Breast Implants: The Ticking Time Bomb In Millions Of Women’s Bodies

bad breasts
credit source: ruptured breasts inside the body

My daughter recently told me she is getting breast implants – very soon. She recently had a tummy tuck because she had 4 children and two of them were C-sections that did a lot of damage to her stomach muscles and skin. Her need to get a tummy tuck was for more than just cosmetic reasons. Cutting muscle and also nerves, twice, made it impossible to regain any tautness in her stomach. No amount of exercising would improve it. It was a difficult recovery, butting her from hip to hip, but she is pleased with the result.

She has never been happy with her boobs and thought, if she was trying to look better, she would have better symmetry if they were a little bigger. I don’t know if that would help with the stretch marks. I was fortunate. I had two children in my twenties but my body didn’t look as if I had babies. In fact, I worked as a topless dancer until I turned 40, and quit before I looked like I needed to. For those of you who raised an eyebrow or two, I also spent years as a musician, pool hustler, costume designer, sales manager and later store owner, music teacher and now soon to be book author. I should write another book, “How to Cram a Lot Into One Life” Okay, I was a little crazy.

Okay, back to the subject at hand. When I was a dancer and boob jobs were relatively new, they were terrible. It was like the doctor cut a grapefruit in half and stuffing them under the skin. They were at least two inches apart and no way could anyone mistake them for being real. Then the news came out about silicone breasts implants and how they broke and the silicone leaked down through the body completely disfiguring it. I’m not 100% sure, but I think at the very beginning of doing boob jobs doctors just injected silicone into the breast tissue.

big breasts
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Now I read this article and I am worried. My daughter already has some medical issuers and I don’t want her to do anything that has a chance of hurting her and now it seems almost definite – in the future. They KNOW these implants are going to break at some point. I hope I can get her to read this. If there is any chance of them making her sick I don’t want her to take the chance.

I just couldn’t resist adding this picture.  How could someone do this to themselves?  i hope she at least made a lot of money from people taking picture of her.  Can you imagine playing – pin the tail on the boob? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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  1. Though I am in no way qualified to make a comment in this ‘totally-related-to-women’ stuff, I’d still like to make my comments: I wouldn’t advise anything invasive, unless Megan has serious problems with the current size & shape of her assets. If that is what nature has blessed her with, and it is not causing problems (related to clothes, or daily routine life, etc.), then let it be that way. Problems happen when we put something within our bodies through an invasive surgical procedure, and it causes medical problems when she grows old. It is her decision, though we the readers of your blog value her as a friend and would love to see her in the best of health.

    About the various roles you had carried out as a professional – all I’d say is wow! You are experienced in such diverse fields and I believe you could provide some basic counselling to anyone interested in taking up career in fine arts, music, dance or simply marketing. 🙂

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    1. oh Manu, the problem with women is they are dissatisfied about the way they look because of movies and TV say women should look a certain way. My daughter is 36 – it has never interfered with her in anyway that she wasn’t well endowed, but somehow she thinks this will make her feel better about herself. But how you feel about yourself comes from within, not what is on the outside. There is such a high chance that this type of surgery will leave you with more problems than you want and doctors tell you that it is perfectly safe. Of course they do – they make money off it. But she said she has done her own research and won’t read it. I just hope it works out for her.

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