John, Eddie and Tim – The Three Stooges of Facebook


     I had a very enlightening meeting of the minds with three Trumpette Trolls who had their brains stolen by an alien in age crisis with his hair. Scary actually, because somewhere along the line I think the alien ate their brains. The ability for rational thought seemed beyond their capabilities. It’s scarier still because there are others out there that have also lost their senses and seem hell bent on self-destruction, willingly walking the plank and trying to take the rest of us with them. They drank the kool-aid.

      There has been so much in the news this past year about Trump. If I’m stepping on your toes go find something else to read. I can understand people being disgusted with our political system in the good old US of A. It sucks. It’s a farce. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend, if we try hard enough; “we” being the percentage of people who still think if we work hard we will succeed. God loves and protects us, and all that, until he doesn’t, and then it’s the gay’s fault.America is the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave sort of thing; a country who willingly helps other countries, (if they have something we want) and who wants to spread our version of democracy (because it is working so well for us right now.)

     There are enough articles about Trump out there, so there is no point in throwing up all of his detestable finer points of projecting hate and racism and of course, his love of himself. What I don’t get is why, if you know these things, would you support him when you know how unstable he is, and hasten our fall from grace? Somehow, the whole Christian thing of love thy neighbor doesn’t seem to be working very well.


 In an easy to understand analogy, for those who are mentally challenged; (hint hint), would you hire someone to teach you to ride a bike if he had never ridden one? Or maybe he did try to ride one but constantly fell off, yet still insisted he was the best for the job? Wouldn’t you be leary that maybe he didn’t know what he was doing? Would you hire someone to run your company if he had a lot if lawsuits filed against him over his years in business because he was unethical and cheated people out of their money by misrepresenting himself? Would you trust that man in all his smugness? I’ve also never seen someone open his mouth that wide. He could put a grapefruit in there!

     I’m sure (maybe?) Curly, Larry and Moe are not as stupid as they come across on  Facebook or maybe it is all part of the male ego that can’t admit it made a mistake. So what do they do? Pile insults on the bearer of bad news and fell all over themselves expounding vitriol to make themselves look less like idiots being pulled along like sheep with a rope through their nose, trying hard to turn the tables, so no one would notice they made an ass of themselves. What makes this hard to believe is these men are all on the far side of middle age, like myself, and one would think they would have left the third grade school yard bullying long ago. Sticks and stones and all that nonsense. Maybe Alzheimer’s was affecting their cognitive abilities? That seems logical to me.

      Okay, let me tell you what I exposed that caused them to trip over themselves to call me names like “the village idiot,” “stupid” and the un-inventive, boring, overused name they all use when they run out of adjectives, “lib-tard.”  I felt honored. One even asked for my resume to prove I had actually done anything productive with my life. He really didn’t want me to go there and backed off pretty quick. Maybe he was stepping in quicksand waiting to suck him in.


      Here was the issue that caused this diatribe: Someone wanted to rile up the Trumpettes and all Muslim hating Americans who hate for the sake of hating, and posted a picture of a protest with the headline, ” Where is the Media? Muslims Protesting in Chicago and Yelling “Death To America!” OMG! See how the media shuns the news Trumpettes want to read! Obama must have stopped reporters from reporting the news! Every President does some things that other people don’t like – but no to EVERYTHING? But a black man?  They couldn’t tolerate a black president. Repubs say he’s at fault for not doing everything the GOP stopped him from doing with their “Part of NO”. Sad that they cut off their own noses to spite their face. Obama’s in cahoots with ISIS, ya know. . . and all that garbage.

      Oh my! The Trumpettes jumped on that headline and picture so fast you could almost see the drool running down my tablet’s screen. Men and women alike soaking it up like a junkie needing a fix and it was right before their eyes! Because is easy to smell bullshit, I first followed it’s internet path from one sleazy website to another. It was amazing how many people wanted it to be true. Death to the Muslims!

