Hell is a Very Long Time



It is so hard for some people to understand what is really a very easy concept. As a society we should be ashamed for the things we did in our country’s history, starting with the slaughter of the American Indian because we knew we had a right to their land. They were savages and we were a God based intelligent race. WE discovered it after all, so our wants and needs were much more important than theirs. And they attacked us for God’s sake! Savages! They deserved it. Before that they were meaningless, anyway, right?

Then we began kidnapping people from another continent to enslave them to serve white people with no remorse for the destruction of their families and their lives.  We owned them. They were too stupid to be anything more than savages. So we saved them really; fed them, clothed them and gave them real houses to live in instead of grass huts. They should be grateful. After all, we shoved our godly religion down their throats so they could get saved and become peaceful God-loving people like we were.

Some people think none of this matters now because we weren’t there to see it being done, so it doesn’t involve us. So many of us think these people were supposed to forget what was done to them even as we continued to treat them as lessor humans. What did we think would happen? The fact that all lives matter was not important to anyone until black people decided to put it in everyone’s face and complain about a few lousy people being shot. It had been happening for decades and it was no big deal until cellphones became able to make videos and put it in everyone’s face.

How dare they think they are as important as white people? White people have done most of the important things in history, anyway. They should just SHUT THE FUCK UP and let us go back to watching TV shows with the importance of Jerry Springer and stay informed with the truth about current events watching FOX News.  Let us white people continue to pretend our lives are way more important than anyone else’s.  After all we managed to marginalize the American Indian so you hardly ever think of them anymore. No one ever says Red Lives Matter so who do these black people think they are anyway?

Besides, we are past the pine of re-training the haters and the cops to have a desired effect on the humanity of all people. What do they think? You can’t train people to change how they feel or to change their gut reaction of hatred and disrespect for people who aren’t like them – colorless except if they burn their skin in the sun.

Our only chance of surviving our history with any sense of self respect is by teaching the youth – our future leaders – to not be like so many of their ignorant parents who insist they are better than others by teaching them they are God’s chosen people. Boy, are they going to be in for a shock later when they die and realize there are a whole bunch of other people who never made it up to the Pearly Gates – if you believe that kind of stuff. They will understand then why their lives became so miserable.  They learned – what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. The law of cause and effect is very strict. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not. There is no loving personality who cares about you. It doesn’t need your belief in it to be effective. You simply will get back what you dish out and it’s too late to go back and undo it. What is done is done.

If a cop can’t even control himself to not shoot someone who is helping another person and even had his hands up, and tells the man he shot he doesn’t know why he shot him in the leg three times then, #1 the cop needs to be charged, and prosecuted according to the law meant for ALL PEOPLE, and never be allowed to possess a gun ever again. #2 Any idiot who still doesn’t understand what society in general has done to intentionally destroy the black race and pretend they have always respected the fact that ALL LIVES MATTER, should be sent off somewhere – maybe to live on an island that will soon be underwater, along with all climate change deniers, including the bought and paid for politicians who wanted to line their pockets with money from the gas and oil corporations and corrupt, greedy. That way they can’t show their idiocy to any of us anymore. Hope it was worth it. Sadly, it probably was to many of them – but hell is a very long time.

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