tell me what are all those exact same reasons they suck. Where DO you get YOUR news?

      Did you watch the video at the end? Somehow I don’t think you did, because it was the reason I wrote the post.

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