The Case of Donald Trump’s Immature Narcissism

How does he open his mouth like that?

Please make sure you go to the original blog and read this post. It was written several months ago before the real craziness got started, but it is a very good definition of what a narcissist is. See if you can find Donald in these words and use them and use them this November. If you aren’t in the states I’m sure you are looking at us with great amusement as we contemplate the end of this great nation as we once knew it.

This election has made it so hard for many people because it has come down once again to picking the best of the worst when that choice is voting for someone you know is also a sham -a power hungry -paid for charlatan named Hillary Clinton. ( The epitome of House of Cards) Anyone who delved into her history with Bill and their plan to control as much of the world as they could (with the backing, of course, of corporations ) would not want to support her. Unfortunately, though, many people don’t see past the notion of “woman president” so people will vote for that reason – if the corporations feel it is in their best interest, too. I hate having to vote for her so I was considering only voting for lower level seats. But then I saw my friends throwing common sense out the window. People who were enraged over Clinton’s lies were excusing the grandiose lies and self aggrandizement of Trump while they were obviously hoping, because he has “great” business sense ( he says) he would somehow figure out a way to “wing it”. But do we want or need someone in the White House “winging it?”

If the unthinkable were to happen and he did win the election, what would he do next, since he obviously would not be able to magically do all these things he said he is going to do? I think he would laugh and say, “You were dumb enough to believe me. I just wanted to see if I could do it!” Then he would toss it all to his kids to play with until he was impeached. After all of the failed businesses and lawsuits this would be the ultimate con. He would take pride in being able to con millions of people into believing he was very nearly the second coming of Christ. He would take pride in making the GOP have to find reasons to support him while they gagged on his silver spoon.

If we could see inside his mind, I’m sure we’d find part of it has the intention of ripping the political parties to pieces because we really are screwed if we continue the way we are. Because we have to survive with corporate profit as the #1 most important reason for laws, this country won’t survive for too many more generations.

This dog and pony show will soon enter the next stage. This country as we know it will never be the same. It could only be an extreme narcissist that could actually make the country bow down to him. It’s easy now to see how Hitler did it. Lastly, I wonder, wealth aside, what Milania’s life has been like being married to a man like Trump. I’ll bet she has some stories she could tell. She is either very gullible or she really does love his money. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at some of their Sunday dinners – after church, of course.


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