     Not one person did the easy task to fact check. That took all of 15 seconds with an easy Google search. ( Hey Stooges, it’s the app with the big easy to read, blue, single letter, capital G )  The picture was from 2014, Palestinians protesting the bombings in Gaza. So Eddie stooge switched tactics, “I am (was?) a history major and protests are illegal if it stops people from going about their day; and posted references from the constitution.  I let it slide. This was Eddie’s first entanglement with me exposing idiots. (psst Eddie . . . since you pointed out your education, did it dawn on you to fact check this before you jumped on the bandwagon?)

      I don’t know why it still amazes how so many people are able to see with blinders on and never go outside that circle of influence so they can step back and see reality, even if it aids their own destruction. It also amazes me that so many people who think of themselves as good Christians have so much unbridled hate inside them to the point of wanting to see innocent people die just to satisfy their hate. Are there Muslim terrorists? Yes, but you have to ask what we did to them to make them hate us so much. They didn’t wake up one day and say, “Let’s hate America. They are retaliating against what we did to them.

     Are there American terrorists? Absolutely, and I’m sure that is how they see us. Have we killed their innocent families with children? Thousands. We’ve murdered more of them than they have of us. But since so many Americans erroneously see themselves as chosen by God as the righteous ones, they feel they are right in slamming any religion but theirs – even though the way they practice their Christianity isn’t found in the Bible. I am not slamming Christianity – just the ones who use it for personal gain, those that use it to justify bad behavior, and politicians who have to “say” they are Christian to get elected. They are the ultimate liars.

      During this Facebook exchange, other “friends” left their comments who basically also called them stupid. Too make this more interesting, we all come from the same small town and/ or graduated from the same high school and even went to kindergarten together – except maybe Eddie. He looked intelligent. He even looked like a nice guy. When did he lose the ability to think for himself? What we had here were followers and no leader, except if you count Trump. He’s like the Pied Piper, or Jim Jones, the cult leader that convinced people to drink the kool-aid,

Jim Jones, Jonestown massacre
Source credit:

and if they wouldn’t, they held them down and injected them with a poison cocktail. The Trumpettes are willingly march to their own self – destruction. Why?

      I would have liked to see one mature thing happen – one of them to say, “I made a mistake” or “Next time, before I post something this inflammatory I should check to see if it is true BEFORE I make an ass of myself.”  But alas, the male ego in some men just can’t admit when they are wrong. Kinda like getting a man to stop for directions before the advent of GPS.

      On a final note, lest you think I support Hillary Clinton. I do not. With her at the helm this country continues it’s slide down with corporations in control along with lies and lack of transparency, and more calls for war while she pretends she’s “for the people” with Bill at her side; much like the Netflix series “House of Cards”. But with her we know what we’re getting: lip service, a tiny change – maybe – to pacify us and make us think she cares. The people aren’t fooled, we’re scared of the outcome of another Clinton Administration much like the fear of being governed by more of the Bush dynasty. Daddy Bush was probably salivating at the prospect of another Bush in the oval office to solidify their place in history books which began with granddaddy Prescott Bush and H.W. Bush financing Hitler, but we don’t have to fear that in a crazed moment of lunacy that she’ll drop nukes on any country who won’t bow down and kiss her ring, or go off half – cocked if someone doesn’t think she’s the greatest thing since sliced cheese. She doesn’t care if people adore her, which is a lot different than a confirmed narcissist who needs to continually tell people how great he is.

     Okay, one more final thing. Watching the GOP scramble with the monster they created, falling all over themselves trying to come up with explanations of why they are supporting someone they loath, is amusing. They tried like hell to get rid of him and then had to find a way to gracefully give up and make people think they learned to like a shit popsickle and make people believe it tastes really good.

Hey Stooges, whadaya think? Was I on the mark or what? Do you have anymore cool names to call me?

Yours truly, “The village idiot” LMAO

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