mamanatural……Some years ago a good friend of mine had her grand daughter destroyed by this vaccine. Her brain dissolved down to just the brain stem, became blind, deaf, had to have a feeding tube inserted into her stomach and more. 24/7 care to suck moisture out of her mouth or she would choke. It took her years to die. It was so hard to watch. He parents were awarded a settlement but it wasn’t anything close to this. I have been warning people ever since about this vaccine – which is for whooping cough. Please go to the original site and spread the word. If you save ONE child it is worth it.  Please help spread the word. Doctors are not always right. Do your own research because one shot later could be too late.  You can also have the what vaccines you want without the Tdap vaccination.  There is mercury in many of these vaccinations so make sure you get a list of the ingredients before you allow them.  The government tries to force the vaccines on you and makes you think you have no choice.  You also have no idea how many vaccines they give at one time – and it is a lot.  Know what you baby is being vaccinated for.  As an infant there is no need for all these vaccines at one time.

My children were no vaccinated when they were babies.  I refused.  They did have some when they were older.  Measles and Mumps – but babies have no need for Hepatitis A and B as babies. They don’t need to have vaccines that will make them sick as infants.  They key here is to research before you do anything.

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